Muay Thai Student Dislocated His Knee After A Kickboxing Demonstration Goes Terribly Wrong

There are various types of contact sports and Muay Thai is included. It is the use of extreme kicking particularly on the legs of the opponent. For technical definition, it is a form of boxing that was created in Thailand. It requires the physical and mental strength in order for the person interested in it to practice the technics. As a matter of fact, it is known for as the "Art of Eight Limbs" because of the fists, elbows, knees, and part of the leg were utilized for the sports. And because of the nature of this other kind of boxing, several kinds of kicking methods are involved in Muay Thai.

A certain video of a certain Muay Thai Student which was uploaded in YouTube got his legs bent like a curve and very unnatural compared to the normal one. It seems shocking but based on the video the low kick demonstration of the instructor came up to a painful injury for the student. The demonstration of the Muay Thai Instructor went wrong which resulted in a leg injury.

Based on the video the student's knee was bent at a terrifying angle of 45 degrees. At the last part of the video, the student fell down on the floor and encounters a horrifying knee dislocation. At the moment of the incident, what are the reactions of his Muay Thai Instructor and other students in the area? Kindly watch the video and see the full story below. After watching the video, what is your opinion and comments regarding the incident?

Viral ang Hula ni Doc Dalvie kay Alden last 2012

It is common to a psychic or any people engaged in fortune telling to foresee the future of any people particularly the celebrities. Even though that the celebrities did not consult them to predict their future it is their voluntary prediction was made by them so that the fans and supporter of that celebrity will expect something when the time comes to his prediction.But the person that predicts the future career of the Pambansang Bae is not a psychic or a fortune teller but a Doctor of Medicine. Way back last February 2012, the hardworking doctor Dr. Dalvie Casilang predicted the future of Alden Richards in showbiz 5 years ago. He predicted that a young artist to watch out for who's going to be a big and a real big star from the time of his prediction. Here is his post 5 years ago way back Feb.25,2012 " Alden Richards @aldenrichards02 is definitely the young artist to watch out for. He's gonna be big, real big star years from now."

And after 5 years of his prediction, it was fulfilled and one thing more that surprises the AlDub Nation is that Alden Richards will play the role of Dr. Dalvie Casilang in an upcoming episode of 'Wish Ko Lang'. And because of the fulfillment of his prediction the AlDub nation is now interested with his true to life story which will be played by Alden Richards.

Even though the prediction was fulfilled, the Pambansang Bae remained humble and low profile despite being a big star presently.Some AlDub Nation is requesting Jessica Soho to feature the story of the hardworking doctor in her show "Kasama Mo Jessica Soho". Many AlDub Nation is now excited and waiting to watch the episode of "Wish Ko Lang" to know the true to life story of Dr. Dalvie Casilang which was portrayed by Alden Richards. AlDub Nation also thanks to the doctor that he saw the qualities of the Pambansang Bae to be a big star.

Mermaid Pictures Which Makes Many Rounds On The Internet Made Netizens Believe That These Mythical Creatures Exist!

It was a folk story that never ends regarding the story of the mermaids which was passed through generations through generations.The fairy tale of this mythical creature which lives under the see with half human and half fish body. Many people are claiming tat they have seen mermaids for the past years but it is only through a confession by their mouth but the evidence and proof do not exist. And even in the movies, television series and animation series it was featured regarding mermaid films and cartoons. But until now even the scientist and deep ocean researchers cannot find a concrete evidence of the existence of this mythical creature under the sea. Recently a photo went viral when an alleged photo of a mermaid went viral and becomes the talk of the town. They Filipino Tourist in the Calayan Island claimed that they have seen a mermaid showing the photos based on the photo taken during the period of their swimming at the sea. The "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho" of the GMA Kapuso network went to unmasked the mystery regarding the photo taken during the swimming time of the Filipino tourist claiming that they have a mermaid accompanying them. Based on the revelation of Joy Mangasar, the woman who took the photo while her niece was swimming inside the Lusok Cave in Calayan Islands.

She takes a photo of them while they are busy swimming inside the Lusok Cave at the area. She only checks the photo taken during their swimming time when they arrived at their home. And unexpectedly, she was surprised because when she look at the picture taken by her, there is an additional marine creature together with her niece. Upon her curiosity, she takes a closer look at the picture that the hazy figure which shown and has been submerged under the water appears to be the resemblance of a mermaid.

She pays attention in the presence of a face, a bosom and a dark fish like tail. Mangasar added that the cave smelled like urine which determines the possibility of having a mermaid in the area. Based on the residents of the location, there is certainly a mermaid living around the area of the islands. A few of them claimed and have seen at least one of them in the past long years. The "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho" group tries to investigate and scrutinized the location expecting to see the creature in the area. Kindly watch the video, and tell us your idea and comments regarding this story and claim.

Nag-viral ang pang-ookray ni Maine sa kanyang mga magulang

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza is known for her funny acts and antics that captures the heart of AlDub Nation. And once again, she strikes back not to the stage but her reactions with the sweetness of her parents will make you laugh and smile.The phenomenal parent Tatay Dub and Nanay Dub was seen by the phenomenal star having a sweet moment by Tatay Dub is kissing Nanay Dub. If you can see the reactions of Maine Mendoza regarding the kiss of Tatay Dub to Nanay Dub it will surely put you to laugh out loud.Her facial expressions on the kissing moments of her parents show how stubborn and naughty Maine Mendoza was? AlDub Nation posted mixed reaction regarding the facial expression of Maine. And we know that it was only for good vibes and for entertaining the fans and supporters.

Because we know that the phenomenal star is a kind and good-hearted woman and having a high respect for her parents.The AlDub Nation posted some reminders to Maine Mendoza regarding her reaction in the kissing moments of her parents. We must not take the post seriously because we know that Maine Mendoza respects her mother and father. The phenomenal star only reacted like this to entertain the fans and for good vibes.

Here is the post of AlDub Nation @windyaracan
" Loka lokang Menggay.. pag ikaw nging Nanay humanda kna din mga magging anak nyo Meng.." 
It is the way of Maine Mendoza to entertain her fans to show how she bullied her mother and father but it is only for good vibes remember she is a good daughter to her parents.Because of her reaction to the kissing moments of her parents many AlDub Nation laugh out loud and share their laughing experiences on their twitter account.It is some crazy moves of Maine Mendoza of being a comedienne in the showbiz industry.

International Celebrities You Didn't Know That They Are Filipino Must Read And be Informed

Many celebrities in the showbusiness that many people do not recognize them that they are Filipino. We know that Filipino were very much love by other nationalities because of the hospitality and the love they express with their spouse and partners. And it is not surprising that many celebrities we didn't know that they have Filipino blood and assuming that you didn't know them before. Here are the list of celebrities worldwide that you did not know that they are Filipino in blood and ancestry. They are listed below in a non-particular order.

1.Apl. de. ap(Allan Pineda Lindo)- it is one of the members of the famous Black Eyed Peas, is of Filipino and African-American ancestry.
2.Dave Batista- Who has both of Filipino and Greek Heritage and he is also known by his professional wrestling name, Batista.

3.Cheryl Burke- Of the 'Dancing With The Stars is a Filipino, Russian and Irish ancestry.
4.Cassie Ventura-She is a singer, songwriter model and an actress Cassandra Ventura is of African American and Filipino ancestry.
5.Tia Carrere- Born with a name Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo, Tia Carrere of (Relic Hunter, Wayne's World and Lilo and Stitch) is of a Filipino ancestry.
6.Phoebe Cates-She is best known for her character as Linda Barret in the movie, "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". Phoebe Cates is of Filipino, Russian and Jewish ancestry.

7.Mark Dacascos-He is a martial arts actor and the 'Chairman of Iron Chef. He is of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Irish ancestry.
8.Vanessa Hudgens- She is one of the famous "High School Musical" actress and of Chinese Filipino-Irish and Native American ancestry.
9.Enrique Iglesias- He is a singer and of Spanish and Filipino ancestry.
10.Monique Lhuillier- A Fashion designer and born here in the Philippines, She is also of Spanish and French ancestry.
11.Vanessa Minnillo-Of the (MTV's TRL and Entertainment Tonight) is a Filipino, Italian and Irish ancestry.

12.Lou Diamond Phillips- Famous and popular for his character role in the movie "La Bamba" and "Young Guns". He is a Filipino, Scottish, Irish and Cherokee ancestry.
13.Nicole Scherzinger- She is known of the famous ' Pu**ycat Doll group. She is a Filipino, Hawaiian and Russian ancestry.
14.Rob Schneider- of the famous (Deuce Bigalow, The Hot Chick, You Don't Mess With The Zohan) is a Filipino and Jewish ancestry.

If you have any knowledge of international celebrities with Filipino blood which is not on the list. Kindly share with us.

Maine respects Nadine and Nadine respects Maine

There are two different kinds of fans and supporters and it is not hidden to the celebrity they admire.This must be known by the fans and supporters of any celebrity in the showbiz industry. Thanks to the 'Inside Showbiz' to enlighten every fans and supporter of celebrity in showbiz. Here is an eye opener post of Inside Showbiz'
"READ: There's a fine line between a SUPPORTIVE FAN and a CONTROLLING ON (and your idols know it)" 
 There is two well-respected artist in the showbiz industry it is Maine Mendoza and Nadine Lustre. If the AlDub Nation remembers that Maine Mendoza reminds the fans that there will be no fouls words to be spoken and posted by the AlDub Nation and the majority of the admirers of the phenomenal star appreciates her reminders.It is fortunate to know that it is very rare in a celebrity who knows how to draw the line and express themselves freely despite their fame.

The two celebrities Maine Mendoza and Nadine Lustre has done this thing. And many fans and supporters salute them for what they did for standing up against hate even if it means losing some of their fans. They are using their influence positively.It is glad to know that the article made by the Inside Showbiz will be an eye opener to all the fans and supporters because some fans sometimes don't know their boundaries and limitations of being a fan of a celebrity. It is a very good article and hoping that some possessive fans will be enlightened by the article written by the Inside Showbiz so that tey can enjoy a stress-free fangirling.

In the reality, the celebrities are not the property of their fans and supporters and they have the right to speak and they must know their boundaries. It is more respect for Maine Mendoza and Nadine Lustre because they are both fierce and feisty. They can slap cruel fans without fear of losing them because they did not need to be plastic to be likened by their fans.It is a good example of the well respected two celebrities so that there will be no intrigues and controversies between them in the showbiz industry.

10 Kapamilya Love Teams That Did Not Last For A Long Time Watch The Complete List Here

It is well known to us that the Kapamilya Network has made successful love teams. These love teams are making great movies that capture the attention of moviegoers and here are the examples such as Kathniel, Lizquen, Jadine, Kimeral, Dawnchard, Bea-Lloyd, and much more. On the other hand, did you know that there some love teams that the Kapamilya Network made were not successful and not captures the attention of the public. Here is the list of unsuccessful love teams of the Kapamilya network.
1.Julia Montes and Enrique Gil(JulQuen)- after being together in the Teleserye ' Muling Buksan Ang Puso" their love team from 2013 ended in 2014 when Enrique Gil was matched with Liza Soberano.

2.Jane Oineza and Jerome Ponce-The afternoon Teleserye that last for nine months titled"Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita" featured the love team between Jane and Jerome. On the other hand, they have never match again after the afternoon series.
3.Loisa Andallo and Ronnie Alonte(LoiNie)- the two young stars were working together in 'It's Showtime' where Ronnie is with Hashtags and Loisa was a part of the Girlfriends. Even though they are being matched in the show, they never work together of being a love team.

4.Erich Gonzales and Xian Lim- even though there was a charm between the two young star, Xian and Erich only work together as a love team in 'Katorse'. Their relationship did not continue because Xian Lim was matched with Kim Chiu.
5.Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Gaidicelli- It was a hit for their 5 months showing of their afternoon series 'Paraiso'. But after the afternoon series, there was no project as a love team given to both of them.
6.James Reid and Devon Seron
7.Miles Ocampo and IƱigo Pascual 
8.Heaven Peralejo and Edward Barber
9.Maris Racal and Manolo Pedroso
10.Julia Barreto and Kenzo Gutierrez.

Do you know any Kapamilya love team that did not last longer besides the list above? Kindly share with us the Kapamilya love team you know so that we can include in the above list.

Maine Mendoza: "Alam kong hindi pang-forever ang Showbiz, at mahirap po ang buhay artista"

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza is still wondering of all the success and being fortunate in her career for almost two years in the showbiz industry. The phenomenal star was only a YouTube sensation before and called as the Dub smashed Queen of the Philipines and it where she starts her career. The blessings and the success of her career are unexpected and this is what she say regarding in her career
"Sobrang bilis talaga ng mga nangyari sa amin ni Alden . Lalo na po sa akin. Two years pa nga lang ako, ganito na, sunod-sunod." 
 Besides of being the phenomenal star, she has the most followed Television personality in social media and is the most trusted product endorser in the country.

She was amazed because of the unstoppable success in her career
"Parang hindi ko pa rin maisip kung ano ba ang meron. Bakit? Parang isang question sa akin yun na hindi ko po masasagot." 
The phenomenal star added that maybe this is the reason
"Siguro po, dahil na rin ito sa mga sumusuporta sa amin ni Alden na very supportive sa mga i-neendorse namin. Kapag nakikita na may bago akong endorsements, talagang sinusuportahan nila."
 It is true because she has the largest fan base in the country and the whole world.

Maine Mendoza understands and knows that being an actress is not forever in the showbiz industry

"Kasi po, hindi ko naman pinangarap na mapunta sa ganitong posisyon. Kasi, akala po siguro ng iba, madali siya, very relaxed. Akala po si-guro nila, puro glitz and glamour, walang paghihirap sa ganitong buhay. Siyempre, meron din pong downside ang pagiging artista." 

 The fans and supporters particularly the AlDub Nation testified that the phenomenal star is a down to earth woman and does not boast in spite of her success.

The phenomenal star added
"Siguro ito yung isang bagay na hindi ka dapat malunod. Kasi, pana-panahon lang din naman po ‘yan. Ang sa akin na lang, habang nasa ‘yo, enjoy mo." 

 Until now she has a strong charm and charisma with the people and the proof is the plenty of endorsers that trusting her such as CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino which is the leading top selling products in the country. Meanwhile, the AlDub Nation still believes that the AlDub love team has forever and nothing can stop and ruin their relationship. And recently that the two father of the phenomenal star and Pambansang Bae has a positive message to the AlDub Nation regarding the true relationship status of the phenomenal love team.

Anne Curtis And Maine Mndoza Have An Exchange Of Comments On Instagram In Spite of Their Rival Noontime Show And TV Network

The Kapamilya noontime show host Anne Curtis is one of the lead hosts of the It's Showtime and has been one of the famous and stunning young celebrity in the Philippine showbiz industry. And she is preparing for the upcoming Iconic superheroine Teleserye remake 'Darna' and have a character role as a villain. The majority of the people have already witnessed and testified regarding her kind heart not only for her supporters, fans friends and even to the other people that she wants to be her friend. Another evident example and witness for her kind heart is the phenomenal star and Dub Smashed Queen of the Philippines Maine Mendoza.

The two famous celebrity with similarities in their character and behavior of being a kind hearted woman are exchanging comments and conversation on their Instagram account. Based on the Instagram account of Anne Curtis she posted a photo displaying the poster of her movie with Dennis Trillo and Paolo Ballesteros titled" Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?"

After a while of posting on her Instagram, the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza immediately posted a comment where she tagged her friends in the comment section.The good action of Maine Mendoza by tagging her comments with her friend was catching the attention of Anne Curtis and responded to the phenomenal star and say hello to her. And the phenomenal star replied to the post of Anne Curtis and congratulated her on her movie. Many people were surprised of the exchanging of comments and having a conversation in spite that they are in different network and different show with the same time slot.

The stunning gorgeous Anne Curtis is the lead host of the Kapamilya noontime show "It's Showtime" while the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza is also a host of the Kapuso noontime show "Eat Bulaga". Kindly watch the video to see their exchange of conversation in spite of the network rivalry of the Kapamilya Network and Kapuso respectively. What can you say regarding the exchange of comments and conversation of the two famous celebrities in Showbiz industry? Let us know your comments and ideas regarding their conversation?

Vice Ganda “Nangigigil ako sayo” Told The Contestant After He Does The Hokage Moves to Anne Curtis

The Kapamilya noontime show 'It's Showtimes' has been the household chores of the Filipino viewers because of the jokes and antics shared by the host and the contestants. A video clip of this famous noontime show was uploaded in a Facebook Page'It's More Fun in Showtime Page' makes many rounds on the internet and social media that reaches to more than 2 million views.What is the reason that makes this videos went viral and captures the attention of the netizen and social media users? For the hint of the curious mind, the contestant of the 'Tawag ng Tanghalan of the It's Showtime displays his tricks to make a Hokage moves to the pretty and fit Showtime host Anne Curtis. The contestant from the southern Philippines for the Tawag ng Tanghalan named Kenneth Tadong was asked by Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis. By their curiosity, they discovered that the contender looks like Jason Francisco the 3rd placer winner of the Pinoy Big brother and the husband of Melai Cantiveros.

The gorgeous TV host ask the contestant
"Ikaw ba pinagkakamalan ka ba talagang si Jason?" 
Kenneth responded to the question proudly that some people mistakenly saw him as Jason. Another follow up question was thrown by Anne Curtis with the contestant
"Anong ginagawa mo?" 
Kenneth will answer the question but Vice Ganda prevented him from responding and said to the contestant
"Gwapo si Jason Francisco sa totoong buhay". 
Kenneth added that he did nothing whenever people discovered that he resembles the face of Jason Francisco.

He proudly responded that he is also handsome
"Dati kapag may nagsasabing kamukha ko si Jason, ah gwapo yun, eh gwapo din ako" 
After his response to the question of Vice Ganda, he suddenly pushed Anne Curtis with his shoulder and hurriedly embraced the pretty Showtime host to prevent her from falling from the stage. Vice Ganda notice the 'hokage moves' of Kenneth so Vice Ganda told to the contestant
" Nanggigigil ako sayo! Yung Totoo Hokage ang pangalan mo ano?" 
Kenneth says sorry to Anne and Vice and Anne responded that it alright.What can you say about the action made by the contestant? Is ist a Hokage moves or simply an ordinary action with the host? Let us know your ideas and opinions regarding the behavior of the contestant towards Anne Curtis?

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