WARNING: Stop Feeding Hotdogs To Your Children, Doctors Strongly Recommends!

Everyone knows the favorite food of the kids is the hotdog and even the adult one loves them to eat particularly in the morning for their breakfast. It is not only delicious but it is very easy to cook especially when you are in a hurry.The doctors from the United States fiercely recommends to the families to stop feeding their children with hotdogs.Even though that hotdogs are the favorite of American people and even other nationalities. It is approximately 155 million hotdogs that the Americans eat on a particular holiday such as the fourth of July. It was a big amount of hotdogs consume only for this particular event.

Based on the research appears that the children who eat more than 12 hotdogs in a month may have 9 times more risk of having leukemia. And also in the recent studies appears if the pregnant woman consumes one hotdog in a week have the possibility that the child she bore has a chance to have brain tumor occurrence. And if a father consumes a hotdog before making their wife pregnant have the possibility to share cancer to his newborn baby.

What are the reasons why the hotdogs have health consequences to our body? It is because of the preservatives called nitrite which is added to the hotdogs. The Nitrite has been added to the hotdog to prevent the people from food poisoning, in spite of this property of Nitrites to the hotdog it produces harm health connection to those consuming public.

When the hotdogs were cooked and heated the Amines and Nitrites combine and they are severely cancer-causing compounds that are dangerous to our health and body.It is better for the prevention than cure, if you cannot remove hotdogs from your snacks and morning meals, kindly limit your consumption particularly for the children.

Source: thehealthylife

You Must Know: 5 Things That May Happen To Your Body Of Not Having S*x With Your Partner!

The lovemaking of a couple or partner is vital to their relationship. The couple having a regular sex life makes them more happy and intimate in the relationship especially to the younger couple. Having sex is fun and absolutely abstinence of it is the reverse.Having a regular sex of the couple gives them intimacy in their relationship as well as their health. It is beneficial to the partner because s*x boosts the level of serotonin and oxytocin levels which aids cardiovascular strength. After having sex the body become relax and makes you for easy sleep and one thing more it gives you intimate physical bonding with your partner. But if you abstain from s*x your body has the reaction and these consequences will happen to your body if you stop the ultimate gift from above.

1.You May Have Feel More Stressed
Lovemaking of the couple prevents stressed. Our body releases hormones at the time of lovemaking and aids the body to recover from stressful days. That is the reason that a regular habit of lovemaking is beneficial for the people experiencing plenty of stress in their daily works.It is the reason why some people are utilizing the art of love making to lessen the stress and be relax from our busyness in the daily works.Since love making can lessen or even relieve your stress the reverse of it by abstaining will surely make your day a stressful life. Based on the study in Biological Psychology appears that people engaged in a previous lovemaking discovered that they have lower blood pressure in return to the stressful activities of the people who doesn't have s*x.

2.You May Get Sick Many Times
Regular intimate lovemaking is connected with a more improved immune system function. Based on the study in one people who takes part of the study which has a regular lovemaking once a week was found out to have more levels of immunoglobin which is widely known for increasing resistance to sicknesses. A body with strong immune system means that the people with this will get sick lesser compare to the people with weak immune system.
3.Your Libido May Decrease
Do you want to increase your libido you must have a regular s*x habit? Some people encounters to like having sex but they feel not to have. Your sensuality will decrease if you abstain from s*x. As the popular saying goes 'constant practice makes you perfect' and you can apply it also in lovemaking without it the desire of having an intimate bonding with your partner will decrease.

4.Arousal Maybe Difficult To You 
When a man experienced having no lovemaking for a long period of time it will be difficult for him to have a stronger and harder manhood. And his partner will also exert more effort of being aroused and lubricated because of the long period of time of abstinence. Making pleasure with your own manhood can help, it will take a while to return back to the normal function of your lovemaking action.
5.You May Be More Forgetful 
A regular habit of lovemaking activity will strengthen the function of your hippocampus which is the small area of the brain that is primarily associated with the memory. Based on the research of the Scientist they believe that the more sexual activities can overturn the effects of aging and stress of the brain.Primarily when you have regular intimate lovemaking your brain produces new neurons that improve the remembering and information processing of the brain.


This Will Happen To Your Body When You Skip Breakfast! Please Read It

There is some reason why people are skipping their breakfast because they don't feel that they are not hungry in the morning. Dr. Josh Axe recommends that begin a little amount of a liquid shake or healthy smoothie that makes your dinner smaller and avoiding alcohol or snacks before sleeping. Breakfast is the very important meal of the day but some are not aware of the importance of it. It is better to know what are the effects of skipping breakfast meals so that you can understand how that breakfast is vital to our body and health.

1. Your Blood Sugar Decreases
Based on the research published by the Journal of Frontiers In Human Neuroscience appears that having a breakfast aids to bring back the glycogen and balance the levels of insulin. If you will not take breakfast, you will not refill your glucose in the body and it will result to feel you hungry and very tired. According to Dr. Axe
"These low blood sugar symptoms are the first thing you're likely to experience from fasting all night long,"

2.Your Metabolism Slows Down
Based on the International Journal of Obesity it is evident that taking your breakfast can fuel your body metabolism and boost your body to burn and consume more calories until the end of your day. When the body fast for many days, the body will be in protection mode and starts to stock plenty of calories. Dr. Axe added
"As a negative double whammy, when your metabolism slows, it can turn to the glucose stored in your muscles as a backup fuel source, effectively wasting away your muscles,"

3.Your Stress Hormones Escalates
Having a breakfast in the morning gives a good effect on stress hormones called cortisol which was produced by the adrenal glands based on the research of the University of Texas At Austin. The cortisol has many works including supports the body of utilizing the sugar(glucose) and fat for the energy of the body and administering stress.

4.Your Heart Takes Hit 
Having a habit of skipping breakfast can be more affected for gaining weight and escalate your danger of having a heart disease, obesity, high blood, high cholesterol and diabetes based on the released report of the American Heart Association. And based on the Harvard study of about 27,000 men aged from 45 to 82 years old that those who do not take their breakfast daily were 27% more probable of experiencing a heart attack or dies because of coronary heart disease.

It is a warning to all the people that has the habit of not taking your breakfast. Your life will be at risk when you skip your breakfast, It now the time to changed your habit and has a regular breakfast daily so that you will not happen to your body.


Angel Locsin hinahangad na makatrabaho sina Maine at Alden sa isang Proyekto

The phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza has gone far of their career in the showbiz industry. It is for almost two years until now their love team receives strong support from their fans not only here in our country but even abroad. The worldwide support of the AlDub Nation for the phenomenal love team makes other celebrities to be curious. One of the celebrities that really amazed with the AlDub love team is the iconic Darna star Angel Locsin. The former Kapuso star and presently Kapamilya actress is mich interested with the phenomenal love team after having big projects in the Kapuso network like the Mars Ravelo's comic superhero Darna, Mulawin and Asian Treasures.

Based on one interview with the iconic actress of the Kapamilya Network she was asked if who among the young love teams in the showbiz industry that she wants to work together. Angel Locsin told that she wants to be with the AlDub love team, she is familiar with KathNiel, Lizquen, and Jadine but for the AlDub love team, it is the only story she heard because she was from the rival channel of the Kapuso Network. And maybe impossible for her to be together in one project
"Gusto kong makatrabaho sina Maine at Alden,“Medyo impossible na mangyari dahil nasa kabilang channel sila. Siguro dahil familiar na ako masyado sa KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo at Daniel Padilla), LizQuen (Liza Soberano at Enrique Gil), at JaDine (James Reid at Nadine Lustre), pero puro kuwento lang ang naririnig ko kina Maine at Alden."

She was interested in being with the AlDub love team because she is curious about their love team Angel added that she was together with Alden Richards before at the time when he was not yer a big star compare today that his popularity is worldwide.
"Si Alden nakasama ko na siya noon, hindi ko alam kung natatandaan pa niya, pero lagi niyang nilalaro yung dog ko, kaya natutuwa ako sa kanya, hindi pa siya big star noon, kaya curious ako sa kanila. Marami akong naririnig na magandang stories about them, kaya interesado akong makasama sila."

Because of this interview, the AlDub Nation family is requesting with the one who manages the careers of the AlDub love team to fulfill this dream project of Angel Locsin and the AlDub love team in the near future.


Nag-viral ang pagkuha ng video ni Koreen Medina ng Lips to Lips nina Maine at Alden

The phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza once again displays their super kilig moments in front of many fans and AlDub Nation. This is another version of the lips to lips video of the AlDub love team that makes the crowd scream and even the host of the show fell down because of the excitement they experience during the kissing scene.You know where this video came from? It is from the post of Koreen Medina on her official Twitter account. This is her message on her post
"I have something for you guys since ayaw maniwala sa akin ni Trish #DTBYKissMe"

From the video Sinon count from one to three which is the signal that after the number three was done the kissing scene will begin. During the number three counting the host of the program slowly push the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards towards each other to have a romantic lips to lips.The scream and shouting of all the crowds flooded the whole venue that everybody is like in a cloud nine experiencing the super kilig moments that the scene has produced.

The two host was trembling because of excitement and even the crowds that it was full of screaming, and even the host is jumping. All the crowds are totally shocked and no one can hide their happiness because of this romantic scene. After the kissing scenes that last for a couple of seconds, it seems that the phenomenal love team was surprised and immediately move away from each other. But even the kissing scene has finished the screaming and shouting of the crowds continues added by laughter that shows their happiness. AlDub Nation thanking Koreen Medina for the video she shared that makes them happy and super kilig at the time when they watch the video. More kissing evidence please requested by some AlDub Nation.

Source: Ron Sagun

WARNING: Do Not Allow Your Mobile Phones Beside You While Sleeping At Night! These are Possible will Happen to you!

The mobile phones are nowadays are very important in our daily lives especially to business people. As it is the link for communicating others not only for personal use but also for business. The majority of people which makes their mobile phones as their partner makes a habit that it is always beside them even when sleeping. This practices has some harmful effects that some people are not aware and not giving an important attention. Every mobile phone emits radiation and this emission can damage the brain. At the time that the mobile phone is in use, our body absorbs the radiation energy. And even the phones are not in use it also emits radiation energy.

Continuous absorption of radiation energy in our body especially in our head and near the ears can cause damage of tissue, damages DNA and the worse can cause cancer. The used of mobile phones is very vital to us especially communicating with our loved ones, family friends and business connections and partners. It is also nowadays used to entertain ourselves through games, music, videos and social media which are the features of our high-end smartphones. In spite of this helpful benefits to us, it has also consequenced in health inside it.

To prevent this health consequences and issues, please read below for tips on avoiding it.

 1.Make the usage of mobile phone minimal particularly at the time of calling.
2.It is better to used headsets or earphones when calling or you can set your phone in a loudspeaker mode. Using these accessories decrease the quantity of radiation absorbed by the brain.

3.Make a habit that your mobile phone always away from you when in idle time particularly when sleeping at night.
4.Since mobile phone also emits radiation during idle time, it is better to turn off your mobile phone at night, although you are using it as an alarm clock mobile phones has the capability of alarming even it is off.
Kindly check if your mobile phone has the features of alarming even it is power off.


Shocking: Chinese Man Catches A Baby Who Falls Out Ff A 2-Storey Building Caught By CCTV!

When we are kids we always admire superheroes like Superman and Spiderman for helping the community and save lives and fighting for lawbreakers. In this video, a real hero must be admired and praised by the public for his heroic act of saving the lives of a 1-year-old boy. A CCTV footage in China went viral and displays the breathtaking moment of a man bravely caught a baby who fell from a 2-storey building.This breathtaking incident happens in the Guangdong province in China that people in the area scattered around the place to catch the one-year-old boy that climbed into a window ledge while searching for his mother.

The residents gathered in the place to contribute for trying to catch the baby that will fall into the ground and they collected some carton cardboards that will help the baby preventing some injuries if they fail to capture the baby. It is a breathtaking moment as their heart beats faster when the time that the baby fell to the ground and luckily the brave man catches the baby and safely handover to his mother.

The heroic catcher of the baby told that he did not hesitate and wait for a moment and there is some doubt if he can catch the baby when it falls. But it is a very good day especially to the mother that Mr. Li catches the baby and doesn't have any injuries after catching it. Many YouTube users thanks and praises the man that bravely catches the baby boy. This is his comment
"he's a hero I would do that he's a hero good job everyone that I saw trying a good job". 
 What can you say about the brave man that catches the baby? How about the parents who let his baby come in this breathtaking incident?

Source: ODN

Ghost Sighting Caught By CCTV Camera Goes Viral in Social Media

The real world and the spirit world are different and have different dimensions.Many paranormal activities regarding ghost and spirit are now making many rounds on the internet which was captured by the CCTV camera or even captured by smartphones unexpectedly. This video was captured by CCTV camera somewhere in India.The middle age man was riding his motorcycle passing on a road after midnight which was happened last February 22, 2016, based on the CCTV footage.

The man saw the ghost on his way and immediately stop his motorcycle on the place where the ghost was sighted.After a while suddenly and unexpectedly again the ghost appears in front of him that makes him run so fast to get away from the spirit creature.The video receives different comments about the sightings of this spirit creature doubting that it was not real.

From the video the netizen notice that the ghost, the girl in a white dress and long hair captured by the CCTV has a shadow at the time of capturing. Many questions flooded the sighting because if it is a real ghost why there is the shadow? This is a comment of one YouTube viewers
"People are saying 'Ghost is having shadow' as they have seen any ghost without a shadow. Irony." 

What can you say about this video it is up to you to judge if this is real ghost sighting or not?

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Couple Dies After Great Waves Suddenly Struck The Shore While They Posed For Photo On The Rocky Beach

The summer heat is on and the sun has becoming hotter as the days goes by. The majority of the people to ease their body for the heat of the sun is by refreshing their body by the beach. But going to beach sometimes faces some danger. An unknown partner went to the side of a rocky beach for their selfie. The beach was at peace when they start to pose for a selfie at Rio Das Ostras Blue Coast in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

But unexpectedly that a great waves all of a sudden hit the shore and sweeping them into the sea. It was shared by a Facebook user that the partners with a great smile as they posed for selfies on the top of the rocky beach.Based on the picture that the girl was on the top of the big rock and the boy was on the grassy portion of the beach.

All of a sudden, the great waves develop and they were caught by the waves and bought them together into the sea. The partner doesn't have the strength to fight against the wave that brought them into the sea because of the great power of the waves and the only thing that was done by their friend is to scream for help.Based on Facebook user post his reason is to warn the public about the danger of not aware of their safety. Because it is very important to us that we are always concern with our safety where ever we go.

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Pinay OFW In Dammam Did Not Released By Her Employer After Finishing Her Contract! Here's Why?

A husband of an Overseas Filipino Worker in Dammam Saudi Arabia come to the Kilos Pronto program regarding the situation of her wife which had finish contract but her employer doesn't like to released her.The complainant Mr. Julie Patiik, 34 years old ask help with the Kilos Pronto for Immediate repatriation of his wife.His wife Jonalyn Patiik is presently working in Dammam Saudi Arabia as Pinay Domestic Helper.According to her husband that his wife also suffers unpaid salary starting last October 2016 until January 2017 she doesn't receive a salary but continuously doing her job with her employer. Last January 28, 2017, was their last conversation and his wife is requesting him to seek help with Kilos Pronto so that she can return back in the country. The mobile phone of her wife was confiscated by her employer and due to this incident, they don't have any communication.

The husband explains to the Kilos Pronto anchorman Alex Medina that her wife wants to return to the country since her contract was finished but her employer requesting for extension of the contract from 1 -4 years.The Kilos Pronto call the agency Welfare Supervisor of MMML Recruitment Services Inc. According to him, they have talked to Jonalyn Patiik and she agreed to her extension of the contract and her employer will give the balance salary immediately and will be remitted to her family in the Philippines. The Pinay Domestic helper is now okay with her employer and decided to extend because her earnings are not enough if she will return immediately to the country after her contract was finished.

The Welfare Supervisor Arnel Sanchez assures that if the Pinay OFW wants to come back to the country they will arrange her repatriation and final exit. It is good for the family of Jonalyn Patiik that the Kilos Pronto immediately assist them and clarifies that the Pinay OFW in Dammam is now okay with her employer. Thank You very Much for the great help rendered by the Kilos Pronto Program regarding OFW problems especially in the Middle East Country, more power to your program.Kindly share, so that other OFW and their family will be aware if they are facing problems in abroad.

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