Lolit Solis, NAGHIHINALANG NAGAGAMIT si Maine Mendoza sa ISYU kay Sef Cadayona

The famous Filipina talk show host and entertainment news writer Lolit Solis recently posted on her Instagram account defending the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza. In one of the posts of AlDub Nation @PaaNgMaiChard thanking Nanay Lolit Solis for her defense for Maine Mendoza
" Nay Lolit, salamat po sa pagtatanggol sa mga Reyna namin". 
Nanay Lolit Solis on her post that Marian Rivera and Maine Mendoza joint forces and that is the reason why Andrea Torres left the management of Triple A. Nanay Lolit Solis explains that if this is true why still Andrea Torres is the co-star of Dingdong Dantes in the "Alyas Robinhood 2". And there is no reason that Marian Rivera will be in jealous with Andrea Torres since she knows that Marian is the legal wife. And other was making an issue between Sef Cadayona and Maine Mendoza. Because of these controversies and issues, Lolit Solis perceives that they are only using the name of Maine Mendoza so that Sef Cadayona will become the talk of the town.

It is a good action of Lolit Solis that she clarifies and reveals that they are only using the name of Maine Mendoza so that they can call the attention of many people. AlDub nation was grateful to Lolit Solis how she defends the phenomenal star against the other celebrities that making issues and using her name to make them the talk of the town. Other Instagram users commented on the post of Lolit Solis that the celebrity must work hard to be successful in their career and not to use the names of other celebrities to become popular. Here is the comment of Instagram user scorpiooo13
 "Correct well said pagsikapan nyo upang makamit ang tagumpay. Huwag ninyong gagamitin ang ibang artist lalo c Maine kasi wala syang kinakapitan ng iba sa LORD cya naniwala. Kaya Sef huwag mong gamitin c Maine kung gusto kang sumikat. BABALA๐ŸŽƒ".

Instagram user _myrealig_ thanking Lolit Solis for her goodness with Maine Mendoza and Marian Rivera
 "Manay Maraming Salamat sa iyong kabutihan sa mga taong kagaya nila ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ nagtrabaho at madiskarte ng maayos sa buhay ay laging binabato... God knows everthing kong cnong may bad ententions sa issue nayan! Dahil kahit anong pilit nyo hindi mananalo ang kasamaan sa kabutihan.. love you #MarianandMaine ang tunay na Queens๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘" 

 AlDub Nation what can you say regarding the defense of Lolit Solis with the two queens of Kapuso Network? Kindly give us your thoughts and opinion regarding the kind gesture of Lolit Solis.

Here Are The List Of Top 10 Wealthiest Young Teen Actors and Actresses In the Showbiz Industry Today.

Several television personalities have risen to fame and popularity at their young age. It is an advantage to them to make and established their names in the showbiz industry. Some started as being a child actor and actresses but others started in their teenage years. Let us know the young teen actors and actresses because of their hard work came to fame and popularity that resulted in achieving more wealth and riches in their lives. Here are the top young teen stars that gained a whopping amount of money and fortunes in the showbiz industry.

1. Julia Barretto- she begins her showbiz career at the age of 9, She endorses one of the leading shampoo in the country today. Presently her current net worth is Php 95 Million.

2. Liza Soberano- she was seen before in various KathNiel events and shows and presently she has a famous love team with Enrique Gil known as LizQuen.Presently her net worth is Php 120 Million.

3. Nadine Lustre-just like other young teen stars she begins her career in showbiz at her young age. She became famous and popular when she was matched with Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 Grand winner James Reid and started the love team JaDine.Presently the young star has a net worth of Php 151 Million.

4. Julia Montes-She begins her career in the famous Child Gag Comedy Show Going Bulilit. She started her teenage career in the remake of the 1990 series " Mara Clara" which she has the character role of Clara. Presently her net worth is Php 188 Million.

5. James Reid- She begins with his career when he won the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 Grand Winner. He begins to become famous when matched with teen star Nadine Lustre and the JaDine love team was started. Presently her net worth is Php 202 Million.

6. Enrique Gil- he started to be famous when he was matched with Kathryn Bernardo and later with Liza Soberano and formed the love team LizQuen. Presently his net worth is Php 280 Million.

7.Alden Richards- the Pambansang Bae of the AlDub love team. He begins to be famous when matched with Yaya Dub, Maine Mendoza and formed the famous love team AlDub that gained fans club world wide. Presently his net worth is Php 346 Million.

8. Kathryn Bernardo-she started as a child TV personalities in Child Gag Show Going Bulilit just like Julia Montes. She rose to fame when became the lead star of the 90's series "Mara Clara". Presently her net worth is Php 500 Million.

9. Maine Mendoza- became the YouTube Sensation as the Dub Smashed Queen of the Philippines.She became popular and started her showbiz career when paired to Alden Richards in Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye and known as Yaya Dub.AlDub love team was formed and it was popular world wide and gained tremendous quantity of fans world wide. Presently her net worth is Php 580 Million.

10. Daniel Padilla-the son of Karla Estrada and Rommel Padilla. He started her popularity when matched with Kathryn Bernardo in the Teen series " Growing Up" of the Kapamilya Network. Presently the teen actor has a net worth of Php 1 Billion.

 What can you say about their wealth and riches compared to other celebrities in showbiz industry? Is it the sign of their success as their net worth is tremendous? Let us know your thoughts and comments regarding their fortunes and wealth.Did you know some teen celebrities just like them that is not included in the list above?

Liza Soberano's Wealth, Properties And Her Net Worth Were Definitely Exposed

One of the most famous young stars of the ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network Liza Soberano. As a matter of facts, the young star fame and popularity has now on its peak of her career and she had several product endorsement and projects particularly movies and Teleserye from the start of her career last 2011.

It was a big break for her in one of the lead stars of the hit Teleserye of the Kapamilya Network " Forevermore" which was directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. And because of her success in the showbiz industry, many people are now asking the fortune and properties of the famous young star and soon to be Darna lead star. Based on the uploaded video of the YouTube Channel Star News containing the compilation of the few facts and net worth of Liza Soberano. Based on the video uploaded the young star was born in California U.S.A. and it is obviously in her accent.

Presently this month, her net worth was approximate $1.7 Million. This is because of her several product endorsements including her movies and Television appearances.She loves dogs and she has three named Hopie, Gucci, and Mickey. She lives in a modern and luxury house that was designed in a Japanese style.

The young actress used her car Hyundai Starex and she can relax and sleep whenever there is a time to rest.

Although the young star absolutely has a wealthy life, she is not afraid and ashamed of eating typical food such as Sinigang and her favorite book likes to read is " Thirteen Reasons Why".Do you realize how rich and wealthy the young star is? Do you want to know more about some Kapamilya famous celebrities? Kindly watch and see the video for more details of the net worth of the beautiful actress Liza Soberano.

Are you one of the fans of Liza Soberano? Kindly share your ideas and opinions regarding the facts and net worth of the young star.

Ama ni Alden Richards inutusan na pigilan si Maine Mendoza

Daddy Bae is a very supportive father regarding the career of the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. He is always active posting on his Twitter account and always updates with the daily activities of his son Alden Richards. Daddy Bae recently posted on his Twitter account to Maine Mendoza by preventing the biceps of Alden Richards. Because the biceps of Alden Richards is exposed to many people and that is the reason why Daddy Bae is instructing Maine Mendoza to prevent the biceps of Alden Richards. Here is the post of Daddy Bae

" Nak yung biceps nya pigilan mo..."

It is a very short message but a big concern from a loving father.Since the biceps of Alden is exposed and Maine cannot prevent him from exposing it, Daddy Bae put a watermark claiming that it is Maine Mendoza property. In one of the posts of AlDub Nation @MsKikay18 posted the reason why Daddy Bae put watermarks on the biceps of his son Alden Richards
" Ayaw magpapigil DB..ayan tuloy nilagyan ng watermark..kay Maine lang kasi yan eh...ayyiiieeeeee kilig ako...#ALDUBForeverYours"

Many AlDub Nation appreciates the Tweets of Daddy Bae because they know that he is supporting his son Alden Richards and they make them kilig much and can see the smartness and wittiness of Daddy Bae if you notice that the biceps of Alden Richards has watermarks "Maine's Property". This watermark makes the AlDub Nation experience kilig much. AlDub Nation @era_casi
" Yung Maine's Property ang nagdala haha! Hello po Daddy Bae. #ALDUBForeverYours" 

Another word that makes the AlDub Nation kilig much of the word "Nak" means daughter. It is not a simple word but a very meaningful word when you were called by the father of your sweetheart.

Inilaglag ni Sinon Loresca si Maine Mendoza patungkol kay Alden Richards

The phenomenal love team is not vocal with their intimate togetherness because it was a private matter. Because many fans want to know if the phenomenal couple was having together in the previous days. But there is someone that gives hint to the AlDub Nation that the phenomenal love team was having together. AlDub Nation @leyah q heard this whisper from Sinon Loresca and she posted it on her Twitter. Here is the revelation of Sinon Loresca
 " TAMA BA RINIG KO?!? Sinon: " Hindi ko alam basta parating si Maine..mga 6:30." Akala ko ba Meng ..bawal?!? ctto #ALDUBLoveAndTrust"

It was the birthday of Maine Mendoza's brother and Alden Richards was in the gym. Sinon Loresca reveals that Maine Mendoza will come by 6:30 PM. Many AlDub Nation hears the whisper of Sinon Loresca in the video and it was posted by AlDub Nation @leyah q.But some other fans are not believing that Maine Mendoza will not come because after the shooting they will have a dinner with her family.

But other AlDub Nation explains in details that after the Juan For All, it is the time that Alden went to Sofitel and it was 9 PM and there is a chance.One speculation of AlDub Nation @saints_ms that after the shoot, Maine Mendoza fetched Alden Richards from the gym at 6:30 PM and went to the birthday celebration of Maine's brother.

Because of this, Some AlDub Nation is asking if how many times a week when they are having a date particularly when they are busy. No matter how many times that they are having a date the very clear thing is that they are having a date.And that is the meaning of the revelation of Sinon Loresca.

Did You Know That Some Famous Celebrities Who Looked Tall On Television Screen But Are Actually Short in Height

We consider the celebrities are the model of being almost physically perfect and that is why we admire them. Celebrities male or female, we always expect that they are tall and good looking and has masculine physical features apparently like Romans and Greek Gods. And the female celebrities often in our mind that they have pretty faces and white or fair complexion and always we think that they were tall when we are watching televisions or movies.

As a matter of fact, several celebrities that we see on television screens are surprisingly short and not tall as we seen on television. The camera process seems so tall but actually, they are short in height. Here are the celebrities that turn out to be tall in television screen but actually short in height.

1. Katya Santos- her height is 5'2".

2. Kaye Abad-her height is 5'2".

3. Meg Imperial-her height is 5'2".

4. Cristine Reyes-her height is 5'2".

5. Heart Evangelista-her height is 5'2".

6. Andi Eigenmann-her height is 5'2".

7. Camille Prats-her height is 5'2".

8. Nadine Lustre-her height is 5'2".

9. Kathryn Bernardo-her height is 5'2".

10. Lea Salonga-her height is 5'2".

11. Mika Dela Cruz-her height is 5'1".

12. Angelika Dela Cruz-her height is 5'1".

13.Claudine Barretto-her height is 5'1".

14.Jake Zyrus formerly known as Charice Pempengco- her height is 5'1".

15. Ellen Adarna-her height is 5'1".

16. Kris Bernal-her height is 5'1".

17. Bea Binene-her height is 5'1".

18. Jonalyn Viray-her height is 5'1".

19. Yeng Constantino-her height is 5'1".

20. Maricel Soriano-her height is 5'1".

21. Marian Rivera-her height is 5'1".

22. Ruxee B.-her height is 5'0".

23. Krystal Reyes-her height is 5'0".

24. Shaina Magdayao-her height is 5'0".

25. Maja Salvador-her height is 5'0".

26. Vilma Santos-her height is 5'0".

27. Gladys Reyes-her height is 4'11".

28. Sheena Halili-her height is 4'11".

29. Jolina Magdangal-her height is 4'11".

30. Antoinette Taus-her height is 4'10".

31. Manilyn Reynes-her height is 4'10".

32. Kiray Celis-her height is 4'9".

33. Ella Cruz-her height is 4'9".

34. Maui Taylor-her height is 4'8".

35. Barbie Forteza-her height is 4'8".

Probably you were surprised that these are their actual height unexpectedly seen on television? Do you know other celebrities that they actually short in height but you cannot recognize them to be short when seen on a television screen? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions regarding their actual height.

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