Boyfriend Pranks His Girlfriend And It Bounce Back When His Girlfriend Caught Them! Here's Why?

It is a depressing situation when someone fools in relationships and someone those who fools their loved ones in a prank that seems to be a joke but the result will shock the prankster boyfriend.This video shows the boyfriend pretending to cheat another woman in bed which is the best friend of his girlfriend. The boyfriend explained to his girlfriend's best friend that they will prank her girlfriend by doing naughty acts that his face will be covered by his girlfriend's best friend lipsticks inside their room. He is not expecting that his girlfriend's best friend will agree in his prank to his girlfriend. He was surprised that his girlfriend's best friend agrees and saying to the prankster " yeah, yeah I'll do it" and she makes sorry for the pranks in advance.

They both waited for half an hour for his girlfriend to come until his darling arrived and arranged the cameras inside their room.After twenty minutes after setting up the camera to be used for pranking his girlfriend.His girlfriend does not directly goes to their room but goes to the kitchen to get something. The girlfriend entered into their room after taking something in the kitchen and she was surprised that her best friend is lying on the top of her boyfriend kissing him.

The girlfriend pretends to be very angry and her boyfriend friend was shocked because his girlfriend start to move closer to her best friend and not expecting what his girlfriend done to her best friend.In his shocked to his prank that her girlfriend kisses her best friend and his pranks bounce back to him. Because the best friend of his girlfriend already informs in advance the pranks of his boyfriend. So for all the boyfriends who wants to pranks their girlfriend be careful because maybe it will also happen to you.


Alden Richards Admits That Maine Mendoza Is The Only One And No One Else But Her

Alden Richards admit in an interview that Maine Mendoza is the only one and no one else. What a sweet and super kilig message of Alden Richards to his phenomenal wife Maine Mendoza. He admits this in an interview of The GMA Network morning show Unang Hirit. This is the response of Alden in the interview of the morning show that was posted on Twitter accounts of one AlDub Nation with hashtag #ALDUBKiligDuo " Kung masaya daw ba siya na si M ang kasama niya sa balik TS:' There's no one else po. It has to be Maine for me. Ang aga, bes!" What a very good news that soothe the ears of all AlDub Nation, supporters and against the hearts of the bashers.

It was a very sweet message of Pambansang Bae that really makes the day of the AlDub Nation to be complete and they are requesting that there will be more TeleSerye to come. This news was very reliable when the sources are Mr. Ron Sagun, Mr.Lhar Santiago and Mr. Nelson Canlas. Because these three entertainment reporters really saying the truth concerning Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

The majority of the comments on this video upload of Mr.Ron Sagun makes their morning to be in a good vibes mood commenting"yah umagang umaga good vibes agad. Really MaiChard is real. they r in a relationship. adn knows n feel d truth. in love na talaga cila sa isat isa. team kampante. kilig n so sweet." It was really good vibes and very good news to all AlDub Nation that they hear and watched this interview of Unang Hirit with Alden Richards. To all AlDub Nation have good vibes and a blessed day to all.

Source: Ron Sagun

Two Girls Fighting in Trinoma Gardens! Watch This Video It's Shocking!

The video went viral in the social media about the word war between two girls in Trinoma Gardens. As the people notice that many students and teenagers are stand by in the garden. It is not a problem to stay in the Trinoma Garden if the behavior of the teenagers will not irritate the other people in the area. But if the teenagers staying only to make a scene like this, shouting with each other and saying bad words against one another this is another thing.This makes the teenagers will be disrespectful and result in the downgrade of their dignity. As a teenagers, they must have good manners and right conduct which was taught in the school. As the saying of our national Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal That " The Youth(teenagers) are the hope of the nation".

How can it be fulfilled this famous saying of our national hero if the scene like this will be promoted by many teenagers in a public places that will downgrade their dignity. It was shameful to all the people around them that the establishments in that area are fine dining restaurants and expected to have a classy customers. Then the teenagers in that nearby area are shouting with each other like in the market of Baclaran and Quiapo like vendors selling their stuff and goods.

And from this video posted by Shulamyt Aquino netizens are expecting that the boys around them will be the one has the courage to stop the fighting and word war of the two girld but unfortunately they are the one that pushing the two girls to elevate their fight.But to the one boy who tries to stop the fighting netizens appreciate his good intention of trying to stop the fighting scene. It was the reminders to all the parents of this two girls that always guide your daughter in good manners and right conduct which was taught in the school.

Source: Facebook

Maine Mendoza Shocked The Netizen About She Done On Her Instagram With Liza Soberano! Here's Why?

The Filipino-American Actress Liza Soberano of ABS-CBN Network is famous for extraordinary beauty not only here in the Philippines but known worldwide.It is the leading lady of ABS-CBN Actor and dancer Enrique Gil does not only catches the hearts of other local celebrities like famous heartthrob Piolo Pascual.Piolo Pascual admitted that he admires the beauty of the Filipino-American actress.

The American singer-songwriter and record producer Charlie Puth invited her to be a guest in his concert and also the famous American DJ Dou Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of Chainsmokers.Not only celebrities local and international are admiring Soberano but also our very own Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach. as she compared her beauty to like those of other beauty queens.

The ABS-CBN teen star and GMA Network phenomenal star Maine Mendoza recently have an issue between the two famous stars of the rival TV networks which make known in the online community and social media. Even though they are from the two leading rival networks of the country netizens were surprised done by the 'Destined To Be Yours' star Maine Mendoza by following Liza Soberano on her Instagram account.

AlDub Nation and other fans of both celebrities are expecting that the other celebrities will do likewise she done. That sooner or later Liza Soberano will follow also the phenomenal star of Eat Bulaga and GMA Network. It shows that the phenomenal star is a down to earth simple celebrity that almost everybody loves her.

Source: ChisMix

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Defends By Tina Panganiban-Perez Against the Bitter Bashers

Many people are supporting the phenomenal love team including celebrities and reporters. One famous GMA Network reporter post her message of support against the bashers.She posted a photo of cooked ampalaya or bitter gourd concerning the bashers are always bitter with the phenomenal love team. She posted on her Twitter accounts saying" Sa mga ampalaya, be happy na lang."AlDub Nation is very happy for the support of the veteran news reporter of GMA Network Tina Panganiban-Perez and thanking her for her support.AlDub Nation posted their gratitude to the veteran GMA Reporter with hashtag # ALDUBKiligDuo saying" Love you po Mrs. Tina, thank you for the undying supporting for Maine and Alden."

It was a positive impact on the phenomenal couple because even a veteran reporter is supporting them and understand the situation of the phenomenal love team against the bashers and critics.AlDub Nation posted that the veteran reporter of GMA Network is very correct and her post was a bullseye against the bitter bashers which always bitter and making negative issues against the phenomenal couple.

AlDub Nation understands that the bashers will make negative write-ups because the upcoming TeleSerye is approaching. Soon it will be shown in a primetime slot and it will be a history in a showbiz industry as the AlDub Nation promises to be number one. This post of the broadcast journalists makes The AlDub Nation day to be complete. It was a happy feeling when you will read the post of supports of many people in many walks of life including a broadcast journalist.

Source: Ron Sagun

5 Things To Remember Before Going To Bed At Night To Have A Quality Time Sleep! Here's What?

It is recommended to all that seven or more hours of sleep required. But there are things not to do before bedtime to attain the required sleep recommended by National Sleep Foundation.To have a good start of healthful bedtime habitual activity. Do not do these things to have a beneficial sleep at night before going to bed.

1. Drinking Alcohol or Liquor. An after-dinner drink will make you feel sleepy at first but it is not giving you a favor to have a quality sleep during bedtime. According to the study of University of Melbourne Sleep Research Laboratory, last January 2015 that drinking before going to sleep can help you fall asleep easily but it will change your quality of sleep in the late night.

2. You read on your gadgets like smartphone, tablets, and laptops. According to research that reading from your gadgets with light emitting electronic devices and gadgets before going to bed can be difficult to your daily body clock and will result in your whole health and daytime readiness.So before going to bed it is a great idea but not with gadgets and electronic devices with light emitting but printed books.

3. Drinking coffee late night. this is very obvious that drinking coffee late night. In the study, according to the University of Colorado drinking coffee like a double espresso, 3 hours before you sleep will result to delay a 40 minutes in your internal body clock. Another research recommends that people should prevent caffeine consumption at least six hours before going to sleep. Keep in mind that making coffee after lunch will be your last one for the whole day to guarantee it will be completely out of your system before sleeping at night.

4. Checking your Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even you only read the post and updates on your social media accounts and not posting pictures or make comments the addiction on the social media will affect the quality of your sleep on bedtime. According to the University of Pittsburg School of medicine ages from 16 to 32 years old spending more time on social media were two times likely to have sleep distraction than the less time spending on the social media.

5. Eating snacks and foods with high contents of saturated fat and sugar.Allowing yourself to eat sugary cakes or dessert will cause disorder on your sleep.According to latest 2016 study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine shows the high quantity of saturated fat and sugar intake was connected to disrupted that can increase your quality of sleep is high in fiber diet according to the study.

These are the 5 things you absolutely not to do before going to sleep to have a quality sleep required by our body.


Alden Richards Post On His Twitter Account A Photo Indicating He Was Confined In The Hospital

Recently Lhar Santiago made an interview with Pambansang Bae Alden Richards that he is not feeling well because of over fatigue and lack of sleep. Many AlDub Nation really were worried about the health condition of the phenomenal husband of Eat Bulaga. Alden post on his Twitter accounts a photo indicating that he was confined in the hospital. On his post health concern message flood the social media because of Alden Richards health condition. On his post there was no mentioned reason for his confinement and the sickness he encounters was not also mentioned by him. But recently it was posted in a Facebook account fans club that Alden was not feeling well. And even the phenomenal couple attended the event of their endorsed product the condition of their health is not okay but they try to be present on that day.

After the event was finished the Pambansang Bae, according to the Facebook post he immediately goes to the hospital to check his health condition. AlDub Nation commended the phenomenal love team of being professional in spite of their health condition. Many AlDub Nation requesting that the phenomenal love team will take some rest so that they can recover easily.

As the known saying says' Health is Wealth' which is very true because how they can be successful in their career if they have sickness and the fans are very much concern about the health of both phenomenal celebrities. Advice to the phenomenal love team take some rest and recover from the sickness you are now encountering and AlDub Nation understands that both of you are working hard and doing your best to make the AlDub Nation happy and entertain. Get well soon to both of you phenomenal love team.

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