Shocking: Chinese College Students Caught On Camera ‘Doing It’ Inside Their Classroom!

If you ever imagine the reactions of their parents if they watch this video of their children? Nowadays that the society and more teenagers and young adults are very active especially in love making. Any this time, there hade been an escalation of quantities of unexpected pregnancies in the previous years. For the reason of the chronic problem in our community and society nowadays, many children were abandoned on the streets to work for their own and unhappily, that many numbers of infants are left abandoned or end their lives because of the condition that their parents have no capabilities to raise them.

With the advancement of technology, by the aid of smartphones and cameras, it is very accessible to have plenty of love making scandals have come out in the past previous years. Presently two teenager Chinese, a college student doing it inside the college classroom. They really have no self-disgust at all! In this video camera captured that was posted to the Chinese Website'Weibo'.

The lights inside the classroom were open and they don't care no matter who can see them and continue their lovemaking. It is without of their knowledge to the young partner that someone was capturing through a smartphone camera what they are doing inside the classroom in the daylight condition. Several netizens were displeased by their means of how a teenager acts nowadays, especially when it comes to the lovemaking activities. There is no private place that they can do that and not in the public place like this in a college classroom that everyone has the chance to see this compromising acts. It is shocking!


Rams David sumaklolo na tungkol Promo ng KS sa US nina Maine at Alden

Recently AlDub Nation member had posted that there will be a secret happening for the phenomenal couple this coming hot summer month of April. And many of them puzzling their mind of what shows will happen this coming month of April. And this is now the answer to your question AlDub Nation. The talent manager of Maine Mendoza, Rams David reveals and help the phenomenal love team for their promoting the shows that will happen in the hot summer month of April. The post of Rams David on his Twitter account @ramsdavid
 "KS sa US, LA (Apil 9) NY (April 12) Kitakits po. Masaya ito Sure na Sure ako."

The Kalye Serye Sa US will be held in Los Angeles on April 9, 2017, and in New York on April 12, 2017, together with the Lola's of the Kalye Seye segment of the longest running noontime show in the country Eat Bulaga. The AlDub Nation is requesting to promote the Kalye Serye Sa US in Sunday PinaSaya by the phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza and the phenomenal star will be the guest to promote the upcoming shows in the US.

This AlDub Nation member @RIMAINE23 replied to @ramsdavid so that Maine will personally promote their upcoming shows
" Sana ma guest po c MAINE sa @SundayPinaSaya para i-promote po ang KS sa US at Lenten special ng EB. #ALDUBsaNewYorkApril12" 
 Many AlDub Nation near the area of the shows are now confirming through their post on their Twitter accounts to be present on that upcoming shows of the phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Some AlDub Nation member @mjewulski even from the nearby country Canada are excited and had already availed the ticket as they replied to @ramsdavid
 " may ticket na po ang team Canada ready na and super excited #ALDUBsaNewYorkApril12" 

AlDub Nation Team abroad is requesting also in their location to have the show of the phenomenal love team.

Source: Ron Sagun

Man Unexpectedly Shoots Himself In The Head While Playing With A Loaded Revolver!

Gun is not a toy even for the big boys, never play with it and you will suffer consequences because of being irresponsible.A firearm is a personal accountability and everyone owning this is accountable for whatever he used in a various manner. As a matter of fact, previously reports shows that because of the two drivers have a road rage and owning a gun and because of their heated arguments, there is shooting that happens that shows their irresponsible using of the gun. The LiveLeak is a British video sharing website that lets users post and share videos.

It was uploaded on Liveleak that went viral on the internet strongly evident the quantity of danger these lethal weapons have because the man was nearly ended his life after by chance pulling the trigger of the loaded gun directly onto his head. Based on the LIveleaks video uploaded and shared with two pictures, the crazy man was delighted while playing a revolver.

It was like a Russian roulette that with one bullet loaded in his revolver and in the initial triggering of the gun it was a loud click which means an empty cylinder. After some pulls of triggers, the crazy guy continues to pull the trigger and unintentionally that it goes with the bullet. It was lucky to this crazy man that he is still alive and the bullets only touch his head and not directly hit by the bullet. It was a very lucky day for him not to end his life unexpectedly. Watch the video and viewers discretion is advised and this video was shared by the Youtube Channel TomoNews in Us. Warning: Do not attempt to do this and played with guns.

Source: Trending News Portal,TomoNews US
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