Maine Mendoza Cannot Hide Her Loneliness ! Here's Why?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza promise to the AlDub Nation to be always together to make their fans happy and entertain. But sometimes there are some circumstances that the time permits that they are not together even they like to be together. It is sometimes sickness and illness can separate the phenomenal couple presence but their communication will not be separated. The Pambansang Bae is sick and that is the reason that they are not together. The phenomenal star greeted the Pambansang Bae in Eat Bulaga. It was a very short message but it is very touching. The simple message" Pa pagaling Ka" makes the AlDub Nation and Netizen have teary eyes because they feel the sincerity of the message of the phenomenal star with the Pambansang Bae.

If we remember the words of Daddy cupcake " nawawalang saysay ang isa pag hindi sila magkasama". They are always connected with each other even they are separated because they are soulmate as the AlDub Nation posted on her Twitter account. The voice of Maine Mendoza is very tender when she greet the Pambansang Bae and to get well soon. Is this the proof that she really misses the Pambansang Bae?

The AlDub Nation feels the loneliness of the phenomenal star about the health condition of the Pambansang Bae. The AlDub Nation sees how she truly love and care for Alden, From her voice and eyes, she is very sincere with her message with the Pambansang Bae.AlDub Nation feels sad about the way she greeted the Pambansang Bae because he is sick. From the AlDub Nation Get well soon Pambansang Bae because the phenomenal is waiting for you and she is lonely without your presence.

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Ina Feleo Talks About Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza

Many co-stars of the Phenomenal Loveteam Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza of Destined to be Yours reveals their good and kind character. Again another co-star Ina Feleo the child of Direk Laurice Guillen and actor Johnny Delgado talks about the good and kind character of the phenomenal love team. The award-winning actress shared her experience working with Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. This is what she shared about Alden
 "So far puro si Alden yung nakakasama ko, hindi ko pa talaga nakaka-eksena si Maine. But nakasama ko na siya sa taping. Mukha siyang mabait, tsaka mahiyain sa personal, ako din nahihiya pa pero excited na rin akong maka-eksena siya."

From her first statement only Alden Richards was the first she worked with and until now Maine was only in the taping but in the near future, she will work with the phenomenal star.Ina Feleo added that the Pambansang Bae
 "Si Alden naman mabait din talaga tulad ni Maine, minsan nga nahihirapan akong umarte na galit ako sa kanya, kasi magaan talaga ang aura niya. Parang mahirap magalit kay Alden, eh,"

She reveals that Alden Richards really so nice same as with Maine Mendoza. Sometimes it is hard for him to act to hate him because the aura of Alden is very light and it seems very hard to get angry with him. The award-winning actress plays as supporting actress against the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. She added that the AlDub Nation is very supportive with her and doesn't experience any bashing from them. AlDub Nation jokingly posted on their Twitter account that there are no reasons to bash the award winning actress as the supporting actress in the upcoming soap opera "Destined To Be Yours". And it is a good news to Ms. Ina Feleo because she is always welcome with the AlDub Nation and you won't regret to work with the phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

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Fan Of Angel Locsin Said "Ugly Short Hair"! But Her Friends Defend That She's Beautiful Inside And Out!

The Darna Star Angel Locsin makes rounds of the internet because of her new look with a short hair. Previously she had the controversial issue with Jessy Mendiola because of using wigs. And the reason for her short hair and was a force to cut because of the mistreatment of the salon. The fans and followers Of Angel Locsin and other netizens were surprised of her new look and style because of the damaged hair and she was forced to cut it. Even though that the majority of her fans were satisfied with her new look and style and still she is beautiful but not all gives a positive comment. One fan of the famous Darna star was not satisfied with her new hair style and looks and gives a negative comment about it.This is the negative comment of @stephlisal that she posted on her social media account
"ur my idol but sorry to say so sad ngka gnyan hair mo :( sorry pls dnt take this as an offense but i dnt like it ang panget eh #justsaying so if i were u naku dpat tlga idemanda un responsible sa nangyari sa hair mo, wag mo pairalin ang kabaitan mo.. even if accident pa sya.. they should face the consequence! they ruined u, ur hair ay basta kainis yang salon n yan.. their job is to beautify people and not make people ugly.. hayst! so pano na ang darna? mag wig kn lng ganon?"

Many fans of Angel Locsin defends her new look and hairstyle and even her co-celebrities Chito Miranda and friend Bubbles Paraiso. Chito Miranda replied her
"@stephlisal..sobrang ganda kaya." 
On the Instagram post of Angel Locsin on his birthday party.The celebrity friend of Kapamilya star Angel Locsin also replied to that comment
"@stephlisal..excuse me but she's beautiful inside and out, long hair or short. Her inner beauty radiates to her face. Kung maka-"just saying" naman"

The fan of Angel Locsin replied to the comments ao celebrities and netizen that be calm and she was not against the Kapamilya star only the hair style and it is just her opinion and she got mad at the salon who did it to her
"kalma guys, i'm not against @therealangellocsin nor did i mention that she is ugly. I like her, but as i've said i jst don't like her short hair. For me the hair is ugly. This is just my view, my opinion. And I am actually mad at the salon who did this to her, bec she doesn't deserve this, she paid at the salon and this is what happened?! i like angel w/ long hair. Yes, i agree @therealangellocsin is beautiful inside and out not referring to her beauty but to her hair. U see, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion right? un maganda sa paningin nyo pwedeng pangit sken, at un pangit sken, sanyo maganda.. we are all different that's why we have diff opinions. And no I am not a fan of Jessy Mendiola so pls stop saying that I am."

The Kapamilya star doesn't counter on the basher but only agree to the comments of her friends with emoji. And even the Kapamilya host of Umagang Kay Ganda agree that Angel Locsin is beautiful especially in personal added by Anthony Taberna. Amy Perez added that short hair is now the latest fashion because the summer season is approaching.

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Daddy Bae Reveals Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza Misses Each Other

We all have to know that Daddy Bae gives his utmost support to his son Pambansang Bae Alden Richards.He is always posting his message on his twitter accounts for supporting his son and giving hints to the AlDub Nation. Again Daddy Bae posted his message giving a hint that the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza really Misses the Pambansang Bae. This is the post of Daddy Bae it is the short message but full of excitement
" Ramdam ko miss na..haruuuuuuuy!" 
Truly the phenomenal star misses the Pambansang Bae. The phenomenal star recently greets the Pambansang Bae in Eat Bulaga and she cannot hide her loneliness because of the absence of Pambansang Bae.

To the knowledge of AlDUB supporters, the Pambansang Bae is sick and he is now resting and for recovery of his health. The togetherness of the phenomenal love team will soon happen when the Pambansang Bae recovers from his sickness. Not only Daddy Bae, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards feels the loneliness because of their temporary separation because of the health condition of the Pambansang Bae but also the AlDub Nation.

They were both missed by the AlDub Nation. Because the togetherness of the phenomenal love teams makes their day complete and very happy. To the Pambansang Bae, get well soon and the AlDub Nation is always praying for you and the phenomenal star. The phenomenal love team is always included in their prayers. The AlDub Nation missed them both together but the importance is the health of the phenomenal love team.

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OFW Woman In Jordan Maltreated By Her Woman Employer Secretly Seeks Help From The Government!

It is the majority problems encountered by the OFW especially the woman domestic helper suffers maltreatment from their employer. Another Domestic helper calls the attention of the concern authorities and agencies in our country now suffers maltreatment from her woman employer in Amman Jordan. The victim identified as Josalyn O. Ombe, 35 years old residing at 2336 Alabastro St., San Andres Bukid, Manila was able to ask help from Abante Tonite after she secretly communicates with her Facebook account.

The domestic helper hides the phone from her employer and without their knowledge that the poor OFW seek help from Abante tonite thru her Facebook account. Ombe message to the famous Filipino Tabloid Publication
 "Hindi nila alam na my phone akong gamit the.. Dala ko na to galing jan s pinas" 
The OFW woman identified her woman employer as Ahmed Saleem Marashdeh from Madaba, Amman Jordan. it was her second time to work in Jordan thru the agency World Class Inc. agency.

She just arrived last Nov. 30, 2016. She was only more than two months working with her employer and for almost one month she was maltreated by her woman employer. According to the message of Ombe thru her Facebook account
" Kinontack ko na ang embassy dito wala ding nangyare lalo lng ako na­pahamak kasi itinawag lang nila sa amo ko yung reklamo ko." “Mag iisang buwan na nya ko pinahihirapan ng ganito.. Minumura dinuduraan hindi pinapakain ng sapat at walang sapat na pahinga..”

She tried to contact the Philippine Embassy in Jordan but nothing happens, they only call her employer and inform her complaint. For almost one month she was maltreated by cursing, spitting, no enough food to eat and with no enough rest. Her mother Rosalie already appeal to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and to Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III to help her daughter. Please to the concerned government agencies and authorities help this another maltreated OFW woman in Jordan and to the netizens share this news to come to the knowledge of the agencies and authorities responsible for the welfare of this poor victim of maltreatment.


Do Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza Have To Admit Their Relationship?

The phenomenal love team doesn't officially admit their relationship in public. But AlDub Nation and other celebrities perceive that the phenomenal star and Pambansang Bae has a very intimate and sweet relationship. As the famous saying goes Action speaks louder than voice. The post of on their Twitter account about the tease of Gardo Versoza with the phenomenal love team that makes some netizen to have in their mind that it is needed to admit their relationship. The teaser question of the veteran actor Gardo Versoza garnered reactions from AlDub Nation and netizen. Here is the teaser question of the veteran actor that was posted on the official Twitter account of
 " Gardo Versoza teases Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, "Kayo na Ba?" 
The majority of the AlDub Nation and youtube user commented that it is not needed to admit their relationship because the true blooded ALDUB/MAICHARD NATION knows the real from reel.

These are their comments and replied to the comment posted on Youtube by Joyce Calipes
" no need na,kasi mahirap na ang maraming may Alam dahil madami din ang makiki Alam.true blooded ALDUB/MAICHARD NATION Alam ang Real sa Reel...Happy couple sila!" 
Another netizen and AlDUB Nation replied supporting the comment of Joyce Calipes named Maiden Love
"Joyce Calipes ...tama I think Alden and Maine both have talked on how they keep what they have privately as much as they can.If fans truly love them, love them without obligation. Give them still the privacy and be contented on what they can share." 
Almost majority of the AlDub Nation reacts positively that the phenomenal love team doesn't need to admit their relationship.

The veteran actor admits that Maine Mendoza has the features of a woman easy to love. These were his positive comments with the phenomenal star
"Niloloko ko nga si Maine, ‘Kung bata-bata ako, kukumpetensiyahin ko 'yan si Alden.' “Ha-ha-ha! Tawa-tawa lang siya. Sabi ko, 'Wala, e, lipas na.' "Si Maine kasi, tipikal na dalagang-Pilipina kaya nakakatuwa.” "Pero, parang mas tumitimbang sa akin na kapag nagkaanak akong babae, gusto ko katulad ni Maine." "Kalog, walang ere, hindi mo mararamdaman na sikat siya, hindi siya nasisilaw."
AlDub Nation appreciates the kind words professed by the veteran actor. and it was a lucky day for Alden because the veteran actor is now old to compete him with Maine Mendoza to win the heart of the phenomenal star.It was a favorable word that comes from her co-stars in the upcoming soap opera that describes Maine's beauty and character.

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Maine Mendoza Was Advised To Rest And Sleep Well

It is normal to celebrities to have an irregular sleep because of their hectic schedule because of their taping and rehearsals of their production numbers. It is very important to all people especially to the celebrities to have regular sleep and rest to have a healthy and strong body for their daily activities. The post of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza makes the AlDub nation to give a healthy advice with her. The short message posted by the phenomenal star
" What is sleep" 
pushes the AlDub Nation to advise her to have enough sleep and rest.AlDub Nation understands the situation of the phenomenal star that they are working hard together with the Pambansang Bae to make their fans to be happy and entertain.

This is the post of @annjeRULE understands how the phenomenal love team works hard for alDub Nation
"@mainedcm thanks for your hard work. We know you're doing this for us." 
This post of Maine Mendoza floods the message of concern from AlDub Nation as @reallyrabbit post her concern with the phenomenal star
" @mainedcm take girl lady. What's good is your TS, if you're sick and unwell...we wldnt want that."

Their message of concern was all favorable to the phenomenal stars that shows how the AlDub Nation have the concern and loves her very much. This is another touching post of @cec_ado showing love and concern and giving advice to the phenomenal star
" @mainedcm I know you need to take care of your someone special but you need to rest too. Sleep na ha. Prayers for both." 
Almost majority of the AlDub nation give some health advice to the phenomenal star and wishing them all to get well soon and regain her strength to continue her daily activities in the showbiz industry.

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