Sheena Halili Hit By "Down To Earth Character" Of Alden and Maine! Here's Why?

The upcoming Teleserye "Destined To Be Yours" starts the taping together with Kapuso actress Sheena Halili. She considers they will become a friend in the least time. In the interview last Thursday she said:
" Si Maine actually...twice ko pa lang siya nakasama pero alam mo yun, parang nagja-jive na yung group namin, " 
 Halili added that she likes to be a friend of Maine,
"Sana soon makabuo talaga ng friendship. Sinabi ko nga, mangyayari yun eh. Kung magiging magkaibigan kayo, magiging magkaibigan kayo. Walang dapat pilitin, mangyayari at mangyayari yun,"

She was very happy working with the phenomenal love team, Alden Richards, and Maine Mendoza. It is a very great opportunity to her to work on screen together with the phenomenal star and Pambansang Bae. Sheena Halili's character role will be Maine's best friend. She saw the humbleness of the phenomenal love team.

Even their location is muddy and they are together in the tent and crowded but she doesn't see that they complain or frowned in the situation of the location. She stated:
" Yung first taping ko...maputik yung location namin. Umulan, super umulan talaga. Pero nakakatuwa kasi walang nagrereklamo, "

Halili uttered that they are the humblest people she had known,
" Si Maine, si Alden, isa sa pinaka-humble na tao na nakilala ko. Nakakahiyang mag-inarte kasi sila hindi nag-iinarte kahit umuulan, kahit maputik, "

 This only shows that even their co-star they notice the humbleness of the phenomenal love team.


Family Seeking Help For Their Sons Suffering From Dystonia! What A Pity Condition?

Everybody don't want that our family and relatives suffer from sickness. Some sicknesses and diseases may be prevented by having healthy habits and lifestyle.How about if the condition of your loved ones and family was transmitted at birth? What will you do and your action with this inherited disease? You don't have any option but to take action on it.This is the case of a family in Legazpi City, Albay. In one news of the TV Patrol which was uploaded this video on their official Facebook Page, the Family Aycochos are seeking help to the Lingkod Kapamilya because their two sons are suffering from a movement disorder known as Dystonia. From Wikipedia "It is a neurological movement disorder syndrome in which sustained or repetitive muscle contractions result in twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal fixed postures.The movements may resemble a tremor. Dystonia is often intensified or exacerbated by physical activity, and symptoms may progress into adjacent muscles.The disorder may be hereditary or caused by other factors such as birth-related or other physical trauma, infection, poisoning (e.g., lead poisoning) or reaction to pharmaceutical drugs, particularly neuroleptics."

The muscles contraction causes the affected body parts to spin or curled involuntarily. The involuntary movement of the muscles produces continual movements of the body and resulting in an unusual posture.It affects the muscles even the entire body and it affects only 1% of the total population of the world.Base on the uploaded video of the TV Patrol their mother has tuberculosis and until now she has not recovered from her disease when they recognize that her two sons were suffering from Dystonia. Her two son cannot walk normally and needs help in every movement of their body. Before they suffer from the movement disorder, Raymond was a real estate agent and Rommel was a soldier of the AFP.

Their father said"Mabait naman yan eh.. ito masipag sa paghahanapbuhay. Nahihirapan na rin kasi akong mag-ano eh.. baka naman may tumulong sa inyo," Raymond was 31 years old when he experiences the effects of the movement disorder. In the time past both brothers have lost their control and according to the live-in partner of Rommel Lorna Anzares There were days that he was telling her that he wants to die. According to Dr. Dominic Jamora, the movement disorder is more often inherited from the mother and the symptoms will be obvious when they reach the age of 30. Eddie the son of Raymond that he only wish and dream to attend his graduation and put on his medal personally on graduation ceremony. The movement disorder until now has no cure but only controlled by therapy and a particular application of medicine.


OFW Sends Balikbayan Box to his Family! When it is delivered in his house he was shocked ! Here's Why?

It is the happiness of all OFW by sending a balikbayan box to their family and relatives. And every Balikbayan box sent was with full of love and hard works of the OFW. It took many months to fill this box in every salary they are saving some money for this so that in due time it will be full and immediately send to the families and relatives. Each Balikbayan box sends by OFW are very meaningful and important to OFW because it is the request of the family and relatives in every conversation they made. A Balik Bayan Box Sender named Rey Abao Barcos post his sentiment of what happen to the one he sends in his loving country Philippines and expecting that it will be a better service and complete box will be received by his family. His sentiment went viral in the social media and posted it on his Facebook account.

This is his sentiment posted on his Facebook account:
"Dear Makati Express Cargo, Maraming salamat dumating na yung package ko. This is the first time I sent a package to my family and it took me half a year to fill it up. I trusted your company because I thought you have a better service than LBC. I even promote you to my friends because your pick-up service was fast and efficient. I sent my box with full of love and hard work. How dare you steal some of it. Maayos ko po pinadala yan, yung inabot nyo sa pamilya ko nag mukhang BASURA. This is very unacceptable, I filed a complaint and nobody is addressing it. Let this post be heard!!! Sa lahat ng may mga kamag anak na OFW, please warn them at para matigil na kalokohan na to. Ang box po na to ay hindi lng puro mga padala ang laman, puno po yan ng pag mamahal at sikap para mapuno. Nakakalungkot na sa unang pagkakataon na nagpadala ako ay ganito pa ang nangyari. Yung pinaghirapan mo nanakawin ng mga taong kuntento sa pagnanakaw ng pinag hirapan ng iba. It is very distasteful that your page is only showing the boxes which arrived safe and sound, but nevertheless you failed to response and giving me an option to compensate the damages you have done. Thank you for the worst service."

According to Barcos, it was the first time that he sent Balikbayan box package to his family. He spent almost 6 months to fill the balikbayan box. He selected to send a balikbayan box through "Makati Express Cargo" because he knows that they are offering better service compared to the other cargo service. But unluckily it happens what he doesn't expect that his balikbayan box delivered to his family house has a big hole at the side. The box looks like a garbage that was overused indicating that there is someone steal some belongings inside the baggage.

Barcos was very discontented about the incident concerning how they manage the shipment of his balikbayan box. He filed a complaint and until now there was no response from the Express cargo Company. Even the netizens who see the post of the sender was disappointed and shared their sympathies over the sender's discontentment on the incident. Other netizen shared their experience that it also happen to them but there is no action taken from the company. Other commenting that maybe there is another purpose why it is posted. For the Makati Express Cargo company please take action on this incident.


Caught on Cam: OFW Rumble With Other Nationality, Watch this Video!

Overseas Filipino Workers faces many different struggles in the foreign country they are working. Problems encountered in the site for the construction workers, in the office for the for the office personnel and with co-workers with the domestic helpers. Mostly expatriates face their problem because emotionally because of homesickness, missing relatives in the country of origin. Sometimes there are some misunderstanding between fellow workers and household service workers same with this video who fight against her fellow household workers. In this video, they are shouting at each other that the other nationality calling her a bad person. This video did not indicates the root of their fighting but at the start, they are shouting at each other.But the OFW is trying to defend herself by also shouting with another nationality.

There are one fellow household workers in between them try to stop the fighting but the other nationality doesn't stop to shout at the Pinay OFW. Until that the OFW got mad because of accusing her of stealing something. Then the commotion starts that the two different nationalities start to fight by holding the hair of the other nationality tightly hold by Pinay OFW. Thanks to the other fellow household workers that they stop the fighting.

But the Pinay OFW was very mad shouting with bad words to the other nationality. This was some problem and struggles encountered by OFW in the foreign country. Even the language barrier and culture shock since they associate with other nationalities with different language. It is sad that some of the fellow household workers in the video are shouting to intensify the anger of the Pinay OFW. Once you come to the foreign country you must have patience and perseverance and self-control to avoid an incident like this. Because the laws in the Middle East is different compared to the Philippines.

Source: Trending Vidz

Inspiring Message from Ate Nikki "Ate Dub"

Recently Ate Nikki posts a message on the Twitter about her deep and meaning ful message to her younger sister Maine Mendoza.It is now again another message that was posted by Ate Nikki on her Twitter account but this is not the same compared to her previous post.It was a good and inspiring message that shows her kindness on this post' She posted" And indeed it will be so much better if you fill your heart with peace. Bat parang ang bait ko today? Anmeron? this post of Ate Nikki receives a positive reply from AlDub Natio with hashtag #ALDUB79thWeeksary " Spread the LOVE ate niki. Spread the LOVE...

It is better to have positive mindset so all that happens in the day to day life will be positive and happy.It is true that the life will be easy if your heat is full of peace in your heart.Because if the people have peace in their heart any problems she encounters for the whole day will be very easy to solve and find the solution to solve it As replied by AlDub nation with hashtag #ALDUB79thWeeksary Mas magaan ang buhay pag ganun ate Dub hehe."

Even in the business, it will be happy and convenient if everything was okey.And it is true the message of Ate Nikki if it will be applied in our daily life. Life will be better if you fill your heart with peace.It is very inspiring and good vibes this message of Ate Nikki and AlDub Nation is wishing that many messages will be posted by Ate Nikki to inspire the AlDub Nation.

Source: Ron Sagun

Tito Sen Shows his Super Love With Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza!

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza was very much love by AlDub Nation ,her family, co-host in Eat Bulaga and the one that shows much love to the phenomenal love team was Tito Sen.In the recent conversation with the phenomenal star with Tito Sen she explain when the famous British Rock band Coldplay will have a concert in Manila on April 4, 2017, at SM Mall of Asia. Tito Sen asks the phenomenal star where the Coldplay will stay during their concert. Maine jokingly answered Tito Sen that they will stay in their house.Tito Sen jokingly answered Maine Mendoza that he will go early in the morning together with the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards to Maine's hose to severely beat the Coldplay star.

This answer of Tito Sen shows how much he love the phenomenal love team that no other person will be involved in their relationship.But Maine Mendoza request Tito Sen and Alden not to do bad things against the Coldplay.Maine understands that it is the only joke for Tito Sen that he would like to show his much loved to the phenomenal love team. AlDub nation was very happy and enjoy to the reaction of Tito Sen with the Coldplay.

The love of Tito Sen to the phenomenal love team was appreciated by AlDub nation commenting on her social media account saying" kakatuwa si Tito Sen talagang boto kay Alden para kay Maine love nya talaga ang ALDUB thank you Tito Sen for loving Alden and Maine napakasupportive nyo po God bless you and your family." This is how the AlDub Nation appreciates the love of Tito Sen to the phenomenal couple. Tito Sen Thank you very much for the love and support you have given to the phenomenal love team.

Source: Ron Sagun

Ate Nikki Has Caught On Her Camera But There Is Disclaimer! Here's Why?

Recently Ate Nikki posted on her Twitter account a very inspiring message. Another message was posted by Ate Nikki but it is about his life and not about Maine or about AlDub Nation. This is Ate Nikki's tweet" I see you. several times. Already. Hulicam!(Hindi aldub. My life ito hahaha)." This message was immediately clarified by Ate Nikki because she knows that again the bashers and hanash will make negative issues against the phenomenal love team.AlDub Nation understand how the bashers and critics of the phenomenal couple give another color and meaning of every post of Ate Nikki to give negative impact against the phenomenal couple.

It is better that Ate Nikki clarified it immediately and explain on the social media that the message she posts is about her life. Because if she will not explain and clarifies her post again the bashes and critics will link this to the phenomenal love team.They know that the bashers and critics have a colorful mind to write negative write ups against the phenomenal couple if Ate Nikki will not explain and clarifies her message.

This is a rare message from Ate Nikki because her message has disclaimer that the message was not concern about her young sister or with Alden but concerning her own life.It is better that the message of has a disclaimer because every post of the relatives and friends of the phenomenal love team was connected and linked by the bashers and critics.It is a very good tactics of Ate Nikki against the bashers and critics that she is careful because she knows that basher is always looking for mistakes.

Source: Ron Sagun
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