De Lima binataan si Duterte kahit nasa kulungan na

The Lady Sen. Leila De lima is now in jail. As the former Commission On Human rights Chairperson in the arroyo Administration and the former Secretary of Justice in Aquino Administration, Sen. Leila De Lima was visited by the Commission On human rights together with several women's group in Camp crame after one day she was in jail. due to this situation, the security condition in the Camp Crame is very tight strict and they are on full alert including the Philippine National Police Custodial Center where the lady senator was detained. Not everybody can visit the lady senator because they are not allowing the people who are not on the visitor's list, including the media that they cannot come near into the Custodial Center. In the morning many visitors come to the custodial center especially the staff of Sen. Leila De Lima bringing foods and drinks. The condition of the senator is okay and there is no special treatment.

According to the Media Relations Officer of De Lima Mr. Ferdie Maglalang
" Walang aircon, very bare, minimum, basic, there's a bed wala nga ring table." 
But the personal needs of the lady senator is complete because she prepared already when she come home last Thursday before her arrest. The Human Rights Chairperson Chito Gascon visit her and interviewed by the media. Gascon said that
" our concern about the use of power for political reasons, she was expecting worst conditions"
He added that the lady senator say some joke relayed by him saying
" I am not going to be staying here very long so don't have to bring so much food, so she's in very good spirits."

Many women's group supported the lady senator. Even she was detained in Camp Crame she talks by hitting the President in this EDSA people power celebration insinuating
 "Subalit sa kasalukuyan, pilit na sinusubukan ng ilan na palabnawin ang diwa ng EDSA kasabay ng pagsupil sa ating demokrasya. May Pangulo na nagbabantang ibalik ang Martial Law, at lantarang sinusuportahan ang pagpaslang ng libu-libong tao." 
 De Lima added
 " Ang malagim na katotohanan: Sa nakalipas na pitong buwan ng Rehimeng duterte, mas marami nang napatay kumpara sa 14 na taon ng Batas Militar sa ilalim ng Rehimeng Marcos." 
According to the European liberals Group which was together with The Liberal party in a Federation, Hans Van Baalen
 " The Philippines, under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, is turning rapidly into an illiberal state, where there is no respect for the law whatsoever."
According to Markus Lonin
 " Liberals across the world will stand up for Leila De Lima's immediate release." 
 According to the staff of sen. Leila de Lima, the lady senator was visited by Vice President Leni Robredo, Sen. Trillanes, and PNP Chief Renato Dela Rosa.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Ikinagulat ni Maine ang pag-amin niya sa relasyon nila ni Alden

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza was interviewed by the segment host of Star buzz Barbie Forteza. The show was held in Sunshine Park Baguio City starting the official celebration of the Panabenga Festivals in the City of Flowers. There is a saying that fish can be catch through his mouth but for the phenomenal love team, it is by nodding her head.The reaction of Maine Mendoza seems she was innocent of answering the question thrown by the segment host Barbie Forteza. AlDub Nation laughs on the reaction of Maine Mendoza in admitting their relationship status.

The phenomenal star was surprised and innocent of answering the fast question of the segment host of Star Buzz Barbie Forteza.AlDub Nation praise and amazed with the tricks of Barbie Forteza by questioning the phenomenal love team in a fast way of asking the phenomenal love team.

AlDub Nation is expecting to have another interview of the future lawyer of the showbiz Barbie Forteza because of the way she asks the phenomenal love team likes a lawyer. Another AlDub Nation jokingly posted on her Twitter accounts to ask more questions with the phenomenal love team. The reactions of AlDub Nation was amazed and surprised because when the phenomenal star answer the question by nodding her head they shout for the excitement they felt as Maine Mendoza positively answers the question.

Source: Ron Sagun

Reaksyon ng Ama ni Alden sa pagkadulas nina Alden at Maine tungkol sa Baguio

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza was in Baguio City to celebrate the Panagbenga Festival together with the GMA Network celebrities and staff. The Sunday PinaSaya segment Star Buzz was held in Sunshine Park Baguio City that the guests were the phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. The tricks of Barbie Forteza portrays as Krissy makes the phenomenal love team to admits and reveals their true relationship status. This admission of the phenomenal love team will not escape from the eyes and ears of Daddy Bae. As a supportive father in showbiz, he expresses his support for his son Alden Richards through posting his message on his Twitter accounts.

This was his post "May nanalo na!!" In English, there is someone who wins, and that is no other than his loving son the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. The admission of Maine Mendoza with her relationship status with Alden Richards makes the Pambansang Bae be a winner. He wins the heart of the phenomenal star and that is the utmost dreams of the AlDub Nation.

By nodding the head of the phenomenal star on the question of Barbie Forteza as Krissy in the segment Star Buzz Alden Richards is a true winner and captures the heart of the phenomenal star. This admission of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards again rocks the world of the AlDub Nation to experience super kilig moments and good vibes for the whole day. They thank the phenomenal love team for their super revelation of their relationship status.

Source: Ron Sagun

May nangyari kina Maine at Alden na hindi natin alam?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is together for almost two years in the showbiz industry. AlDub Nation is curious about the true status of their relation for almost two years of being a phenomenal love team in the showbiz industry. AlDub nation cannot hide their curiousness by asking questions with the phenomenal love team. The question that was posted by the AlDub Nation went viral on the internet that the questions seem very personal. This is the post of @maichardism
"Barbie: Since two years na kayong mag-on, may nagyari na ba sa inyo...
 A&M; *look at each other na maharot*
 B: Sandali lang!!
 Puso ko"

This question of one AlDub nation makes the majority of them to experience kilig moment and not only them but even the phenomenal love team. As per the post of @rizlagman with hashtag#AldenMaineSaPanagbenga
 "@maichardism kilig na kilig ung dalawa sa tanong na may nangyari na b sa inyong dalawa,haha pati ADN kinikilig."

Another AlDub Nation shared that actions speak louder than voice. It is no need for them to speak because of their action it speaks for itself. Is it a very personal question or something funny events that make the AlDub Nation experience kilig moments? Remembering that Alden Richards told that if ever that he will propose, he wants it privately, like waking up together in the morning. They appreciate the controversial of Barbie only for good vibes because they experience kilig moments because of this seems a very personal question for the phenomenal love team.

Source: Ron Sagun

Reaksyon ng Nanay ni Barbie sa inamin ni Maine tungkol sa kanila ni Alden

The Panagbenga Festival in Baguio city officially starts. the phenomenal love team together with the GMA Networks are together celebrating the Panagbenag Festival. It was a show of Sunday PinaSaya in a segment Starr Buzz that Barbie Forteza as Krissy as about the present status of the relationship of the phenomenal love team. The fast question of the host Krissy portrays by Barbie Forteza makes the phenomenal star to admit their true status of their relationship. These tactics of Barbie Forteza of questioning in a very fast way seems makes the mother of Barbie Forteza be happy and revealing that Barbie seems to be a future lawyer.

This is the post of Amy Forteza on her Twitter accounts
" #DestinedToBeYoursBukasNa ganyan ang magaling na abogado. Pinapaspasan ng tanong para mapaamin Maine Alden and Barbie" 
 AlDub Nation congratulates Barbie Forteza for the good job she has done that makes the phenomenal star for revealing and admits their true relationship status. Through the fast questioning of the future lawyer to be Barbie Forteza, Maine immediately nod her head means yes.

It was a very good trick of Barbie that she made the phenomenal love team to admits their true relationship status by the fast questioning of Barbie Forteza. Even the AlDub Nation was amazed and praised Barbie Forteza for her fast questioning that makes the phenomenal love team to admit and reveals their relationship status. AlDub Nation is now asking the mother of Barbie if she dreams to be a future lawyer someday. Barbie Forteza it was a good job for this day the future lawyer of the showbiz industry.

Source: Ron Sagun

Netizen Uncovered The Man*ac Who Touches His Manhood In Public Passenger Jeepney! Here's What Happen?

Many incidents happen in the public transportation in metro Manila and other parts of the country captured by smartphone camera of a man making pleasure in public. If you are va girl or a woman you maybe experience same as the girl posted this incident on social media Facebook. It is shared to everyone to watch, comment and give an idea about the incident. The Facebook user and concerned netizen named Arisha Gatdula were enraged and posted about this man that seating beside her in a passenger jeep together with the video and photo.

From the video as the camera was focused the guy was in irritated facial expression. If you will focus in his hand it is very obvious that he was touching his manhood and fantasizing the girl beside him which was to be the netizen who posted the video.Gatdula was very angry and made a caption on his post describing what she felt in the incident. Many girls and women concerned netizens shared their experiences and comments about the post that went viral on the internet and social media.

Comment of April Evangelio Penkian who experience public s*xual harrasment
 "Nasa bus dn ako nun ung guy nakatayo tapat sakin estudyante yun kasi naka uniform white and black napapansin ko na parang may tumutusok sa balikat ko dinidikit nya yung ari nya tinatakpan nya ng bag pota hinila ko nga ayun bumaba nextime dala nako gunting tlaga." 
 The technology is now fast advancing and by the help of smartphones camera and vigilant behavior of the netizens, it is impossible to hide the improper behavior of the pervert people.


Kathryn Bernardo And Nadine Lustre Will Be Together For The First Time In One Project!

Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre are always compared in the showbiz industry. The majority of the eyes of the people were on the two famous teen stars of the Kapamilya Network Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre. They were always compared because for the first time they will be together in one project. They both shared their own Valentines Day Celebration. It rounds on the social media the first time together in one project of Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre. The hashtag #changeisbeautiful is the inclusion of all beautiful faces inside and outside the showbiz industry. The big change that noticed is the first time to be together in one endorsement project of Kapamilya famous teen star Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre. They were always compared and pitted in the showbiz industry.

The two famous Kapamilya teen stars would like to have a bonding in spite of their busy schedule.Kathryn added
 " Hopefully magkaroon kami ng campaign together." 
The Jadine Love team has a bonding time for their Japan getaway for their love team anniversary. The Valentines Day celebration of Kathniel love team was bonding with their friends Kathryn added
 " nag-staycation lang noong valentines kasama ang mga kaibigan."

Kathryn reacted about the romantic duet of Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo and Teen King star Daniel Padilla that gets trending on the social media that he was star struck. Because Daniel Padilla likes to be together in one project. Kathryn shared that in the near future that they may have a project with or without her in the project and the teen queen start request to support Daniel Padilla.

James Reid will be the next partner of the pop princess in a duet.Nadine Lustre is nominated for the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards 2017 together with Liza Soberano, Janella Salvador, and Janine Gutierrez. It is an honor to be nominated for that awards Nadine added.If she will win the awards she is grateful to those who vote for her and making a hashtag for her. The Nickelodeon Kid's Choice awards are in March 2017.

Source: ABS-CBN News
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