VIRAL: Lolit Solis nagsalita na tungkol kay Maine

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza has another entertainment reporter that reveals her true good and kind character. It is good to know that a popular and well-known showbiz reporter and talent manager saw the good character of Maine Mendoza. She is the one denying the news that the phenomenal star is rude compared to the other celebrity. The Entertainment host, reporter, and Talent Manager Lolit Solis gives praise and laud to the phenomenal star denying the rudeness of Maine Mendoza. Here is the statement of Lolit Solis
" Gusto ko si Maine-Nagtataka ako sa mga nagsasabi na maldita si Maine yaya Dub. Nung first time ko siya na meet kasama ko Ricky Lo matiyaga siya naghintay dahil na late kami that time kainitan ng love team nila Alden Richards ha. tapos ang dami nagpapapictorial pero hindi siya nagri-reklamo. Very polite siya hindi siya iyon tipo na nagpapa-impress na pa sweet."

The praises and laud of Lolit Solis make the heart of the AlDub Nation to rejoice. Because it is rare to the entertainment host that she praises a young star. This is the true character of Maine Mendoza, she was very natural and persevere to entertain her fans without any complaint heard from her mouth.

AlDub Nation knows very well Lolit Solis because she is frank ad straightforward not a plastic person compare to the other entertainment reporter in the showbiz industry. AlDub Nation is very thankful for all and praises the compliments for the phenomenal star. AlDub Nation is expecting that the entertainment reporter Lolit Solis is not like with other showbiz reporters that after the praises and compliments then after some time they made a negative write-ups against the phenomenal star.

Solenn Heusaff And Nico Bolzico Celebrates Their First Wedding Anniversary By Doing Something 'Passionate'!

It already one year after the freaky celebrity couple had tied the knots and promise a say I do in front of the altar. And it is normal to a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary in their own respective way on how to celebrate it that will be remarkable for both of them. Some couples go to a dinner date where romantic moments will be intimately done for their anniversary. Others are going to a cinema to watch the movies they want that will make their relationship more burning and hot. But this celebrity couple Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico celebrates their wedding anniversary in such a way that makes the netizens and their fans and followers a little bit surprised and amazing. The celebrity couple rises into the popularity of their bizarre character at home and their funny home videos. Whenever Solenn does something a catchy video that will make to be viral in Instagram her sweetheart will surely take the camera to record and instantly when it is uploaded it will make many rounds on the internet.

Most of the time that her husband irritates Solenn by capturing the funny and crazy antics of the s*xy celebrity. The result of this will surely make the French celebrity goes crazy with her husband for not informing her of recording the video. In the previous time, Solenn's husband uploaded a video on their Instagram account, but the different was her husband was included in the video recorded. But instead of irritating his wife, Nico was with his wife and he fell into the trap of his wife and become a victim. The celebrity couple made a decision to make their video recording on their initial anniversary of their wedding.

In the viral video, Solenn appears dancing to the beat of Shakira's song. To be part of the video she includes her husband and seems that forcibly included by her wife to be part of the crazy video dancing. The French girl was very serious regarding her dance moves but her husband was not serious and unaware of the recording of the video.Her naughtiness was displayed when she slowly removed the upper clothes of her husband for a couple of seconds of the music video. The celebrity girl was so gorgeous and hot wearing a one piece swimwear as she dances crazy going around her husband.Is it a hot and remarkable celebration was done by the celebrity couple? What is your ways and means of celebrating your remarkable wedding anniversary that truly heated your intimate relationship with your partner?

VIRAL: Woman Kicks A Kid In The Face and Makes Netizens Mad Regarding The Incident!

Young children need more attention and care because they are sensitive and weak compare to the adults. And because of their weakness, we must be careful regarding the violence that will make them disturbed and really upset. That is the reason why the world consider that violence against children is the most terrible an adult can do and extremely harm the children not only physically but emotionally and mentally. The video shows how a woman did terrible acts against a child that occurred in China. The video begins that the woman in blue jacket hurried towards a restaurant's corner. It sadly appears that she is kicking something behind the table. The shocking truth was revealed that it was a kid that was hiding in the table. The wrongdoings done by the woman violence against the kid resulted in an overwhelming disorder in the venue.

After the unacceptable wrongdoings by the woman of kicking the kid, another concern woman goes hurriedly to the woman who had just kicked the poor kid to make a revenge for him. She went crazy and continuously hit her face. The staff of the restaurant immediately separated the two fighting women and attempting to control the situation. Unfortunately, in spite of their attempt to control, the woman in a blue jacket continuously destroying the place, propel food utensils all over the place and even to the other woman.

The videos garnered mixed reaction and comments and the majority of the netizens enraged with the woman that did the wrongdoings against the young girl.Here is one comment of one enraged netizen

"No violence to perform in front of the kid. The kid is innocent, the woman who beat cannot be forgiven. Kid is always kid. Mother protect their own children is nature reaction one.Just cool down and talk properly. This woman who start the fight is at fault. None reason to excuse her during investigation. Idiot woman.😡" 

This video went viral and had garnered more than 741 thousand views as of writing and 2.1 thousand reactions from the enraged netizen.What is your idea of the consequences to the woman who did this terrible acts against the young girl?


The first ever Teleserye of the phenomenal love team will soon end and it will be another step in their career will be waiting by the AlDub Nation. Normally in the Filipino Teleserye, there are some tragic moments will occur before its ending. And this tragic ending of the Destined To Be Yours was confirmed by Maine Mendoza on her Twitter account
" Your typical Filipino Teleserye won't be complete without a"tragic" scene just before the finale. #DTBYImSerious #wowaangdamingdugo #TRAGIC". 
Even though the ending is very near for the first ever Teleserye of the phenomenal love team AlDub Nation was not satisfied with the overall result of the Destined To Be Yours.

Because they know that the phenomenal love team deserves more and better than they expected. And thy are requesting and expecting that after the end of the Teleserye, the second if there will be a second Teleserye, they want that the APT Entertainment will handle the project because they deserve the best.Even though the AlDub nation has no idea about the ending, they are expecting that it will be a happy ending same like a typical Filipino Teleserye.

And we know that AlDub nation is always with them no matter what happens they will fully support because they will stand and fight for the AlDub Love team.And they witness that the phenomenal star is very good in acting based on this first ever Teleserye of the phenomenal love team. Good luck Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza for the next movie and Teleserye and expecting more and better opportunities for both of you.

VIRAL: Ano nga ba ang nangyari kay Maine at Alden sa loob ng Kotse?

The phenomenal love team has been the hottest love team in the showbiz industry. For almost 2 years being together in the showbiz, they almost capture the heart of every Filipino viewers particularly the teenagers and the middle-aged going to the senior citizen. In their first ever Teleserye Destined To Be Yours even though little time has been remaining until the ending of the soap they still make the AlDub Nation and fans to experience kilig moment in watching. The phenomenal love team in their Teleserye Benjie and Sinag has a plan to escape to fight for their relationship but an unexpected incident occurred.

There is a post of one AlDub Nation @alwaysfaulkrson that makes them think some naughty idea about Benjie and Sinag inside the car
" Kung hindi ko alam kung anong nagaganap, iba iisipin ko dito." 
 The fan will think that there is something happening between the couples if she doesn't watch the recent episode of the Destined To Be Yours. But fortunately she watched the first ever Teleserye of the phenomenal love team and she knows why the photo she posts on her Twitter will make their mind to blow. The photo reveals that Alden Richards is leaning on the chest of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza.

Other AlDub nation teases the Pambansang Bae that he enjoy the accident with the phenomenal star because of the position is taken in the photo. Another fan @susanjhun62 express her kilig moment while seeing the photo
" sa lht ng aksidente ito ang gusto ko." 
Some AlDub Nation @airaron has regrets about their plan of escaping to fight for their love
" Naaksidente habang itinatanan si Sinag. Lol, sa bentana na nga dumaan makapagtanan lng, naaksidente pa! Buhay talaga, oh!#ALDUBxDTBYMarryMe" 

But other doesn't regret on the incident, because of they feel kilig moments that even though the phenomenal couple suffered accident there is still naughty moves and position of the AlDub love team.

Martial Law For 60 Days In The Island Of Mindanao, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte Declares As Announced By Sec. Abella!

The Presidential Spokesman Sec. Ernesto Abella said that President Rodrigo Duterte declared at 10 p.m. Tuesday night Philippine time to have 'Martial Law' in the entire island of Mindanao during the continues fights between the government forces and the rebel terr*rist group Maute in the City of Marawi. Although the President is still in Moscow Russia, he instructed the presidential spokesman to make an announcement for it. The martial law in the region will be in effect for two months or 60 days. Abella told
"What the President has done is only for Mindanao including Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi," 

According to DFA Chief Allan Peter Cayetano, the meeting of President Duterte with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will be deferred and he will depart from Russia at 10 p.m. time in Moscow and return to Manila. And fortunately that their counterpart understands the present situation because of the Marawi Siege.

DFA Chief Peter Cayetano said
"They understand that the President has to return to the Philippines. I will stay behind to sign agreements. The President feels he is needed in Manila ASAP," 
The Defense Secretary gives updates on the clash that 2 soldiers and one police officers di*d in the clash and another 12 others were injured and wounded.Lorenzana stated that
" The whole of Marawi City is blacked out. There is no light and there are Maute snipers all around so the troops are still on holding and several groups of element already joined them from other neighboring units,"

Lorenzana added that there will be additional government forces will be sent to the area. And plenty facilities were on fire such as St. Mary's Church, Marawi City Jail, Ninoy Aquino School and Dansalan College. The Defense chief uttered that
"No civilians are roaming around, they’re all in their houses but there are several houses that were burned surrounding the other facilities that were burned earlier," 

Many Netizens are requesting for prayers for our Muslim and Christian brothers safety and security for this moment of struggles and desolation.

Ama ni Alden, may reaksyon sa ginawa ni Alden kay Maine habang nasa Sunday PinaSaya

The phenomenal love team has almost two years of giving happiness and stress-free day to all AlDub Nation Worldwide. And everyone knows that the number one supporter and fan of Alden Richards is no other than Daddy Bae.The supportive father of Alden Richards is always updated regarding his son and the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza. By showing his support for his son, he always posted some romantic and sweet moments of the phenomenal love team that makes the AlDub Nation truly loves Daddy Bae so much. In the post of Daddy Bae on his Twitter account, he was surprised about the photo of the AlDub love team with a short message of surprised, This is his post
" Ang sabi wacky daw uy!"

He was surprised because he is expecting for a wacky shot, but into his amazement, his son did ninja moves to kissed the phenomenal star in the front of many people. The Pambansang Bae cannot control himself even in the front of fans, supporters and even the crowds to show his affection and love with the phenomenal star. This is the post of one AlDub nation @MsKikay18
" Waaahhh Daddy Bae..sinimsim with matching higop...di nakapagpigil.. may pagsabi pa na " ang bango" adorable..#ALDUBKiligSaSPS"

Is the Pambansang Bae is following the instruction or he was lost with the script. This sweet moment makes the AlDub Nation happy and enjoys the show because when they are together they are naughty. AlDub Nation @CamitanMayeth noticed the ninja moves of Alden Richards and his naughtiness with the phenomenal star
"Ginalingan ni Mr. Faulkerson Jr. Napakaharot. #ALDUBKiligSaSPS" 
Daddy Bae is not only supportive of his son but even to the phenomenal star.

Maine at Alden inilaglag ang sarili sa Sunday PinaSaya

The phenomenal love team captures the heart of the AlDub Nation and supporters because of their wittiness and funny antics that surely make them laugh and enjoy the show. They always make adlib in their script that makes their acts to be funnier so that it will call the attention of the viewers. The phenomenal love team was silenced because of their unexpected revelation which was noticed by the AlDub Nation that they are out of the script and having an adlib to continually entertain the viewers and the crowd. AlDub Nation @kuriring01 
" Di yata to kasama sa script eh Kingina buti na lang binasag ni Wally kundi tameme yung 2 hahaha harot mo kasi Richard. ALDUBKiligSaSPS"

The scene of the phenomenal love team was, the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza took her money from her chest and gave it to Ryza Mae. Then Alden caught what the phenomenal star did and he asked where it came from? The phenomenal star pointed the area where she took the money. It is from her chest where it is the custom of some oldies that they are putting their money in the chest area so that it will not be lost. They were silenced because they realized that their conversation was not in the script because it was not shown in the prompter.

AlDub Nation @chelohdelarosa share the reaction of the phenomenal love team that soon they realize that it was not in the prompter
" @paanomaichard un marealize nila na wala pala sa prompter yun..Hahaha.#ADUBKiligSaSPS" 

The reaction of Alden Richards makes the audience and AlDub Nation to laugh.What is the reason why Alden Richards was surprised where the phenomenal star took the money? Maybe the Pambansang Bae wants to see where Maine Mendoza took the money. Again another naughty move from Alden Richards, but this makes the Pambansang Bae be in shock for a moment. AlDub Nation praises the smartness of the phenomenal love team to have an adlib to make the fans and viewers to laughed and entertained by their funny antics and wittiness.

Jessy Mendiola Answered To The Question That Angel Locsin Deserves To Be A Part Of The FHM Hall of Fame!

In the showbiz is like politics that no one is permanent in this world but changed. Because there is a time when they are the enemy and after some time, it will come out that they are already friends.Showbiz wars and word fight is a normal thing in showbiz and rivalry between the celebrities is very common and natural. Recently the social media and the mainstream media itself flooded about the rivalry of the two famous actresses of the Kapamilya Network which was linked with Luis Manzano. Since they are part of the heart of the Star for All Season Son, their fans and supporters believe that there are some competition and rivalry between the two Hot Kapamilya star and FHM Magazine model Angel Locsin and Jessy Mendiola. Remember that before Jessy Mendiola was the girlfriend of Luis Manzano, Angel Locsin is his lover. And almost the fans of both party were surprised when after the break up of Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin, the present FHM sexiest star Jessy Mendiola reveals that she was dating with Luis Manzano.

And because of this story the supporters of Angel Locsin make-believe that the two hot Kapamilya star was in a rivalry. Because from the recent interviews of Angel Locsin she reveals the alleged unfaithfulness with her is the reason in their break ups.This issues of rivalry between the two circulating in the social and mainstream media for a quiet some time such as their post in Instagram and together with their supporters and fans have some fiery arguments regarding the rivalry.

But everything has an end, and it came from the claiming of Jessy Mendiola regarding Angel Locsin that she deserves to be an FHM Hall of Famer. Based on the online voting initial result Angel Locsin is in second place compared to Jessy Mendiola does not include in the top 10 list.And it came to one netizen a question to Jessy Mendiola of what she thinks regarding her Boyfriends previous lover Angel Locsin for getting the'FHM Hall of Fame" laurel.

Jessy Mendiola replied to the netizens controversial question shocked and surprised her fans and supporters and they did not expect that this was her answer
" ok lang, deserve naman niya yun" 
Until now, Jessy Mendiola has not yet given any statement or post comments and updates on her social media account regarding her answer with the question of the netizen that shocked her fans.And even Angel Locsin has not yet responded about this answer of Jessy Mendiola. What can you say about this surprising answer of Jessy for Angel Locsin's additional laurel? How about you? Is Angel Locsin deserves to have a title of FHM Hall of Famer?

Rams David nagsalita na sa naging Ganap nina Maine at Alden sa Butuan City

The phenomenal love team recently have an out of town show last Friday in Butuan City. It was the Balangay Festival event as the celebration of Butuan city Town Fiesta. It was good to know that the alDub Nation knows the event and it is not a surprised that the phenomenal love team was warmly welcome.Based on the post of Maine Mendoza's talent manager Mr. Rams David the people of Butuan City and the AlDub Nation family were very happy and warmly welcome the presence of the AlDub love team. This is the post of Rams David on his Twitter account
 " Salamat po Butuan City sa Mainit na pagtanggap sa AlDub. #ALDUBsaBalangay" 
The phenomenal love team makes a production number that makes the AlDub Nation and people of the Butuan City to really enjoy their annual city Festivities.

It was a very fortunate day for the city of Butuan that the phenomenal love team presence because many AlDub Nation from the other parts of the country and nearby provinces and cities surely hurried to the area. Even the busy and hectic schedule they made it be present in the city festivities and many AlDub Nation expresses their message that someday the phenomenal love team will come to their cities and provinces.

The AlDub Nation thanking the Manager of Maine Mendoza for taking care of them and makes the career of the phenomenal star to still shine and continuously rise to fame.The AlDub Nation was very active on that day because they take a photo of the phenomenal love team at the airport of Butuan City to inform other fans that the AlDub love team was presently in Butuan City to give them happiness and enjoy the annual celebration of Balangay Festival. The AlDub Nation is always welcome to the people of Butuan City, particularly with the AlDub Nation Family. Thanks, AlDub Nation for your utmost support to the phenomenal love team wherever they have an out of town show.

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