Daniel Padilla Allegedly Exclaimed At Die-Hard Fan Who Is Wishing To Have Picture Taking With Him "Hoy Malalaglag Kami! Ano Ba?”

The Teen King and Teen Queen Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo was widely known as KathNiel Love team have numerous fans all over the country who are crazy and die hard supporters. Every time they have shows and events such as concert and Meet and greet the crowd is going crazy with them because of the excitement they feel when they met them.

The famous love team always trying their best to accommodate all their fans and supporters. On the other hand, one of their die-hard supporters allegedly claimed that the Teen King Daniel Padilla is not a kind person for the reason that he supposedly exclaimed at him at the time of the event.

In a long message posted on his Facebook account named Chichay Reyes posted how Teen King actor responded at him when he requested the actor for a picture taking.

Based on the post of Reyes, he went to the grand opening of "District 8 Restaurant" at Greenhills wherein the actor is one of the co-proprietor together with other known celebrities.

Because of his eagerness of looking and chasing for his admired actor, he concluded to wait for him on the staircase since it is the only way they will pass by. In the end, the famous KathNiel love team were on their way going down the stairs and were greeted by a loud scream and shout of the fans who like to see the two celebrities.

As being told by Reyes he was waiting for his idols by the staircase and when he has the opportunity, and grab it and requested the Teen actor for a picture taking.

On the other hand, the celebrity love team Daniel and Kathryn were on their way going down the staircase and that is the reason why they were not able to give a chance for his request.

As a matter of fact, Chichay Reyes said that Daniel exclaimed at him . Until this moment his Facebook account is not already active.

For the moment, the Teen King and Queen fans defended Daniel and told Chichay that making controversial on the issue because in the post on his Facebook account that he clearly mentioned
"Hoy! Malalaglag kami ano ba?!". 
But when the fans played the video they did not hear a word saying Hoy! in the video but "Mam". Various mixed reactions flooded the social media because of the post of Chichay Reyes.

Kindly watch the video and you can clearly hear that Daniel Padilla doesn't say "Hoy" but rather "Mam" respecting the person.

What can you say about the issues and controversy throw by the alleged die hard fans of Daniel Padilla? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions regarding the incident.

Alden Richards hindi pinaligtas si Rocco Nacino

The Pambansang Bae Alden Richards is unstoppable of soaring his career. Although his fame is enormous, he remains humble and kind to his fans and particularly with his celebrity friends in the showbiz industry. As showing to his good friend Roco Nacino he invites everyone to support and watch the present movie of his best buddy without hesitation.

The movie of his friend titled "Bar Boys" is now showing in all SM Cinema outlets. Roco Nacino thanks for the help and support made by Alden Richards and he posted it on his Twitter account as a message of gratitude to him.

Here is the tweet of Roco Nacino
" Love u bro @aldenrichards02 thanks for the love #barboys now showing!! #PistaNgPelikulangPilipino watch now!"

It is a good thing to have a friend like Alden Richards, because of his humility and down to earth attitude and of being supportive to his friend.

And that is the reason why he is blessed and very famous because of his humility and down to earth character that is very rare in the showbiz industry.

AlDub Nation @itsmeprendi praised and commendation for the good character of Alden Richards
" Kaya siya blessed at super sikat pero super humble and down to earth pa rin". 
AlDub Nation family appreciates the kindness and humility of Alden Richards and they wish that they should imitate the kindness of the Pambansang Bae.

AlDub nation @victoriaamago05 wishes that they should imitate his good character
" Sana tularan mo si Alden, mabait kahit tinatraidor"

Not only Roco Nacino is grateful with Alden Richards. Aldub Nation family and other fans thanking him for what he has done to Roco Nacino because of promoting the present movie of his friend without hesitation and he doesn't consider it as a competitor in the showbiz industry.

AlDub Nation hermiesantos10 thanks the Pambansang Bae
" Thanks Alden for promoting..Youre such a good friend to Rocco..Your both my idol.." 

It is good to know that there is someone like Alden Richards that showing a support and kindness to his co-celebrity in the entertainment industry.

Did You Know Her Attitude On How Heart Evangelista Treats Her Housemaids Inside Her House?

There are some people particularly celebrities and well to do family amazed us when we found out that they are humble and a low profile person particularly when they are our favorite celebrities. We are amazed and shocked because of some of the celebrities particularly the newbies are arrogance and very high profile.

Previously, a video clip of Heart Evangelista became the talk of the town and call the attention of netizen. The people who watched the video clip were amazed by Heart Evangelista because she joined working with her house maid.

The famous celebrities are very humble and she even jests and having fun with them about their love life.

The video clip was shared and uploaded by one YouTube channel " StarBitesPh" and garnered whopping numbers of views reaching to almost 400,000.

The video clip is definitely the collection of the numerous videos of Heart Evangelista that were posted on her personal social media accounts. In the initial scene of the video, the two household helpers welcome.

They are both smiling as the actress could be heard talking in the background saying

" Lisa, may boyfriend ka na?" 
The one house hold helpers Lisa responded with laughter.
" Wala po" 
 Heart again asked her household helper and said
" Magkaka-boyfriend ka ba?"
 Again Lisa smiles and together they laugh and have fun. Again another scene of the video clip with other household helpers preparing a meal in the kitchen.

The helper is happy and smiling while Heart is recording the video of them. She continues filming her household helper as she introduces her

"Hindi ako fabulous na fabulous magluto, ito ang ating mga kusinera in the house!" 
She asked the helpers what she prepared for the dinner. And the helper answered with a smile saying
The actress surprisingly responded
"Wow! Shrimp tempura!" 

It proves that the down to earth actress was amazed by her talent. What can you say about Heart Evangelista in treating her household helpers?

Are you surprise and amazed with her low profile attitude with her household helpers? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions with us.

Maine Mendoza hindi binigo ang lolo na umamin sa kanya

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza has successfully finished the grand opening of her Fast Food Franchise business together with her family. Upon opening of the Sta. Clara McDonald's branch, many AlDub Nation in different walks of life visited and witnessed the grand opening that shows how the AlDub nation loves her very much.

One of the visitor of Maine Mendoza is a senior citizen confessed that the phenomenal star makes him strong upon seeing Yaya Dub.

It is his opportunity to see personally the Maine Mendoza in the grand opening of her fast food franchise business and the phenomenal star fulfilled his wish to see her personally.

In one of the posts of AlDub Nation lea_m0520 commented
 " Si Lolo Sobrang love nia si madam nakakapagwala daw ng sakit na nararamdaman nia.. lumapit sia kay Nanay Dub at pinagbigyan sia na maka selfie kay Maine.. si tatay Dub ang nag assist sa kanila kaya happy na si lolo.  #McDoStaClara #LoveKoTo" 

Many people truly love the phenomenal star, it is a unique fandom that even senior citizens or the elderly really admire the phenomenal star.

It was also witnessed by one AlDub nation @hye-jen when she watched the phenomenal love team first movie ' Imagine You And Me'. Here is her post
 " Marami talagang nagmamahal sa aldub na mga seniors. Last yr nung umuwi ako nanood ako ng IYAM. Karamihan sa nanood mga seniors"

AlDub Nation compared the phenomenal star to a medicine. She serves as the medicine for the elderly and stress reliever for the hard working middle ages.

Even AlDub nation realizes how Maine Mendoza was much loved by the elderly and serves as a medicine to them.

Thank you very much, Mendoza family for sharing with us your daughter Maine Mendoza she makes us happy and serves as medicine and stress reliever for the whole AlDub Nation.

More power and blessings to come.
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