Famous Pinay Celebrities Who Has High Educational Attainment And Honors

Many celebrities in the showbiz industry who were famous captures the heart of the public because of their looks and beauties and their acting talents. But there are some celebrities not only looks, beauties and acting talents they have but they excel in their academic subject and filed of courses they choose. Here are the celebrities that have talent, skills, brain and excel in their academics.

1. Lea Salonga- the famous lead star of Miss Saigon as Kim, and graduated in High School as the class Valedictorian, and took Music courses at the University of the Philippines.

2. Melanie Marquez- the former beauty Queen and Miss International. She took up Business Administration at the International Academy of Management and Economics and graduated Cum Laude.

3. Giselle Sanchez- she was a comedienne and actress and always s*xy in appearances. She took up Broadcast Communication at the University of the Philippines Diliman and Graduated as Magna Cum Laude.

4. Agot Isidro- an actress and recording personality. She took up Interior Design at the University of the Philippines and later took up Fashion Buying and Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and graduated Magna Cum Laude. And also Masters Degree in Communication

5. Carla Abellana- she took up BA Psychology in Dela Salle University and graduated Cum Laude.

6. Maricar Reyes- she was famous for her acting performance in the Kapamilya Teleserye. She was excellent in academics and finished a Degree in BS Biology in The Ateneo De Manila University and Studied Medicine at the University of Sto. Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. She passed the Medical Licensure exam last 2008.

What can you say about these celebrities who have beauty and brains which are far different from other celebrities in the showbiz industry? Did you know another celebrity that has high educational attainment and honors in their college days? Kindly share your thought, ideas, and comments regarding these smart celebrities.

Famous Pinay Celebrities Who Has Not Undergone Cosmetic Surgeries Until Now

Celebrities always assure themselves of being pretty enough to capture the attention of the people and the viewers. Many celebrities to maintain and enhance their physical features often engage in plastic and cosmetic surgery because it is the best and fastest way to enhance and maintain their beauty and physical features. But not all the celebrities we have seen in the television and silver screen engage in this but there are few that have natural beauty and still captures the heart of the people and public. Here are some celebrities that have not undergone and engage in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. 

 1. Marian Rivera- the Kapuso Primetime Queen and the wife of Dingdong Dantes has not yet undergone cosmetic surgeries and other physical enhancement.

 2. Maine Mendoza- the Dub smashed Queen of the Philippines and the Yaya Dub of the Kalye Serye is all natural beauty and does not engage in cosmetic surgery.

 3. Julia Barretto- the young teen star of the Barretto clan, the daughter of comedy actor Dennis Padilla has not yet undergone cosmetic surgery and physical enhancement.

4. Kristine Hermosa- the wife of Oyo Boy Sotto, one of the leading stars of the Kapamilya Teeserye maintain her beauty without the cosmetic surgery and physical enhancement was done to her.

 5. Kathryn Bernardo- the former child star of Going Bulilit and the partner of Daniel Padilla in the famous love team KathNiel maintain her beauty without undergoing cosmetic surgery and body enhancement.

 6. Anne Curtis- the famous lead host of the Kapamilya noontime show " It's Showtime", actress and commercial model until now remains beautiful without undergoing any physical enhancement and cosmetic surgery.

 7. Liza Soberano- the 2016 second most beautiful face in the world and the partner of Enrique Gil in the love team LizQuen displays her natural beauty and has not undergone cosmetic surgery and physical enhancement.

 8. Jessy Mendiola- the 2016 FHM s*xiest, actress and the present girlfriend of Luis Manzano has not undergone cosmetic surgery and physical enhancement.

9. Maja Salvador- the lead star of the Kapamilya Teleserye " Wildflower" and dubbed as the dance Princess resembles the natural beauty of a woman and has not undergone physical enhancement and cosmetic surgery.

 10. Ellen Adarna- the daughter of the Queensland hotel, an actress, and model. Although she has a perfect slim body until now she doesn't engage in cosmetic surgery and body enhancement.

 11. Angelica Panganiban- the actress-comedienne of the Banana Sundae of the Kapamilya Network has not yet experienced cosmetic surgery and body enhancement.

 12. Coleen Garcia- an actress and model and the present girlfriend of Billy Crawford has not undergone body enhancement and cosmetic surgery.

 13. KC Concepcion- the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion, an actress and commercial models resembles the face of her father has until now doesn't engage in body enhancement and cosmetic surgery.

 What can you say about these few celebrities that do not engage until now in body enhancement and plastic surgery? Did you know other celebrities that have natural beauties and until now does not engage in the physical enhancement and cosmetic surgeries? Kindly share your comments and thoughts regarding these celebrities with natural beauty.

Direk Mike, NAGSALITA NA sa pagkakasungkit ng IYAM nina Alden at Maine ng walong nominations sa PMPC

The phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza has gone too far of their career. For two years of being a love team, their fame and popularity are unstoppable. They are now preparing for the second movie that will again make the AlDub Nation experience kilig moments. And because the second movie of the phenomenal love team is in progress.

A good news was revealed by Direk Mike regarding their first movie that everybody will be happy. Direk Mike is proud to reveal and inform the whole AlDub Nation for the 8 nominations receive by the first movie of the phenomenal love team " Imagine You And Me". Based on the post of Direk Mike on his Twitter account
" Congratulations Team Imagine You & Me for the 8 nominations in the PMPC Star Awards!!! We're so honored! Maraming salamat sa PMPC!"

It is an honor not only to the Team Imagine You And Me but also to the phenomenal love team and the whole AlDub Nation family. And because of this good news, the AlDub Nation is more excited for the next upcoming movie of the AlDub love team and they are waiting for the shooting of the second movie of the phenomenal love team. The AlDub Nation family is wishing to win all the nomination. This is the wish of AlDub Nation @eniammac
"Congrats Team IYAM. Nakakaproud. Sana manalo lahat po ng nominations direk #ALDUBMayUyab"

For the AlDub Nation, it is not a surprise to win awards because even though it is a simple story but very relatable and very well executed by all the stars involved. This is the post of AlDub Nation @marlenemanko expecting that the initial movie of the phenomenal couple will receive many awards.It is an initial success for the AlDub love team because this is their first movie but it has 8 nominations and expecting many awards will be received by the IYAM Team. AlDub Nation congratulated the IYAM team and they are looking forward to the next movie.

May inalala si Alden Richards at naging emosyonal

It was the Almighty God that gives the destiny to his creation. This is what the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards realize that he was destined together with the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza in Eat Bulaga. They were both unsuccessful in the audition of the reality show of the Kapamilya Network Pinoy Big Brother. And it was a blessing in disguise because their failure in the Kapamilya network is their success in the Kapuso network as well. The Pambansang Bae Alden Richards was being emotional when he remembers his previous audition in the Pinoy Big Brother of the Kapamilya Network. He was so emotional and remember when he was facing financial instability in his life, the time when he was in an audition with the Kapamilya Network Reality Show. This is his message and remembered emotionally
" Nung nag-audition ako sa isang reality show na hindinaman ako tinanggap; syempre masama yung loob ko. Yung time na gipit na gipit ako, aside from exposure, may laman na naman yung busa ko pang sustento.Akala ko pagalis ko dito (EB), wala na akong babalikan. Then, paguwi ko, tinawagan ako, balik daw ako. ang dami kong nadiskubre sa sarili ko na di ko alam na kaya ko palang gawin."

Many AlDub Nation is thankful that the Pambansang Bae and the phenomenal star were being closed with the Dabarkads and particularly with the three lead host and patriarch of the noontime show Eat Bulaga Tito, Vic, and Joey. We know that many celebrities want to be closed with the three patriarchs of Eat Bulaga but the Pambansang bae and phenomenal star are lucky that they were very close with them.

AlDub Nation @CContante posted on his Twitter account of being a super close of the three patriarchs with Alden And Maine
" Ang daming mga nasa showbiz ang gustong makasama or mapalapit man lang sa tatlong yan pro c RJ ang nabigyan ng chance at naging super close pa."

Alden Richards is very thankful with Eat Bulaga and also with Maine Mendoza. The destiny that put together the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and Phenomenal star Maine Mendoza according to the reply of @sanara_nini
" Tadhana talaga nglapit s dlawa s pamamagitan ng EB kc c Maine d rin natanggap s kbila! Cguro nanghihinayang cla!takot s AlDub #ALDUBMagUyab" 

The phenomenal love team was destined to become the famous love team of the showbiz industry. Because they bought a failure in the rival network but a success in the Kapuso network. It is the Almighty that makes them be 'Destined To Be Yours'.

Ahron Villena Directly Message Cacai Bautista Regarding Her Statement: "Ako Ang Alam Ko Never Naging Tayo."

The entertainment and showbiz world is full of controversies and issues. There are times that a celebrity is denying or telling the truth. But in this incident, a celebrity named Ahron Villena straight forwardly gives a message to the actress comedienne regarding the alleged past relationship with Cacai Bautista. Ahron Villena directly message Cacai Bautista regarding her previous statement saying
 " Bakit, ano ba ang alam mo sa pagkatao ko? Naging tayo ba?" 
Ahron Villena reacts on the recent statement of Cacai Bautista indicating that they had a romantic relationship. Contrary to the expectation of the people that it will send positive reactions from Ahron Villena regarding the statement of Cacai Bautista.

Based on the press conference of the upcoming Comedy concert of Cacai Bautista titled " Live, Love, Laugh" last July 20, she shared about their meet up and conversation with each other.

Cacai was asked if Ahron Villena introduced another special someone when they met each other again. And Cacai answered the question
 "Sinagot ko na ‘yan dati. Alam ko naman yun, and accepted ko naman kung ano man siya" 

But Ahron Villena reacts negatively to the statement of Cacai Bautista which is his close friend before.

There is one statement posted by the actor on his Twitter account last July 20 and with a caption attached to his statement
 "There are always two sides to every story." 

 This is the strong reaction of Ahron Villena on his Twitter account and he said
 "Tangap mo kung ano ako? Saan galing un? "Bakit Ano ba ang alam mo sa pagkatao ko? "Naging tayo ba? "Ako ang alam ko NEVER naging tayo. "Nanahimik ako kasi marunong akong rumespeto sa Babae."

At the end of the statement, he defends saying that he has the right to defend himself. What can you say about this issue? Is Cacai Bautista was telling the truth that they have past relationship? If it is true why Ahron Villena reacted negatively and defend himself regarding the statement of Cacai Bautista?

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