EYE WITNESS, ikinuwento ang totoong nangyari kina Alden & Maine Mendoza before & after ng EB

Sometimes there is some story that was fabricated by other people particularly pertaining to celebrities and their fans. In relation to this, an eyewitness shared the true story of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza before and after the noon time show Eat Bulaga. It is the firsthand story so that it will be an issue for the phenomenal couple.

Their avid fan AlDub nation @iambc started sharing the actual story of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza in Eat Bulaga. Here is the post of AlDub nation @iambc
 " Happy on our experience today. Here is our story, para walang gumawa ng sarili nlang kwentong wattpad". 
The AlDub nation @iambmc explained how she met the phenomenal love team before and after the Kapuso noontime show Eat Bulaga. This is the beginning of her story meeting in MADOCS and eats breakfast in Pancake House then go to Barangay. When they come to the Barangay the phenomenal star.

Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros were in holding area. They have some short conversation and picture taking with them.When they go outside the holding area, Alden is coming and have some greetings with the Pambansang Bae.

They stay beside the house in the holding area since it was the family friend of @dra_oraa which is the owner of the house. After the Sugod Bahay, they return to the holding area for the Tita which is the family friend of Dra. when they return, the phenomenal love team was on the table.

Maine is talking with DP on her right and on her left is Alden. Maine Mendoza is talking with DP regarding the next location and eating his lunch.

Then Titas have some initial picture with the AlDub love team because it is her first time to see the phenomenal love team.The phenomenal couple is sitting beside each other.

AlDub Nation clarifies things regarding the situation so that there will be no issue for the sake of the phenomenal love team.
"1. never kaming pinagdabugan ni Maine   
2. wala kaming pinalipat   
3. Wala Titas nagsabi nun kung meron tukuyin" 
When they go outside, the first who talked was me and I am looking for Dra. and Tito Roni said she was talking with Mama Ten. This is the whole story to clarify the Aldub Nation which is a good thing so that there will be no issue with the phenomenal love team.

The eye witness explains the whole story because some people are trying to discredit and may be there are some people will believe the false story against the phenomenal love team. Aldub Nation is very thankful to the Titas that share the real story and the truth. Happy 25th-Anniversary Aldub love team.

Daniel Padilla And Paul Salas Have Twitter War That Makes Them Talk Of The Town

The showbiz world is full of issues and controversies that always been in the watched of public viewers. Presently Daniel Padilla and Paul Salas are now the talk of the town and become trending in the Twitter world after a screen shot from a netizen wherein that Paul Salas commenting regarding the Daniel Padilla and JC De Vera incident in the Star Magic All Star Game that went viral.

Paul Salas made his comment that makes Daniel Padilla defend himself. This the comment of Paul Salas regarding the viral video posted by netizen
"hahahahaha curry na curry ba" 
Some of the friends of Paul Salas also commented on the viral video. Shaun Rain commented

"Sensitive much" 

"Naglalaro pala dyan si Pareng Tomas eh este ejay falcon pala hahahahaha"

The tweet was noticed by Daniel Padilla's friends and that is the beginning that the group of Paul Salas was challenged by Daniel Padilla's group. Marco Gumabao responded and tweeted this to challenge Paul Salas group
" Hahahahaha ano to game naman ako 5 on 5. ikaw ba bro @patsugui? Kayo @PaulAndreSalas?" 
Another Daniel Padilla's friend Anjo Damiles also reacted and saying that he will join the group against Paul Salas group
" Sobra naman yon @marcogumabao @patsugui" "@marcogumabao @patsugui sali ako pwede?"

Patrick Louie Sugui also reacted and tweeted that makes Daniel Padilla ask his friend if they are serious about it
" Tara. Pinabook ko na Oracle arena"
 Daniel Padilla asked his group if they are serious about it

" Seryoso ba tong mga to tol?" 
The reactions of netizens become intense when Daniel Padilla asked Paul Salas what will be his answer regarding the challenge of his group
" @PaulAndreSalas ano? Sagot." 
Paul Salas responded to Daniel Padilla that they are ready for the challenge and the basketball court is now on schedule
" G pa sched na kami ng court"

In addition to the Twitter conversation, the love team partner of Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo joined the conversation during the challenge request of each group tweeted a GIF photo of Stephen Curry to support Daniel Padilla. And even Barbie Imperial shows support to Paul Salas. Barbie Imperial tweeted her support posting
" good times or bad times, I got his back, even if you bash me, I just wanna show you guys that bad comments won't stop me, I know him 100." 

What can you say about this tweeter war and the challenges the group has offered? Are you with Daniel Padilla or with Paul Salas? Kindly share your thoughts and comments regarding this Twitter war of this Teen Celebrities Group.

Kapatid ni Alden Richards na si Riza, may daing tungkol sa text

The Pambansang Bae Alden Richards of being a celebrity is very busy on his schedules and daily activities and it is not surprising that he only reply to the text message with a very short answer. Maybe because of their hectic schedule and loaded schedules they seem that every minute is very important and nothing to waste to fulfill their daily task.

Although they are busy they are trying to answer from any text coming from the important people of their life particularly with the family members even in a short message.

The important is that they reply and has been connected with their family members even for s short period of time.The younger sister of Alden Richards Riza reacts and complains regarding the short message reply of the Pambansamng bae and Daddy Bae as well.

Here is the post of Riza regarding the short message reply of Alden and Daddy Bae
" bat ang tipid magreply ng magulang/kapatid sa text? minsan emoji pa.    san ka?    ok    yes    hindi    sige"

Many Aldub Nation responses to the post of Riza and they understand her situation because they experience what with the younger sister of Alden Richards felt.

They have comforted and explain to Riza why this happens, the important is that they are always connected with each other as family.

Here is one of the explanations of Aldub nation @BaebyCharMaine
" Okay lang yan Bessy. Kapag nag asawa na mga kuya mo, mahaba na reply nyan. e.g. Kuya RJ: asan ka? Alagaan mo muna si Baby Charmaine"

The important is not the long reply but they are always keeping in touch. The essence is the interaction personally without cell phone behind heart to heart talk.

Other Aldub Nation explains the situation of Alden Richards why his reply is very short. AlDub Nation @Mole2Zebra3 explain to Riza regarding Alden's situation
" hugs and kisses to you Bibi girl. Pagpasensiyahan mo na Kuya mo baka nasa shoot nung nag text ka I'm sure babawi yun sa iyo" 
Thanks for the Aldub nation for explaining the situation of the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards regarding his short message reply with his younger sister Riza.

Famous Pinoy Celebrities Who Became Arrogant And Boastful Because Of Their Popularity And Success

The majority of the celebrities came from a poor family before they reach their dream and financially stable and in the peak of their career. But not all celebrities that come from rags to riches are humble but some of them become arrogant and boastful because of their popularity and success in their career.

We are not expecting that although they are in an entertainment and showbiz world they are perfect but at least they maybe a role model to the public because they are considered to be a public figure and most admired by the people.

Here are the celebrities that become arrogant and boastful because of their success and popularity in their career.

1. Rosanna Roces-a Filipina actress and also known as Osang. She was popular in the early 90's and become a contract star of Seiko Films from 1994 to 1996.

2. Iwa Moto- a Filipina actress, model and reality Television personality. She was the first runner-up in the third Season of StarStruck of the Kapuso Network.

3. G. Toengi- a Filipino American actress, dancer, singer, host, Video jockey, and model.

4. Eugene Domingo- a Filipino film and theater actress, a comedian and host. She was awarded on her first 'Best Supporting Actress" in the movie Bahay Kubo and her most successful movie was Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank.

5. Toni Gonzaga-is a Filipino singer, television host, and actress. presently she has a comedy sitcom in Kapamilya Network alongside with John Lloyd Cruz titled " Home Sweetie Home".

6. Cristine Reyes-is a Filipina actress and became a contestant of the Kapuso network Reality show StarStruck.

7. Ethel Booba-is a Filipino television personality, author, and a comedian. She also worked in the music industry.

8. Joey Deleon- a Spanish-Filipino comedian, actor and television presenter. He is presently known as the Henyo Master of Eat Bulaga and Main Host of the Kapuso noon time show.

9. Richard Gomez- a Filipino actor, model, athlete, television presenter and presently a politician and currently the Mayor of Ormoc City.

10. Xian Lim- an American born Filipino actor, model, and singer. He was famous for his character role of Andy in the Kapamilya Teleserye ' My Binondo Girl".

11. Claudine Barretto- a member of the Barretto clan in the showbiz industry. She is an actress, entrepreneur and a product endorser. Her last movie appearance was from Star Cinema Movie titled " Etiquette for Mistress".

12. Erich Gonzales- a Filipina actress and a contract artist of Kapamilya Network Star Magic. She begins her showbiz career joining the reality show Star Circle Quest and became popular when she starred the Kapamilya Teleserye " Katorse".

13. Kris Aquino-is a Filipino actress, famous talk show host. producer product endorser. She was widely known as the Queen of All media and the younger sister of the former president Benigno Aquino III.

14. Regine Velasquez- a Filipino singer, actress, television presenter and record producer. She is widely known as the ' Asia's song Bird'.

15. Marian Rivera- a Spanish Filipino actress, commercial model and the Kapuso network primetime queen and best known for her role in Marimar.

16. Anne Curtis-a Filipino Australian actress, television host of popular noon time show, recording artist, and video jockey.

17. Kim Chiu- is a Filipina actress and model. She was dubbed as the Chinita Princess of the showbiz industry. She was the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Grand winner.

18. Charice Pempengco- also known as Jake Zyrus, a Filipino singer and one of the YouTube sensation that makes her rose to fame.She was dubbed as "the most talented girl in the world".

19. Willie Revillame-a Filipino television host, singer, musician songwriter, businessman, and actor-comedian. Presently the main host of the Kapuso Game Show Wowowin.

20. Vice Ganda- a Filipino actor-comedian, television presenter, fashion icon and recording artist. Dubbed as the Unkabogable star and the lead host of the Kapamilya noontime show " It's Showtime".

What can you say about these celebrities.? Have you experience their arrogance and boastfulness when you met them personally. Kindly share your thoughts and opinions with us.
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