Alden at Maine, may Ibinunyag si Leysam tungkol sa Samahan nila

Sometimes most of the people didn't believed in this kind of saying that when two people are together every moment becomes so magical. Just like in this tweet of the one of the fans of Alden and Maine  with a captioned of "I couldn't resist, I had to ask my friend." and a captioned of when Maine and Alden are together they are magic" with a hashtag of ALDUBMagkapiling.

But now, for sure most of the people now believe, because it is true and all the ALDUB Nation agreed to it also because of the retweet of the one of the fans of ALDUB saying that all the saying about Maine and Alden is all true that they were both so simple and they both act like a normal,  People because when Maine and Alden is in Bayanihan in Eat Bulaga they reach themselves to  all the  people in the baranggay they didn't treat negatively all the people in baranggay, Maine and Alden treat all the people in baranggay positively.

In another retweet of the one of the fans of ALDUB they say that Maine and Alden is not only a love team who loved by the ALDUB Nation but Alden and Maine is a real persons because they were both true to themselves they were both who they are no plasticity involved.

Source: Ron Sagun
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