Alden at Maine, nag-trending ang eksenang kissing scene

The sweet love story of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards start to boost again because they were moving to the next chapter of their love story.

This very sweet chapter of Maine and Alden love story start on their wedding day in the noon time segment of Eat Bulaga entitled Kalye Serye.

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards kissing scene on their wedding day is so sweet, passionate, and with love. As people see they look like they were really inloved to each other. On that scene of their wedding day in Kalye Serye, Maine Mendoza automatically gently touch the shoulder of Alden Richards while they were kissing and that's literally sweet.

The ALDUB Nations automatically react to that intense kissing scene of Alden and Maine on their wedding day in Kalye Serye. The ALDUB Nations post a status on twitter regarding to that scene, and they post that they can't move on that fast because of that scene with a hashtag of ALDUBTPAnniversary.

Obviously, most of the netizens and especially the ALDUB Nations are all happy for Maine and Alden. Keep it up for Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards! More love to come!

Source: Ron Sagun

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