Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza nakatanggap ng mensahe kay Ninang Dub

Ninang Dub has a letter to her inaanak  Alden & Maine on their wedding.
She read the letter in front of her inaanak because she did not attend the wedding in Kalye Serye and she wrote it last year after of the show Tamang Panahon. As she told infront of Alden & Maine as the celebration of the first anniversary of the Tamang Panahon it is the right time for the letter to be read to her Inaanak. The letter was.

" Dear RJ and Maine,                                                           Nov. 26, 2015
  Do you two believe in destiny, do you believe in dreams coming true sa tamang panahon. I like to share with you a love story the story of Julius and Tintin.
Araw araw kami magkasama sa TV just like you nakita ng mga viewers ang chemistry naming dalawa just like you. Nagsimula sa tuksuhan nauwi sa totohanan.
Maine and RJ I am a hopeless romantic grabe. I love seeing a boy and a girl being paired together. I get so kilig and I only wish that they end up together in real life. just like me and Julius happily married for 12 years now.
 I've seen many love teams in my career but yours is different. Its not only phenomenal, its magical.

As the crowd hears the letter of Ninang Dub they are very happy and shouting for joy that the wedding in Kalye Serye was fulfilled after 1 year and Tamang Panahon is now Tamang Panahon talaga.
Source: Ron Sagun
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