Alden Richards nag Paramdam kay Maine Mendoza

Alden Richard get the attention of Maine Mendoza and the ALDUB Nations, Surely most of the people will be shocked for seeing the post of Alden Richards in twitter and Instagram. Alden Richard tweet a status on tweeter saying that "if its meant to be, it will find its way". And post a super sweet photo of him and Maine Mendoza on Instagram with a caption of "if its meant to be, it will find its way" also.

And this post of Alden Richards on his twitter and Instagram earned a lots of comments from the netizens and especially from the ALDUB Nations, If only Alden Richards knew that all their fans of Maine Mendoza which is the ALDUB Nations wants to collapse right now because of his post in social media.

The ALDUB Nations are getting wild right now because of the excitement and happiness for Maine and Alden.

Source: Ron Sagun
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