Alden's Rumored Girlfriend ginagawan ng Issue

Who's GN in the life of Alden Richards? Alden Richards was bashed by the Netizens and the ALDUB Nations for going to japan. Because there was a rumored  that Alden Richards have a rumored girlfriend in japan named GN.There was a person who post a status on twitter saying that Alden Richard will do everything for money and what's maine mendoza motivation to that?

Alden Richards was forcedly linked by GN. The big question is WHO IS GN IN THE LIFE OF ALDEN RICHARD?Mr. Liam asked alden richard if his trip in japan is coincidence or he really meant it to see his rumored girlfriend named GN.

There's a lot of issues coming through the life of Alden Richards. But isn't true that Alden Richard go to japan  for work?

Source: Ron Sagun
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