Ama ni Alden Richards may importanteng mensahe para sa AlDub Nation

Daddy Bae is always witty and have a sense of humor, as he tweets on the wedding day of Aldub in  Kalye Serye "Umabot pa ako  kararating lang galing  Batangas! Ano na po ganap".

 If we read his second tweets on the wedding you can laugh out loud  as he tweets" magulat kayo pag ang isasagot! lol!" as we expect in every weddings the bride & groom will say "I DO".

He is always game with the Aldub nation and they like the funny and witty character of Daddy Bae.
The ADN reacts that daddy bae was so funny and they appreciate his good relationships with Aldub nation and fanatics.

Source: Ron Sagun
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