Ate ni Maine Mendoza naging emosyonal bago ikasal

Ate niki is always supportive with Maine Mendoza as we can se her emotions on the wedding she tweets that she is so excited for the wedding of his younger sister" bat sobrang excited ko ???".

On the day of wedding she prepares very early as we can see the excitement of Ate niki on that special day of her sister she tweets" ready na kami!!! si matti din !! Leggo na !!"

Ate niki was very supportive to her sister maine as a show of support she tweets again showing her excitement and utmost support that on the place of wedding she arrives early with a tweets" Where na u dito na us! Egzoyted na meeee".

Overflowing joy and emotions filled the crowd with tears even before the start of the wedding

Source: Ron Sagun
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