Eat Bulaga sumagot na sa Hiling ng AlDub Nation

If people will only examine all the tweets of Eat Bulaga,  most of the people will say that these tweets of Eat Bulaga in this past few days are the response to the bashes that, Eat Bulaga gets from ALDUB Nation.the response tweets of Eat Bulaga is, they says that there's a time in a lots of things, A time for fulfilling each dreams, A time for love, but a time for family is everlasting. And ALDUB Nation.

Immediately response to that tweet of Eat Bulaga. And one of the message that ALDUB Nation wants to indicate in Eat Bulaga is, if Eat Bulaga treat ALDUB Nation as their family also. And they also assumed that Eat Bulaga will never leave them behind, like they were doing right now in Eat Bulaga and to Alden and Maine with a hashtag of ALDUBYouALWAYS.

Source: Ron Sagun
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