Maine at Alden nakatanggap ng panunukso mula sa Ama ni Alden

Alden Richad and Maine Mendoza received a naughty tease from Daddy Bae again. As people know that once Alden and Maine be together or got married, Daddy Bae will be the first person to celebrate that happiness for Alden and Maine. Because Alden and Maine idea of getting married is one of the wish of Daddy Bae to come true.

Daddy Bae intentionally post a picture of a super duper cute baby in social media. And this picture sense like daddy bae wants a grand child from alden and maine.

The question is, Is Alden and Maine are ready for that? is Alden have enough fund for having a family and going through that chapter with Maine a.k.a yaya dub.

And this post revelation of daddy bae in social media brings a big impact for the Netizens and especially for the ALDUB Nations. The Netizens and the ALDUB Nations cant hide their excitement for alden and maine to have a baby.

Source: Ron Sagun
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