Maine Mendoza, suot na Diamond Ring agaw pansin

The diamond ring who wore by Maine Mendoza on their PrenUp catch the attentions of the netizens in social media and especially the ALDUB Nations. The people guess that this ring who wore by Maine Mendoza is given by Alden Richards. Except for Alden, director pat is also one of the reason why Maine Mendoza is wearing that ring.

All the aldub nations wants to collapse on that scene they were so happy for Maine and Alden.
Direct Pat post a status about the ring of Maine Mendoza saying that "put a ring on it". This status of direct pat shows that this scene of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is not a joke and it is really true.

The aldub nations give they're opinions according to this post of direct pat, they comment  that this scene is not anymore part of they're acting things. This scene become more true and real to Alden and Maine.

Source: Ron Sagun
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