Alden at Maine nag Paplano na

Here's a one question for Alden Richards right now, What is the future plans of Alden Richards?
The revelation of Lola Nidora start to make wild the ALDUB Nations. Because the wait of ALDUB Nations is now over for Maine and Alden.

 Because as people know now that Alden Richards start to asked the hand of Yaya Dub a.k.a Maine Mendoza to all  lolas and to daddy bae. And this is the reason why the ALDUB Nations and the Netizens make wild in social media because they cant help themselves to post and comment to this moment of yaya dub a.k.a maine mendoza and alden richard.

The Aldub nations says that they were all happy for Maine and Alden and they were all excited for the next happenings in love life of Maine and Alden.

Source: Ron Sagun
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