Alden Richards delivers heartfelt meaningful message to AlDub Nation

AlDub Nation held their Christmas Party together with the pambansang Bae Alden Richards. He delivers his short meaningful message to the AlDub Nation"Hindi naman ako puro salita,alam nyu naman lahat yan yung pinapakita ko sa inyo from day one asahan ninyo na ibibigay ko sa inyo ng hundred folds in the years to come" Alden Richards was very thankful for the support of the fans and promise to return it hundred folds the kindness and supports of AlDub Nation.It was an act of kindness and good heart of Pambansang Bae that he did not forget how AlDub Nation solidly support and loved them very much.

Alden Richards added that"As much as you are there for me, I am there, I am more, mas marami akong maibibigay sa inyo. The pictures, the party are small things compare to the support you have given to me." During his delivery of his meaningful message, AlDub Nation is cheering and shouting in the Christmas party for Alden Richards.

In this message to the AlDub Nation, he is always there for the fans and to return back their support by being always there with the AlDub Nation.The Christmas Party held was organized by the AlDub Nation and at the end of his message, he is very thankful for supporting him in his career.He mentioned all the names of the fandoms who organized the Christmas party and thank them all for their efforts and support.

Source: Ron Sagun
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