Alden's smile criticized by netizens

Alden Richards was with the fans in Hongkong and have some picture taking with the fans.It is normal to a celebrity that every movement has a positive and negative comments from the fans and bashers. Being a celebrity is trying to please all their fans. But there is a saying that you cannot please everybody. This saying almost happens to every celebrity. Alden Richards experience this situation when he takes some picture taking with fans, other comments that the smile of Alden Richards with the fans is forced smile.

AlDub Nation post comments in their twitter accounts concerning the picture taking of Alden Richards with the fans in Hongkong.Paperroses13 tweets " Hindi natural ung smile ni bibi boy." another fan comments that Alden is smiling but without a dimple. AlDub Nation knows that if Alden will smile genuinely his dimple will be seen on his face.

Another fan defends Alden maybe he was tired from traveling and busy at work, so he cannot really give his full smile to the picture taking with the fans.AlDub Nation knows how the phenomenal love team is working hard just to make them happy and entertain.And they understand that the phenomenal husband is tired but trying his best to makes the fans happy and complete their day.

Source: Ron Sagun
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