Alex Jones warns Donald Trump because CIA is trying to assassinate him

There is an article of The Washington Post that the CIA has a secret assessment that Russia tries to help Trump wins the Presidency.Alex Jones a conspiracy theorist warns the ties between President-elect Donald Trump and the Kremlin. Alex Jones said that
" Could be used inside government to trigger emergency system under COG ( continuity of government term) that if a major leader is taken out like the president is actually a foreign agent they can then reportedly to be taken out."

The conspiracy theorist Alex Jones warns the Trump team to be aware and careful on the alleged assassination of the CIA to the president -elect before he assumes his office as president and him added
 "And so to have the bold move of implying that a president-elect is being manipulated and controlled by the Russians is a very, very serious telltale sign that they could be thinking about bringing in outside mercenaries or other agencies to actually try to assassinate the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, before he even gets into office. Because remember: They are incredibly desperate right now."

Because of this alleged assassination of CIA before trump assumes his office, Alex Jones released an emergency message to his followers in Twitter last Dec. 12 claiming that the CIA is fixing to overthrow Trump.This is Alex Jones emergency message to his followers
 “I contacted the proper parties. I have run this intel up a lot of important, informed flagpoles. And they all concur that there is a plan — which we now see is quite evident — to try to steal the election from the American people and Donald J. Trump,”

Source: SALON
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