What is the meaning of Maine Mendoza's message

Maine Mendoza posts a message on her twitter account with lots of smiling emoji's ups and down. AlDub Nation was puzzled to her posts thinking what is the meaning of this message from the phenomenal star. Many speculations arise from the netizen and AlDub Nation, the meaning of her emoji message with ups and down position. It is already a holiday season and Christmas day is approaching. For the whole year, even celebrities encountered ups and downs but it's not the reason for them not to enjoy the holiday season. It's the time of years that express gratitude to the Almighty, from the blessings given by Him.

It seems that Maine Mendoza is very happy in her vacation even from the ups and down situation she experience in the showbiz industry still she must be happy. And fans know that Maine Mendoza will be on a vacation together with his family and she deserves to have a vacation together with her family circle and enjoy the holiday season.

And as celebrating the Christmas season all must be happy even there are ups and down in our life. For the phenomenal star always be happy even ups and downs in life encountered because there is no reason not to be happy this holiday season.Enjoy the holiday season happy girl, it's time you to relax this Christmas vacation with your family.

Source: Ron Sagun
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