Award Winning Kapamilya actor will Join Alden and Maine in DTBY

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is now busy taping the soap opera destined to be Yours. According to the tweets of Entertainment Uptake there will be a Kapamilya Actor that will join the new soap opera of the phenomenal love team. The tweets with hashtag #ALDUBBeautiful Life " BREAKING NEWS: A VERY IMPORTANT & AWARD WINNING ACTOR FROM ABS-CBN WILL SWITCH NETWORKS TO JOINED DESTINED TO BE YOURS.". The majority of the fans of Alden and Maine is excited about the Kapamilya actor that will join the much awaited soap opera.

In the post of the Entertainment Uptake many comments and guessing who will be the Kapamilya actor that will switch to GMA Network that will join the soap opera Destined To Be Yours. Another is guessing maybe Gardo Versoza, because from the recent write ups that Gardo Versoza was included in the all-star cast of Destined to be Yours.

For sure the Kapamilya actor that will jump to GMA Network will soar high his career because he will join the phenomenal love team on the much awaited Teleserye. Others are guessing for sure it will be older than Alden Richards. It is a very lucky for him that he is included in the main cast of the much awaited soap opera. This actor is not a threat to Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

Source: Ron Sagun
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