TURON of Alden Top Trending in Social Media

Alden Richards is a business minded celebrity. He has two branches of Conchas Garden Cafe which was recently launched in Tomas Morato Quezon City. Conchas Garden cafe has a delicious TURON which was tasted by fans and post on his twitter account confirming that it is delicious. The fan tweets " FTW, Indeed! Now everyone's craving for Concha's Turon hahaha." It is a flattering word from the customer that taste the delicious TURON of the Concha's Garden Cafe. This post is free marketing of Turon from AlDub Nation. and for sure it will be the best seller and AlDub Nation is now craving for this delicious TURON.

This Concha's Turon becomes trending because of this basher tweet" Mga kapanalig sa pananampalatayang Maichard, 1RT=1 peso donation para sa di nya ma afford na turon magmahalan tayo!with hashtag #ALDUBUntilThen. another bashers make it more sensational by responding the tweets " Ang Tawag sa inyo mga uto2. San ka nakakita ng camote turon na worth 200. Hays! Kanino bagay BOBO?"The tweets of the bashers did not affect the AlDub Nation to support the Pambansang Bae, because they know that Alden's Concha's garden Cafe TURON is truly delicious.

This is how the AlDub Nation supports Alden with free marketing and internet marketing as well by posting it on their twitter account. AlDub Nation spread the news to the social media and telling all the customer and fans to stock more TURON because it will be sold out very soon.It will be the Concha's best seller. For the Concha's garden Cafe, TURON Pa More because more fans will come to taste and eat the delicious TURON of Concha's Garden cafe.

Source: Ron Sagun
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