Bongbong Marcos Outsmarted Bam Aquino

Sen. Bam Aquino has questioned the Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Bongbong Marcos for Poll system audit of the three independent servers used last May 9, 2016, election. Sen. Bam Aquino interpolates Sen Bongbong Marcos about the change in the script in the transparency server is only a cosmetic change according to Smartmatic. This only happens to the transparency servers, not to the other two independent servers.Sen. Bam Aquino asked Sen. Bongbong Marcos of what irregularities, in particular, are you exactly talking about? Then Sen. Bongbong responds" Again they are many, Too many for us to go through here, we have as I said when I spoke there is a proper time or place will be detail those irregularities, those discrepancies we have found and furthermore will be reported, will be analysis, will be affidavits statements from the witnesses and many whistleblowers as well,will come forward and decided to come clean their part on this.

Again Sen bam Aquino told the senate hearing that " numerous academicians have actually said that nothing irregular about that Sen. Bongbong smartly responded that numerous academicians said there is. Again Sen. bam Responded that there are 2 academicians and Sen Bongbong only laughed off the response of Sen. Bam Aquino that"2 academicians told that there are no irregularities again the vice presidential candidate smartly answered Sen. Bam Aquino." ano ba ito paramihan ng academicians o naghahanap tyo ng katotohanan."

The last respond of Sen bam Aquino told that it was unfortunate change that Smartmatic did bravely and smartly Sen. Bongbong Marcos answered that it was not unfortunate but illegal and Sen bam admitted it that illegal and told to the senate that the Comelec already castigated the Smartmatic.through this video netizen will see how Sen. Bongbong Marcos smartly and bravely answered Sen Bam Aquino for requesting to conduct system in the servers used in the election.

Source: Philippines Government
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