Daddy Bae Reminds the meaningful Birthday Celebration of Alden Richards with Maine Mendoza

Daddy Bae reminds the last year birthday of Alden Richards together with Maine Mendoza. The reminder of Daddy Bae about the last year birthday of Alden shows that Daddy Bae is a responsible and loving father. The Birthday of Alden Richards is approaching and it is almost 1 week to celebrate the birthday of Pambansang Bae Alden Richards.Daddy Bae reminds the AlDub Nation about the birthday boy by posting on his twitter account " Tandang tanda ko pa ang". It was a meaningful post of Daddy Bae to his son that he doesn't forget the approaching birthday of his beloved son.It was a birthday celebration of his loving son in Eat Bulaga together with Maine Mendoza and Dabarkads. The clothes he posts on his twitter account was the shirt he wore when the birthday of his son is celebrated in Eat Bulaga.

That birthday celebration of Alden with Maine Mendoza in Eat Bulaga is very meaningful and full of sweet and happy moments. As he is thanking the Dabarkads, Maine and the crowds for the birthday celebration it is very emotional he is thanking the Dabarkads with teary eyes because overflowing joy he experiences at that moment. He knows that his Daddy loves him very much together with Maine Mendoza and AlDub Nation.

This post of Daddy Bae shows that he is early preparing for the birthday celebration of his beloved son. It will be more meaningful next year the celebration of his birthday because Alden Richards has more achievements this year in showbiz industry and have a new upcoming soap opera " Destined To Be Yours" this early next year. So for Alden, it is a double celebration for his birthday and for the peak of his career.Advance happy birthday Pambansang Bae and AlDub Nation is wishing you more blessings and sweet moments to come with Maine Mendoza.

Source: Ron Sagun
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