DOJ files charges against De Lima

Sen. Leila De Lima has returned to the country from the United States of America and Germany. Recently she was interviewed by the CNN regarding the extra-judicial k*llings in the Philippines. The return of the lady senator from germany is the proof that she has no reason to hide, De Lima said" Wala naman akong kabalak balak na tumakas, bakit ako tatakas wala naman akong kasalanan" She explained that it was an advice from her, not an instruction to her driver-bodyguard Ronnie Dayan for not attending the comittee on justice hearing in the congress for the illegal dr*ug trade in National Bilibid Pr*son.

The congressman headed by Representative Umali file charges against the lady senator on the ethics complaint in the senate and disobedience to summons in Department of Justice.Additional charges were filed by the Department of Justice to De Lima by violating Article 150 of the revised penal code in the Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Court.

De Lima added that she will continue to criticized the extra-judicial k*lling in the country even they file charges against her. In the recent days Pres. Duterte mention some politicians including a mayor and a senator involve in illegal dr*gs in the country. And respond to the accusation of the president regarding involvement in illegal dr*gs that" It's incredible how people continue to believe Duterte's dr*g induced imaginations in who among politicians are dr*g lords and dr*g coddlers, after admitting he himself is dependent on the dr*g Fentanyl."

Source: Philippines Government
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