Duterte got angry in an ambush interview about Mar Roxas

On the last May Election, it was widespread in the news that Pres. Rody Duterte has cancer in the throat. Duterte told the media that it was not him with cancer but his wife, the mother of his three children Paolo, Sarah and Baste Duterte. The children of the Pres. Duterte were angry because people are asking that their father has cancer but the truth was their mother has cancer. He pointed out that the issue was done by Mar Roxas. Tough talking President told the media" sya eh madumi etong si Mar."

The media follow up the question with Duterte about the graduation of Mar Roxas in Wharton University in Pennsylvania. Duterte told the media " show me the diploma and graduation ceremony where Mar Roxas has Toga together with his mother,ako makagawa din ako ngayun."

The reporter asks another question that if Mar Roxas prove that he is a graduate of Wharton University, he will slap Duterte.Duterte responds that the certificate posted by mar Roxas on the internet was done in Recto.Two congressmen told Duterte that Mar Roxas has no certificate and did not find the name of mar Roxas that prove he graduated from the Wharton University of Pennsylvania.

Source: Philippines Government
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