Enrile speaks on the rudeness of Delima

The Lady Senator is out of the country for his official state visit to the United States of America by receiving awards. The senator will return by Thursday but a day after the hearing of the committee on Justice in the Congress.Rep. Harry Roque of the Kabayan Party List accused De Lima of obstruction of justice by preventing Ronnie Dayan to testify by hiding from the government agency. Enrile added that there is no justice obstructed since the committee on Justice is a fact-finding committee, not a trial court.The congress is insisting De Lima attend the hearing in the committee on Justice but they have different jurisdiction between the congress and the senate.

Only the senate has the jurisdiction to discipline and penalized the senator.According to the anchor, De Lima told she is ready to be ja*led, but Enrile respond to the anchor that the lady senator will not be ja*led immediately because there is a process and the government already start the process regarding the charges against De Lima.

The Lady senator confessed that she had a relationship with Ronnie Dayan for some years. The self-confession may disbar her even she did not do a crime because it was a question of morality. as a lawyer, the violation of the moral standard of her profession will be disbarred and kicked her out.The lady senator is already destroyed in the eyes of the public The senator was elected by the public she cannot be immediately removed from the senate. Even though the Senate president has no power to remove the senator, but the 2/3 votes of the senate will remove her in the senate.

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