Alden's fan annoyed with Maine Mendoza's brother

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were always busy entertaining the fans and taping their upcoming Teleserye Destined to be yours.The phenomenal couple is together with their personal assistant. Alden is with his Mama Ten and Maine Mendoza is with his brother Dean Mendoza.Maine Mendoza's brother sometimes has some naughty moves that the fans of her sister Maine Mendoza were annoyed. The naughty moves of Dean Mendoza make the fan of Alden Richards annoyed.

The photo of the naughty moves of Maine's brother was gone viral in twitter. In the photo that gone viral, Dean Mendoza blows some smoke on his vape with Mama Ten the personal assistant of Alden Richards.

The twitter post of the annoyed fans of Alden make a caption " Siguro naman Dean Mendoza nagaaral ka, di ba? Alam mong kabastosan yan. Kahit close pa kyo nung tao di pa rin maganda na ganunin mo siya."

The personal assistant of Alden is very closed with Maine Mendoza. For Dean, it was only a joke but for the fan of Alden it was a rude action of Maine's brother.what will be the reaction of Dean Mendoza on this caption. Just wait and see for the updates.

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