Illegal Firecrackers "Goodbye De Lima" Makes PNP Chief Bato run for safer place

PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa is presenting the illegal firecrackers named " Goodbye De Lima" to the media and jesting that he had nothing to do with the firecrackers name. The illeg*al firecrackers make the PNP Chief and his officials go running and go to a safer place when the "Goodbye De Lima " emits a gray powder wrongfully thinking that it is smoke. The laughing PNP Cheif and his officials stop the laughter and turned to silence and immediately throw the firecracker and ran for a safer place for cover. One of his officers pick the firecracker and deep into the water. The officer told Dela Rosa"Nahulog lang, sir, 'yung powder. Nag-leak lang yung powder, sir." the smiling PNP Chief accepts that the firecracker makes him ran for a safer place. He added that he was frightened because of the mistakenly smoke emitted by the firecrackers"Iyung firecracker na iyun, nakakatakot eh. Umusok bigla, 'di ba? Napakalakas ng power nung rebintador na iyun. Ewan ko kung may bad omen iyun o what. Ang importante, hindi tayo nasabugan,"

Even the media and the people around them cannot jest because they are also in panicked to find a safer place to cover.And he added that even the media will tease him for the funny incident they are all equal because all were panicked and ran for a safer place.The illegal firecrackers dubbed " Goodbye De Lima " is one of the illegal products captures from eleven vendors who had to hide their firecracker products in their backpacks.The arrested vendors cannot prove themselves as authorized seller of that illegal products and it was confiscated from them and the explosion of this will be compared to a bomb that is very dangerous to the public.

The official destroyed the confiscated illegal firecracker products. The Town Mayor tours PNP Chief Ronal Dela Rosa with his officials to legitimate pyrotechnics store in Brgy. Turo and encourage to support the authorized seller and dealer of the pyrotechnics. Finally, the police and officials warn the public that the firecrackers should not be overweight, or oversized it should not burn very fast or very slow so that it will be safe to the public.

Source: ABS-CBN News
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