Intriguing reaction of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte if Mar Roxas wins the Presidency

President Rodrigo Duterte answers the question of the media if his political rival Mar Roxas win the presidency. The maverick president reacts to the question of the media by telling " Kasi sus kung sila ang Presidente ewan ko lang, kung si Roxas patay." The crowd was filled with laughter after the hard-hitting statement of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. He added that anyone who wants to be the President must be brave to face the charges against them and not afraid to die in serving his countrymen.

The President is always straight forward answering the media in every interview and question ask by the media. He told the press that you will not be a president if they are afraid to die and afraid of the case file against them, you will be dead.The president will not stay only in Malacanang but personally, visit the soldiers in the hospital. He must show solidarity to the Filipino people. The visibility of the chief executive and showing moral support is very important to the soldiers fighting for our country's peace and order.

As the chief executive, he must be brave and does not afraid of going to Jolo and to the bomb explosion and assassination attempts of the enemy of the states. This is the statement of the president concerning if Mar Roxas wins the presidency last election.

Source: News5Everywhere
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