Justin Bieber Wanted in Argentina

According to the TMZ report, Justin Bieber will be arrested if he dares to travel to Argentina, because of the Buenos Aires judge has put the word out to the police that Bieber is a wanted man in Argentina.The youtube sensation Canadian-born singer was accused of ordering his bodyguards to attacked the photographer in Argentina.

The singer left the club and he did not appear for questioning him.Even though Justin Bieber was accused by the judge he was still innocence and he is ordered to appear by April.The Judge told the TMZ as the order was released" I consider it pertinent to order the immediate detention of the accused".

TMZ added that he cannot return toArgentina until the case is resolved. Justine Bieber lawyer will appeal the accusation of the judge against his client. as remembered that his sidekick Lil twist was sentenced to jail for a year because of attacking the photographer in Argentina.

After the famous "Purpose World Tour" again the Canadian singer is setting up the continuation of another leg of the Purpose World tour going to South America by the next year 2017.For the fans of the Canadian Singer and songwriter, what's up for her concert tour in Soth America.

Source: FOX NEWS Entertainment
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