Ninoy Aquino is not a Hero, Atty Gadon said in an Interview

Atty Larry Gadon was interviewed by the GMA Network correspondent Kara David regarding of being a hero of Ninoy Aquino.He discusses the reasons why Ninoy Aquino is not a Hero. He told that" Firstly, Ninoy Aquino is not a hero, we made wrong decision politically because we made the people believe that Ninoy is a hero.This is a big lie because he is the one facilitate the meeting of Joma Sison and Bernabe Buscayno in forming New People's Army and it makes a big damaged in our country because of their rebellion." Secondly, he told Kara David that"only Ninoy was not present in the Plaza Miranda bombing in the meeting de Avance and at that time he was the Secretary general of Liberal Party and he was the popular candidate of the Liberal Party. Why he was the only one not present in the plaza Miranda meeting De Avance in 1972.why when Cory Aquino start her office as President she immediately releases Joma Sison and Bernabe Buscayno. He wants also to Remove the face of Ninoy in 500 peso bill since he was not a President.

Thirdly the reason was "He invent the Jabidah Massacre, it must be the Philippines benefited the treasures of Sabah, because it was the territory of the Philippines in History, and we must benefit from the oil and natural resources. what Ninoy Did when Pres. Marcos plan to recover Sabah and established a government, sovereignty. He instructs Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. of the Jabidah Massacre and he admitted to his radio program that Ninoy instruct him to create a Jabidah massacre story so that the recovery of Sabah will be interfered by this massacre".

This was the proposed bill to be passed by Atty. Gadon if he will win in the coming election as a senator to remove Ninoy Aquino as a national hero of the country.He finally added that the Rizal Memorial stadium was replaced by the name Of Ninoy Aquino and who is Ninoy compared to Jose Rizal as our national hero.The mind of the people was poisoned of being a fake hero of Ninoy, that makes to have wrong decision politically.

Source: Philippines Government
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