Is Alden Richards is kissing Maine Mendoza or it could be only angle of the photo shot?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is known as the phenomenal love team in Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga and recently they have the phenomenal wedding in the Kalye Serye. There are photos spreading in the social media showing the incomplete details of whether the phenomenal love team was kissing with each other. From the photos, other are concluding that the phenomenal love team is kissing with each other but that picture was shot in the rear side.

AlDub Nation and netizens have a different reaction to these photos of the phenomenal love team if they really kiss each other or not because the photo is not detailed that the phenomenal love team was really kissing each other.To the AlDub Nation and netizens that saw this photos, what do you think about this photos?

The angle of the photo gives an idea that they are kissing, but because of its incomplete details and angles, AlDub Nation, and netizen have different interpretation and conclusion about the photo.Only the people presently in that location can conclude if they are kissing each other or not.And especially Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza has the final comment and confirmed the real event on this photo shot in a mind blowing angles.

The people behind this photo shot can conclude and confirm the real situation of this photo. It may be a teaser photo so that the AlDub Nation and netizen will be more excited about the phenomenal love team.The netizen makes the photo sensational maybe of their upcoming soap opera" Destined To Be Yours". For the AlDub Nation, the kissing may be real or not happen it makes them experience kilig moments for this sweet and romantic photo of the phenomenal love team.

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