Maine Mendoza calling attention to Dabarkads

Maine Mendoza is a humble and supportive celebrity. Recently she has a touching message with her Kuya Paolo " habang buhay ko kayong papahalagahan sa puso ko, pero you know good luck sa movie Kuya Paolo sigurado akong mag hihit ito sa Pasko promise yan Kuya Paolo love na love kita."This message of Maine to Paolo she doesn't forget so she is now calling the attention of Dabarkads, AlDub Nation and people who love and supporting Maine Mendoza. She is calling to support the movie of Paolo Ballesteros in this Metro Manila Film Fest of this holiday season.She is calling the attention of Dabarkads not to forget to support the beautiful movie of Paolo Ballesteros " Die Beautifully".

Even the phenomenal star is on vacation together with her family she doesn't forget what she promises to her Kuya Paolo for supporting him and asking the AlDub nation, Dabarkads to watch the movie of Paolo " Die Beautifully".Another AlDub Nation asked a funny question to Maine Mendoza if what she show presently in his crystal ball regarding Paolo's movie.

Many Dabarkads and AlDub Nation tweets their support to the movie of Paolo Ballesteros and post on the social media that they have already finished watching, and some other is preparing to watch the movie of Paolo. There is a positive response and supports in the call of support of Maine Mendoza to watch the movie of his Kuya Paolo in Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga.For all the Dabarkads and AlDub Nation still not watching the movie prepare and show your support to Kuya Paolo movie" Die Beautifully"

Source: Ron Sagun
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