Maine Mendoza's 10 Facts You Must Know

You're a fan of Maine Mendoza. You have already known Maine Mendoza very well. Recently she won the " Favorite Pinoy personality at Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards 2016. She was very thankful to her fans for their efforts of voting her to win the award.In the peak of her career and many achievements in her life you must know some facts about Manie Mendoza.

1.) She likes food and all kinds of cuisine but for your updates, she studied culinary arts at De La Salle- College of St. Benilde.

2.) She wanted to be a flight attendant and she already applied for it and waiting for the response of the company. What a big loss in showbiz industry if she becomes a flight attendant.

3.) She becomes dub smashed Queen because of her boredom, one time she has more free time in the office and scrolling to social media site and saw that dub smashing is viral, so she try it and it was her stepping stone to be known in the cyber world.

4.) Nico- Family. All their names with her siblings start with "nico" her actual name is Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza and her sibling names are Nicoleen Dyann, Nicolette Ann, Nicodeim Dean, and Nicolas Dynn.

5.) She is a Barbie doll collectors. in her recent interviews, she told that she likes barbie dolls when she was a kid, and she is collecting until now even grown up for her obsession. she has 20 barbie dolls in her room.

6.) Her secret passion -Song Covers she loves singing and song covers, she recorded songs but doesn't publish it.

7.) She loves Mac Lipsticks and confessed that" I use MAC, mostly deep shades of red and nude.

8.) She was a shy girl, even we see her on TV in real life she is very shy and even her parents told that she 's very Quite.

9.) She writes poetry and blogs, from the recent interviews of Kris Aquino she reveals that she's making blogs and poems.

10.) She struggled with self-esteem, she never believes with her abilities, but now because of Eat Bulaga she has the courage to step out her comfort zone.

Source: Her Beauty
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