Maine Mendoza's 5 things to know about her off camera

Maine Mendoza is very funny, hilarious, pretty and simple on the camera. These are what AlDub Nation witness the phenomenal star on camera but how about the real Maine Mendoza behind the scene and off camera, Is it the same when it is on camera. Here are the 5 things that the real Maine Mendoza when in off camera and behind the scene. In this video, we can know the real Maine Mendoza off camera.we start from number 5 down to number one to understand the real Maine Mendoza. Let's start the countdown.

5.) Maine Mendoza doesn't have a personal assistant. Compare to other celebrities we know that they have a personal assistant that is always beside them to give all the things they need in the show, that will assist them wherever they go.but For Maine Mendoza, she can handle herself without the assistance of other people.She told why she doesn't have a personal assistant because" Kaya ko pa naman sarili ko eh."

4.) She makes sure to accommodate all the fans who want to take her picture or autograph as long as she can. Many celebrities are not accommodating their fans for picture taking and autograph because they are tired, but for Maine Mendoza, it is her priority to accommodate the fans to have some picture taking and autograph because she knows that it is the happiness of the fans to take a picture and have an autograph of their favorite celebrity.

3.) She no longer wanted to accept any material gifts from fans.she knows how the fans work hard to earn money for them, a little thank you and message of gratitude is enough with Maine Mendoza. Instead of spending their money for Maine Mendoza it is better that they spend their money for themselves.

2.) Even though she is at the peak of her career she remains humble and down to earth, she always entertained fans.She always gives time to her fans makes funny and hilarious faces and make "Pabebe waves" to her fans showing that she is giving attention to them.

1.) Maine Mendoza is quiet and well-mannered off camera. It is opposite to the clownish behavior of Maine Mendoza. According to TAPE Executive Malou Fagar" Mabait hindi madaldal. nakaupo lang siya. May Breeding yung bata." she was quiet and only sitting on one side and she has a breeding means educated and well mannered.These are the 5 things to know the real Maine Mendoza behind the scene and off camera.

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