Intriguing letter to Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza is at the peak of her career and many negative write ups and bashed coming on her way. Another intriguing letter went viral against the phenomenal star. The letter for sure in from pretending an avid fan of the phenomenal star. the letter goes like this " First of all, I'm avid fans since day one. I remember when I saw you, you were masungit. I can still remember you and Jose Manalo were always fighting, then Alden came into the picture and changed your life at the moment. But what if Alden never came into the picture?

From this intriguing letter it, not an avid fan but an avid basher and a critic of the phenomenal star. because AlDub Nation knows very well the kindness and good heart of Maine Mendoza from the start. The intriguing letter continues by this words " I know that showbiz can be predestined at times and scripted, but between destiny and free will are two concepts of reality to live by. Personally, I don't believe in the word'forever' or "destiny", but I believe freedom and free will to choose what's best for you."

The intriguing letter is negative write-ups to the phenomenal star that proves she is not an avid fan but avid critics from day one.The letter is not productive and she must stay in her room one fan comment in the intriguing letter.

She finalized her letter by saying and asking if Alden Richards really loves Maine Mendoza.The letter ended with a question to Maine " If you don't mind, I would like you to do something for me, ask Alden if he loves you! If he pauses for one minute. then you have the answer that you're looking for." AlDub Nation knows that the phenomenal couple is promoting good values of the Filipino. And her intriguing letter is the reverse of the good values promoted by the phenomenal star.

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