Maine Mendoza responds to AlDub Nation on her Twitter post

Maine Mendoza has 4.2 million followers on twitter and when AlDub Nation tweets she is responding especially concerning with Alden Richards.It was not surprising to the fans that Maine Mendoza really responds to the tweets of the AlDub Nation. She was actively interacting with her fans.In one tweet of AlDub Nation asking for who will win for the Ginoong laguna and she responded hilariously to makes her fans happy and entertain. The fan tweets " Madam Maine sino po kaya ang mananalo." The phenomenal star responds to the fans" pakimmykimmy ayon sa aking bolang kristal... si Tonton."

She responds like a fortune teller using her crystal ball to know who will win that competition.It was her way of responding the fans that make them laugh, happy and entertained.Because Maine Mendoza knows how to entertain her fans even though in twitter and social media.The AlDUb nation supports the response of Maine Mendoza and gives warning to the bashers. Here is the support tweets of the AlDub Nation " Maine and Pakimmykimmy Wag nyong ibash si Meng f basagin nya lahat ng fan fiction nyo!!just keep it real Meng kung sino talaga gusto mo."

Another AlDub Nation reacted about her choice Chard because it was the look alike of Alden Richards. But the choice of Maine is Tonton as he posts on her twitter accounts according to her crystal ball that she choose Tonton that will win the Ginoong Laguna Competition.The response of Maine Mendoza as we know that it is only for fun so that she will entertain the AlDub Nation.

Source: Ron Sagun
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