MUST READ: Here's Why Kris, Luhan, and Tao were succesful even they left in EXO

The Former three EXO members leave the boy band group but remain successful in their new path of solo career.The three former EXO members Luhan, Tao and Kris still remain in the peak of their career even though they left the boyband group EXO and fans are still supporting them even they left the group and the fans see their success in leaving the group.The three former EXO members focus on their solo career and build their own names in China.

After leaving the group EXO in the year 2015, Huang Zitao famously known as Tao in EXO boy band group worked in his solo music career and make films such as" You are my Sunshine and Railroad Tigers" He also stars in the TV shows A Chinese Odyssey: Love You A Million Years and starred in an upcoming drama films" The Negotiator".He exerted many efforts to reach his dreams and face many trials and burdens. The proof of reaching his dreams is the releasing of a number of Extended Plays and studio album under his solo name Z.Tao.

Another member who left the EXO in 2014 was Kris Wu famous in the name Kris in that same year he recorded his first solo" Time Boils the Rain" This song breaking the records and reach more than 1 million plays and his film career took rapidly in the 2015 film" Somewhere Only We Know and made cast in 9 films and his biggest role is in the upcoming movie XXX with superstar Vin Diesel and Samuel Jackson.

The last but not the least former EXO member that left the group is Lu Han famously known as Luhan and he left the group in 2014 and continue for another path of his career as a solo. He acted also in many films and dramas. he also releases studio albums and 4 Extended Playings and sold more than 5 million copies and it was a great success of Lu Han. It is not a mistake for these three former EXO members that left the group because of they still in the peaks of their career.

Source: koreaboo
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