PNP Chief Dela Rosa Humiliated Mariz Umali because of Discrediting him in Public

PNP Chief Director General Dela Rosa embarrassed the GMA Reporter Mariz Umali by discrediting the Chief PNP in Public.In the ongoing press conference of the PNP Chief, he presented two alleged suspects who already disclose that they were responsible for the burying of Improvised Explosive Device(IED) at the US Embassy in Roxas Blvd. Manila Based on the press conference on this video a reporter asked the chief PNP if the suspects are positive and Dela Rosa Added that the suspect disclosed to him that they are responsible for the planting of IED and pointed out the alleged suspect. Another question was raised by the reporter of GMA Mariz Umali by trying to Discredit the Chief PNP Chief in Public for the disclosure of the 2 suspects.Chief PNP Dela Rosa Humiliated the lady reporter by responding straightly that"Sino nag sabi na hindi daw nya binawi? Nakausap mo? Sinong reporter yun? Mahirap yan you are trying to discredit me in public pag ganun Magiging it's Kerwin's word, your reporter's word against my word"

Chief PNP added that"Ako Mariz ano makukuha ko kung magsinungaling ako, kunga gawagawa ko lang istorya, what would I get from that di ba?, I will be getting ano magagawa ko, sinasabi ko lang totoo ngayung gabi na yon ganoon so sishare ko sa inyo to be transparent, now if you want to destroy my credibility by reporting otherwise it's your call, wala akong magagawa, sabihin nyo lang kung paano ginawa, kung paano sinabi ng reporter nyo, I stand by my word, i am willing to be head to be cut off if I am lying."

It was a very straight-forward word coming from the PNP chief against the question of the news reporter and he finally told that" I don't know if your purpose is to create a news or to destroys someone's credibility or pagawayawayin kami ni Kerwin.". By this statement, the biased reporter was silenced and humiliated of her discrediting the Chief PNP in public.

Source: Duterte Supporters4Life
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