Pres. Duterte was defended by Sen. Lacson from Biased Media

Pres. Duterte from his recent speech told," If you think I did something wrong a criminal then, file it in the Ombudsman." He added " But in Davao I used to do it personally just to show to the guys that if I can do it, Why can't you" It's was the speech of Duterte that the biased media are sensationalizing the tough-talking President. Sen Lacson defends the President on this speech issue.The media is asking the reaction of Sen. Lacson about the confession statement of the President.

Sen. Lacson told and defend that " Sometimes when you speak even politician hindi alam kung kelan tatapusin, In due time we will able to adjust unless he will adjust, we cannot tell to him that he can adjust to all of us." The Filipinos tend to adjust so that all can understand what the President was in his mind.The constituents and media reporter in Davao knows the President very well. For more than 20 years of his political experience in Davao as Mayor, his constituents understand him.

Sen. Lacson in his military experience he share that " Kami meron sa command yung mga personnel, mga sundalo sila ang magadjust sa commander, he is the chief executive mas may karapatan na mag adjust sa kanya ang mga Filipino kaysa sya pa ang mag adjust, tayo na lang ang mag discern." The people of Davao city knows the President very well how he reform the Davao and they are enjoying peace and present, it was also the method of the president to reform the whole country to have peace and order which was much awaited to happen by the majority of the Filipino people.

Source: News ThatMatter
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