Reaction of Alden Richards was so cute in the random dance of Maine Mendoza

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are always together in Eat Bulaga. From the video uploaded, Maine Mendoza is dancing on the stage at the center of Dabarkads. Alden is sitting beside Maine Mendoza when the phenomenal star starts to dance and Alden Richards reacts on this random dance. The dance of Maine Mendoza is Funny and hilarious that makes the audience,dabarkads and fans of Maine Mendoza amazed and entertained. All the dabarkads and audience are very happy watching the random dance of the phenomenal star.

Not only the random dance of Maine Mendoza was noticed by the fans but the reaction of the phenomenal husband of Maine Mendoza. It was so cute the reaction of Alden Richards and he likes the dance of Maine Mendoza.No matter what kind of dance perform by the phenomenal star they were entertained and makes them happy. Alden Richards always supported the talent of his phenomenal wife.

Maine Mendoza is very talented, funny and hilarious. Many fans were entertained in the random dance of Maine Mendoza. That's why Maine Mendoza was so loved by the AlDub Nation because she is working hard so that she can make the fans happy and stress-free. The fans always told that without Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards in Eat Bulaga their day is incomplete.This performance of Maine Mendoza for sure makes the AldDub nation complete their whole day.

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