Daddy Bae reacts on Ricky Lo's "Mystery Girlfriend" article

Alden Richards strongly denies the article of columnist Ricky Lo about the "mystery girlfriend" that circulates in Philstar.Through his Facebook account, he posts and denying of the article circulating in the social media and news.This was the post of Alden Richards clarifying to the post of Ricky Lo "Guten Morgen guys! I woke up & read an article about me and a "mystery" girl? I just wanna make it clear that I don't have a "mystery girlfriend". The only time I went to a posh village in Makati was when I visited Dra. Vicky Belo & Scarlet Snow, with some of the staff from Artist dili man po totoo yung Balita.P.S. When we visited Dra. Belo wala pa po akong GMC nun.".Not only it was posted in Facebook but also in his Twitter account denying the alleged "mystery Girlfriend".The title of the article by Ricky Lo is " Who is Alden's Mystery Girlfriend?"

Because of this post of Philstar columnist Ricky Lo the supportive parent of Alden Richards reacts and he post his reaction on Twitter" Happy New Year Ricky Lo! Ganda mo." The reaction of Daddy Bae is understood by AlDuB Nation and Netizen the feeling of Daddy Bae about the issue circulating about the mystery Girlfriend article of the Philstar Columnist.Many supports flooded the social media on this reaction of Daddy Bae.

AlDub Nation posts her support to Daddy Bae and understands his sentiment by her post " From the looks of it ndi mag react family ni RJ ng ganito if ndi affected si Tisoy don't worry rj we believe u." AlDub Nation really understands Alden Richards and Daddy Bae that they were affected by the circulating issue of the "mystery girlfriend" of Pambansang Bae. Alden Richards for sure that he finished clarifying the issue on his Facebook and Twitter account it is clear to AlDub Nation that it is not true. Happy new year to Daddy Bae, Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza and to all AlDub Nation.

Source: Ron Sagun
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