Selena Gomez refuse her two promising boyfriends, to focus on her career

Selena Gomez already returns to the music world after three months in the rehabilitation Center. Her stay in the rehabilitation Center delays the work projects and she only focuses right now in her career. Focusing on her career means by rejecting her two promising boyfriend Youtube sensation Justine Beiber and One Direction Member Niall Horan.

According to the recent post of iTech Post, that Selena Gomez and Justine Beiber revive their romance in the rehabilitation center in Tennesse by visiting Selena Gomez and they were seen watching at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on the " Purpose World Tour." The two celebrities are now busy focusing on their career and they have no time for conversation and did not meet Selena Gomen on her released in The Rehabilitation Center in Tennesse.

Niall Horan , One Direction Singer wants to date again Selena Gomez because there was a rumor that their romance sparked when they embraced and hug each other after the performance of One Direction Singer Niall Horan.

Selena's close friend confessed concerning the love life of singer" Selena Gomez is very focused on her upcoming music and Justine Bieber said many times that he is not looking for a serious and intimate relationship and Selena's was advised not to date someone. The two promising boyfriend will wait longer or move on to their love life.

Source: HNGN
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