Sen. De Lima was Advice by Sen. Enrile to deal her problems directly

Sen Juan Ponce Enrile was interviewed regarding the statement of Sen. Leila De Lima that she was ready to be ja*led. Enrile explains and gives advice to the lady senator for this statement. He told the anchorman " She will not be ja*led immediately, there is a process and she knows that, she's a lawyer. She must be ready for sure, she will be charge what the government will do? they started the process against her." Enrile added that Delima must traverse the evidence against her, base on the news tabloid and television, she will have a problem"

Sen De Lima must directly deal with the problem not showing her emotion. She strongly denied the accusation against her by saying" I denied firmly and absolutely that I did not receive." Enrile added that the two witness, Kerwin Espinosa and Ronnie Dayan, and the alleged dr*g lords from New Bilibid Pr*son told that she received money from them.

The self-confession of the lady senator, that she has a relationship with her driver-bodyguard, Ronnie Dayan may disbar her because from the ethics rule of the members of the bar, the Supreme Court. The violation of the rules will lead her to disbarment. Sen. De Lima must deal with her problem directly not by showing emotions as the summary advice of the former Senate president.

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