Sen. Enrile speaks on the controversial issues of Sen. De Lima

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile speaks about the controversy face by the lady senator De Lima. Enrile told the anchor that the congress must not destroy its relationship with the senate. If the congress has resentment with the lady senator they must file a case against her, because the congress and the senate have different jurisdiction. The former senate president added that there is no obstruction of justice because the committee on Justice is only a fact-finding committee, not the court that there will be obstruction of justice.

Sen. Leila Delima was not immediately pris*n because there is process of the court, the government already start the case and it shall continue the case against the lady senator.The Lady senator according to Sen.Enrile will be disbarred because of the immoral acts and her confessed that Ronnie Dayan was her boyfriend.

It was a question of morality even without a crime, by violating the moral standard of the profession she will be kicked out, disbarred and pris*n Enrile added in an Lima was destroyed in the eyes of the public. The senate President has no power to remove the lady senator but by the 2/3 votes of the senate, Enrile ends the interview.

Source: Philippines Government
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