Sen. Lacson teaches Sen. Trillanes in the Senate Committee Hearing

Sen Lacson explains the difference between the picture of Pres. Duterte with Peter Lim and the picture of Leila De Lima with Kerwin Espinosa. The treatment for the two picture must be equal Sen. Lacson added. Compared to the treatment of Sen Trillanes to be biased and pointing out Pres. Duterte involvement with Peter Lim The difference between the two photo was Kerwin Espinosa has a statement under oath, Ronnie Dayan has a statement under oath. The statement of the two witness against Sen. De Lima matched that they give worth Php 8 million to Sen. De Lima.Compared with Peter Lim will give an affidavit stating that he gave money to Sec. Bong Go, and Sec.Bong Go has a statement that he is giving money to the President, then impeachment proceeding is in order.

Sen Lacson repeatedly told the committee that if he can get a statement under oath by Peter Lim that he is giving money to Bong Go, and Bong Go has statement receiving money and give it to Pres. Duterte then the house will impeach the President and Sen Lacson will vote to impeach the President if the impeachment proceeding will start.

Sen Lacson explained clearly that the statement of Kerwin Espinosa, the alleged dr*g lord and Ronnie Dayan, the driver-bodyguard of Sen. De Lima is substantive compare to Peter Lim that he has no statement under oath regarding Duterte's involvement in illegal drug trade of Peter Lim. compared to explanation of sen Lacson that there is no substantive evidence of Peter Lim against Pres. Duterte.

Source: Filipino Dub
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