Trumps and Obamas have different reactions in Monday's Attacked

Monday's attacked on Christmas Market in Berlin and the Russian Diplomat assassination in Ankara Turkey reveals different statement from the incoming Administration and the outgoing administration of the United States.The attacked happened during the 8 years in which America has incoming President-Elect and Outgoing reveals a different point of view from the outgoing and incoming administration.

The Obama administration expresses caution stating the Berlin's attack" appears to have been a terrorist attack" Trump incoming administration simply call it " horrifying terror attack". The Obama administration escape for speculation but Trump's administration called them " radical Islamic terrorist"

The two administration tell different stories about the horrific attack in Berlin Germany and Ankara turkey.The Obama administration identifies the victim as members of the Nation and Obama's administration linked the Germany to be his strongest allies and partners.Team Obama's response to the Ankara assassination was state-centered. It offers condolences to the Russian and its government.

Team Trump's statement is different compare to Obama's administration. The trump's team defined as the people killed as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Obama teams define the attacked as the struggle against terrorism as conflicting countries of religions and ideologies, while Trump's team define it as a conflict between Christian and Islam.

Source: The Atlantic
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