Warning! Flat TV Screen Sold Online Only a Plywood

It is holiday season is approaching and the public is warned to be careful and alert about the different Modus Operandi of the crook people and online shops on the internet. There is a new technic of the crook people that they are selling Flat screen Tv but the screen is only plywood. It was the time for the people to receive bonuses, 13th-month pay. The public is reserving money to buy gadgets, mobile phone, appliances and other electronic devices to be given to their loved ones as a gift and for personal use in the home.

The hard earned money must be used wisely and must be careful in buying gadgets and electronic device same as Flat screen Tv. According to the post of one Facebook group who buys the expensive Flat screen Tv and when it is delivered, the screen of the TV was a plywood sealed with black plastic cover and sticker that it will not be recognized to be faked.

It was not mentioned in the post of the Facebook Page Sulit De-senyo where and how it is purchase. and this new Modus Operandi must be known by the public so that they will not be a victim of this crooked people.

The Facebook page Sulit De-senyo that post the faked Flat screen TV photo warns the public to be careful in buying gadgets and electronic devices this holiday season. And make sure that the online shop is legitimate before buying any gadgets and electronic devices.

Source: Kicker Daily News
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