Ex-Pres. Noynoy Aquino has no Knowledge in De Lima's Illegal Dr*g Trade Involvement

Sen. Leila De Lima was the former Secretary of Justice of Ex President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. He disclosed from an interview of one TV network in our country that he has no information about the involvement of his former Secretary of Justice now newly elected senator in illegal dr*g trade.

From the interview of GMA news Reporter Sandra Aguinaldo Noynoy quoted "Noong panahon ko, ni chismis na may papasukan si Leila na ilegal, ni chismis wala"
[During my administration, there was no rumor that Leila will enter into illegal activity.]

Aquino added “Ang bigat nitong paratang at ako’y umaasa na nandiyan ang proseso, na mapapalabas natin ‘yung buong katotohanan, “ 

[It’s a serious allegation and I’m hoping that due process is there and that the truth will come out.]

From this statement he is showing support to his former Justice Secretary and now newly elected Senator, and sometime he was sending text messages and well wishes.

Source: KickerDaily

Alden at Maine, nag-trending ang eksenang kissing scene

The sweet love story of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards start to boost again because they were moving to the next chapter of their love story.

This very sweet chapter of Maine and Alden love story start on their wedding day in the noon time segment of Eat Bulaga entitled Kalye Serye.

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards kissing scene on their wedding day is so sweet, passionate, and with love. As people see they look like they were really inloved to each other. On that scene of their wedding day in Kalye Serye, Maine Mendoza automatically gently touch the shoulder of Alden Richards while they were kissing and that's literally sweet.

The ALDUB Nations automatically react to that intense kissing scene of Alden and Maine on their wedding day in Kalye Serye. The ALDUB Nations post a status on twitter regarding to that scene, and they post that they can't move on that fast because of that scene with a hashtag of ALDUBTPAnniversary.

Obviously, most of the netizens and especially the ALDUB Nations are all happy for Maine and Alden. Keep it up for Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards! More love to come!

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza nakatanggap ng mensahe kay Ninang Dub

Ninang Dub has a letter to her inaanak  Alden & Maine on their wedding.
She read the letter in front of her inaanak because she did not attend the wedding in Kalye Serye and she wrote it last year after of the show Tamang Panahon. As she told infront of Alden & Maine as the celebration of the first anniversary of the Tamang Panahon it is the right time for the letter to be read to her Inaanak. The letter was.

" Dear RJ and Maine,                                                           Nov. 26, 2015
  Do you two believe in destiny, do you believe in dreams coming true sa tamang panahon. I like to share with you a love story the story of Julius and Tintin.
Araw araw kami magkasama sa TV just like you nakita ng mga viewers ang chemistry naming dalawa just like you. Nagsimula sa tuksuhan nauwi sa totohanan.
Maine and RJ I am a hopeless romantic grabe. I love seeing a boy and a girl being paired together. I get so kilig and I only wish that they end up together in real life. just like me and Julius happily married for 12 years now.
 I've seen many love teams in my career but yours is different. Its not only phenomenal, its magical.

As the crowd hears the letter of Ninang Dub they are very happy and shouting for joy that the wedding in Kalye Serye was fulfilled after 1 year and Tamang Panahon is now Tamang Panahon talaga.
Source: Ron Sagun

Ama ni Alden Richards may importanteng mensahe para sa AlDub Nation

Daddy Bae is always witty and have a sense of humor, as he tweets on the wedding day of Aldub in  Kalye Serye "Umabot pa ako  kararating lang galing  Batangas! Ano na po ganap".

 If we read his second tweets on the wedding you can laugh out loud  as he tweets" magulat kayo pag ang isasagot! lol!" as we expect in every weddings the bride & groom will say "I DO".

He is always game with the Aldub nation and they like the funny and witty character of Daddy Bae.
The ADN reacts that daddy bae was so funny and they appreciate his good relationships with Aldub nation and fanatics.

Source: Ron Sagun

Ate ni Maine Mendoza naging emosyonal bago ikasal

Ate niki is always supportive with Maine Mendoza as we can se her emotions on the wedding she tweets that she is so excited for the wedding of his younger sister" bat sobrang excited ko ???".

On the day of wedding she prepares very early as we can see the excitement of Ate niki on that special day of her sister she tweets" ready na kami!!! si matti din !! Leggo na !!"

Ate niki was very supportive to her sister maine as a show of support she tweets again showing her excitement and utmost support that on the place of wedding she arrives early with a tweets" Where na u dito na us! Egzoyted na meeee".

Overflowing joy and emotions filled the crowd with tears even before the start of the wedding

Source: Ron Sagun

Video na matagal na paghalik ni Alden Richards kay Maine

The Longest & sweetest kiss of Alden  on their wedding. Alden Richards and Maine  Mendoza is one of the famous love teams today. The time has come all the people awaits for the great event of their life. The Aldub nations are so very excited today because their dream come true for the happiest moments of their idol.

When there is a wedding there will be a kiss of bride and groom that we all waiting for  as one of love song title " Tamis ng unang halik".

All the eyes of the fans are on the time when the kiss begins and it is a long and romantic kiss  that makes all the fans cheers , clap & shout for excitement. It was the most romantic and sweetest kiss that excites all the people on that place that reminds us fairy tale story love conquers all.

Source: Ron Sagun

Cagayan Province Severely affected by Typhoon Lawin, 4 dead, 36,000 affected

The province of Cagayan consisting of 25 towns and 148 barangays was severely affected by typhoon Lawin (International name Haima) . The provincial government estimated that 36,000 individuals were affected and 4 d*ad were reported and may be it will increase .

Provincial Information Officer of Cagayan Rogelio Sending added 1 of the casualty from the town of Baggao was Rosita Rumbua. She died when her whole house was blown away by powerful wind of Typhoon Lawin and his 4 family survives on the incident.

A teacher from Tugegarao Cagayan also died  when a tree fell on her house.She is Sherly Baccay a teacher in University of Saint Louise on that city.

Several people are still in the evacuation centers because their houses were damaged and blown away by the powerful wind of Typhoon Lawin and flooded on their respective areas.

The power supply is not yet restore and may be it will takes time to brought back because the the severe damaged made by the typhoon.

Damaged agricultural crops to be initially estimated to reached 5.2 billion pesos Sending added.

Source: Rappler

Ate ni Maine Mendoza may panawagan mismo sa Eat Bulaga

After how many days in South Korea Maine Mendoza elder sister Niki return back to Philippines and he tweets again regarding the AlDub Bridal Shower as she tweets "kasalan na! Lapit na !! # ALDUB Bridal Shower" as a sister she is excited  that the wedding will continue even there will be typhoon and would like to watch the event.

But in the end she is requesting to Eat Bulaga as she tweets" Kahit sa labas nalang po ako ng tolda  gusto ko po mapanood ang kasal please!"

And just like before the ALDUB Nation follow her and show full support without any hesitation even with typhoon signal there will be no hindrance to watch and  join the exciting event.
The  intensified AlDub nation are always ready to support AlDub.

Source: Ron Sagun

President Duterte announces Separation from America

In Beijing China, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte announce the separation of Philippines to America in the front of Philippine China Trade and Investment Forum on October 20, 2016. Pres. Duterte added the Philippines will separate from United States of America in Military and Economic Relation, he told to the Filipino community" so please you have another problem of economics in my country".

He announces to the forum " Your honors in this venue I announce my separation from the United States".and uttered " I am separated from them. So I will be dependent on you for all time"." But do not worry, we will also help as you help us"<

Source: ABS-CBN News

Arestado ang isang lalaki at menor de edad na kanyang kapatid, sa panghahalay at pagpatay sa isang sampung taong gulang na babae

Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental a 19 years old suspect was arrested together with his minor brother of Gingooog Police. The 2 brothers were suspect for the slay and rape of a 10 years old girl in Brgy Balason, Misamis Oriental.

Monday afternoon The 2 suspects wait the girl coming from school. Police Inspector Marilyn Pimentel added the 2 suspect invited her to pick some fruits. The victim was confident to come together with the suspect because she knows them very well.

In the dawn of tuesday the girl was found de*d and naked. From the Police investigation the cause of d*ath was strangled of his underwear of the suspect.Police added that the minor suspect was a drug runner. R*pe and *urder will be charge to 2 suspect. The minor  will be turn over to care DSWD.

Source: ABS-CBN News

HRM Student Found lifeless in Bacolod City

It was a pity incident to a 19 years old Hospitality Management  2nd year student was found de*d in a sugarcane farm in Brgy. Alihis, Bacolod City. Her  hand was tied by handkerchief and her wallet and cellphone was lost.

Her loveones found him de*d upon searching for her since the girl did not come the night before the incident. The PNP is now investigating if the girl was rape and who is responsible for the death of the student.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Maine at Alden muntik ng magkahalikan

On the segment of Eat Bulaga named KALYE SERYE every afternoon, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza accidentally kissed each others lips because of the reason that Lola Nidora jokingly and forcefully pushed the head of Maine Mendoza a.k.a yaya dub to Alden Richards while Maine is slowly stepping forward coming to Alden Richards.

This is the reason why Alden Richards too closed to kissed Maine Mendoza. This segment surely earned a lots of tweets and comments coming from the ALDUB nations and to all the netizens around the world in social media.

And also this segment will surely gives happiness and excitement to all the ALDUB Fans around the world.


Alden's Rumored Girlfriend ginagawan ng Issue

Who's GN in the life of Alden Richards? Alden Richards was bashed by the Netizens and the ALDUB Nations for going to japan. Because there was a rumored  that Alden Richards have a rumored girlfriend in japan named GN.There was a person who post a status on twitter saying that Alden Richard will do everything for money and what's maine mendoza motivation to that?

Alden Richards was forcedly linked by GN. The big question is WHO IS GN IN THE LIFE OF ALDEN RICHARD?Mr. Liam asked alden richard if his trip in japan is coincidence or he really meant it to see his rumored girlfriend named GN.

There's a lot of issues coming through the life of Alden Richards. But isn't true that Alden Richard go to japan  for work?

Source: Ron Sagun

Abs ni Alden pinanggigilan ni Maine

Maine Mendoza A.K.A Yaya dun has been caught in the act in the video by pinching the Abs or what they called the "Pandesal" of Alden Richards, In the video, Alden Richard is driving the three wheeled vehicle or what we called tricycle. While Alden Richards is driving , Maine Mendoza A.K.A Yaya Dub is on the back ride or what we called "sidekick"of Alden.

Maine hugged Alden Richards and slowly pinched the abs of alden because yaya dub or Maine Mendoza cant help her self to pricked the abs of Alden.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden at Maine, ayaw mag papigil ng mga Bashers

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza bashers will not be lost, Mam Nora's right about her post on social media (twitter) she said "Always be positive, everything will be alright. Bashers are just a bashers, dun sila masaya"

Bashers will be happy when you hurt, they will be happy too when you give a reaction to them, so can you keep calm for Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards to their bashers?

Aldub Nations give a reaction about Mam Nora's post on social Media (twitter) they're agreed to Mam Nora because she is rigth, they said that the Bashers have nothing to do with their life, they're pathetict, Aldub Nation forget the basher and they are focus to the up coming wedding of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.

Source: Ron Sagun

Maine Mendoza, suot na Diamond Ring agaw pansin

The diamond ring who wore by Maine Mendoza on their PrenUp catch the attentions of the netizens in social media and especially the ALDUB Nations. The people guess that this ring who wore by Maine Mendoza is given by Alden Richards. Except for Alden, director pat is also one of the reason why Maine Mendoza is wearing that ring.

All the aldub nations wants to collapse on that scene they were so happy for Maine and Alden.
Direct Pat post a status about the ring of Maine Mendoza saying that "put a ring on it". This status of direct pat shows that this scene of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is not a joke and it is really true.

The aldub nations give they're opinions according to this post of direct pat, they comment  that this scene is not anymore part of they're acting things. This scene become more true and real to Alden and Maine.

Source: Ron Sagun

Kerwin Espinosa will Testify against Sen.De lima

Kerwin Espinosa the recently arrested alleged dr*g lord can testify against Senator laila De Lima.
Justice Secretary Aguirre II added "if Kerwin is willing to testify and passed for the Witness Protection Program (WPP) of the Department of Justice" He will be given immunity as Secretary Aguirre clarified that they will study his immunity for the dr*g cases or for witnessing against Senator De Lima.

Aguirre added that Kerwin and Delima has close relationship as a proof that they have photo last election supporting his election campaign

Kerwin Espinosa was recently arrested in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates by the police and will be turn over immediately to the Philippine government.

Source: Abs-Cbn News

AlDub Nation, hindi nagustuhan ang ginawang column ni Ricky Lo tungkol kina Alden at Maine

The Negative Reactions of ALDUB Nations according to the article who wrote by  Mr. Ricky Lo pointing Maine Mendoza and Alden Richard on his article, The article of Mr. Ricky Lo pointing Maine Mendoza and Alden Richard arrived negatively to the ALDUB Nations. It seems like the ALDUB Nations read something wrong about the article of Mr. Ricky Lo pointing Maine and Alden.

The ALDUB Nations give their opinions and comments to the said article of Mr. Ricky Lo.
The ALDUB Nations post a status in twitter, showing their hate for the article who wrote by Mr. Ricky Lo

Many people was so disappointed  to that article of Mr. Ricky Lo.

Source: Ron Sagun

Ibinuking sina Alden at Maine ni Father Jeff na mag Babasbas sa kanila

When the priest start to announce Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards as husband and wife,  daddy bae didn't take that moment and cry, While the priest announcing Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards as husband and wife, Daddy Bae automatically react on that scene. Daddy Bae start to post a status on his twitter account because it seems that Daddy Bae cant take his feeling anymore regarding to that scene of Alden and Maine. And that post of daddy Bae in social media start to spread in all people around the world.

The super sweet pictures of Alden and Maine that looks like they were really a husband and wife couple become viral in social media and obviously it earned a lots of comments from the netizens and to all ALDUB Fans.

As people see right now, Alden and Maine is super sweet and looks like they were really a married couple. Thats why all the ALDUB Nation surely not let this moment passed by and will continuously support Aldub love team.

Source: Ron Sagun

Secretary Evasco Revealed Attempted to Impeach Pres. Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte again slamming the yellow camp of former President Noynoy Aquino.
This is according to President Duterte said he is behind the plotting of new people power, coup attempts and impeachment against him next year to do in Metro Manila, Tough statements by the President, and he is not afraid as he is immovable to impeach him on the spot. Secretary to the Cabinet Leoncio Evasco Jr.

Confirmed alleged coup plans for  President Rodrigo Duterte. Said Sec. Evasco, had "reliable source" Sen. Antonio Trillanes and some in the Liberal Party is behind the alleged coup plot. Evasco is not willing to reveal who gave him the information relating to the coup plot of the yellow camp against the President.

Duterte recalled that he himself has spoken from his previous speeches that he was not afraid of the threat of a coup because he clings to his office.

Source: Find Trending Portal

Alden Richards nag Paramdam kay Maine Mendoza

Alden Richard get the attention of Maine Mendoza and the ALDUB Nations, Surely most of the people will be shocked for seeing the post of Alden Richards in twitter and Instagram. Alden Richard tweet a status on tweeter saying that "if its meant to be, it will find its way". And post a super sweet photo of him and Maine Mendoza on Instagram with a caption of "if its meant to be, it will find its way" also.

And this post of Alden Richards on his twitter and Instagram earned a lots of comments from the netizens and especially from the ALDUB Nations, If only Alden Richards knew that all their fans of Maine Mendoza which is the ALDUB Nations wants to collapse right now because of his post in social media.

The ALDUB Nations are getting wild right now because of the excitement and happiness for Maine and Alden.

Source: Ron Sagun

Private Car was Shot of Close In Security of DOJ Secretary Aguirre

The  car of close-in security of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre was shot while on his way to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) last Tuesday, DOJ Undersecretary Erickson Balmes clarified  that the private vehicle of Police Senior Inspector Recaredo Sarmiento Marasigan, members of the security detail's Secretary Aguirre was shot; contrary to the previous report that the  home of DOJ Secretary Aguirre was allegedly shot.

According to Marasigan, when he is driving  to SLEX he felt something hit his car,according to reporter, Senior Inspector  Marasigan thought that his car was thrown only with a small piece of stone, but when at 5:45 am when he go to the house of Secretary Aguirre he has noticed that there is a bullet in the left tail light of his car.

Marasigan added "He noticed that there was a hard object that hit his car but did not mind it,"
Immediately Senior Inspector Marasigan reported and blotter the incident to the police.
"It was not known if the car was shot intentionally or  accidentally or it was a stray bullet," Marasigan added, Secretary Aguirre is currently attending a meetings of judges in Cagayan de Oro City when the incident happens.

Source: Abs-Cbn News

Kasalang Maine at Alden bakit hindi makakadalo si Ninang Dub

Ninang Dub was not invited to the wedding of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards,because she's too busy on saturday about her works in a whole day,the tweet of Ninang Dub on twitter is a proof the she love Alden and Maine and she give her full support for them.

The Aldub Nations make a whish that Ninang Dubs was there in the wedding of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza,because they want to see Ninang Dub on the wedding of Alden and Maine, they know Ninang Dub support Alden and Maine about their relationship.

Aldub Nation and Ninang Dub give their full support and Love to Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.

Source: Ron Sagun

President Duterte Receives Disrespect from Chinese Reporter

Chinese President Xi Jin Ping invites our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for a 4 days state visit
which start from October 18 to 21 2016.The 2 state leaders will discuss and have bilateral talks
about the teritorial dispute on Spratlys & other disputed islands in South China Sea.

Also they will talks about foreign relations and cooperation on economic and development of the 2 states.

We know about the issue on Spratly Island & other disputed island that we won from our claim base on the decision of UNCLOS and other South East Asian countries acknowledge the decision of UNCLOS.

Source: RTVMalacanang

Daddy Bae nag paramdam sa Magulang ni Maine Mendoza

Daddy Bae posting on social media (twitter) he said "BALAE!!! Himatey!", The AlDub Nation give a reaction about Daddy Bae's post on twitter, they said that the wedding of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is coming, AlDub Nation was so excited to the wedding of Maine and Alden soon.

AlDub Nation support Daddy Bae to become a GB (Grandpa Bae) for his becoming grandchild from Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, and Also AlDub Fans give a adnvance congratulate to Alden Richards and Maine Menodz and also to Daddy Bae.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden hinatid si Maine at nag bigay ng GoodBye Kiss

Maine Mendoza go with Alden Richards to her car after the AlDub Nation Fest, Then after Alden accompanied Maine into her car, Alden Richards give a goodbye kiss to Maine Mendoza, and Alden want Maine Mendoza to come home.

AlDub Nation give a reaction about that, they got a romantic excitement about the relation ship of Alden and Maine, they said that Alden is so very sweet to Maine, because he kiss Maine after he accompanied her.

Source: Ron Sagun

Maine at Alden Umamin na tungkol sa kanilang Relasyon

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza confessed about their love life to 3 Lola's, I think AlDub Nation cant get over about this,In scene yesterday of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, Alden confessed to the 3 Lola's about their relationship with Maine, he said that he's already about getting  their life with Maine Mendoza.

Then Maine said to 3 Lola's " Sinabi ko naman sa inyo na ang pagiging artista ay andyan lang, Lola diba sabi ko naman po sa inyo na ang pag aartista ay andyan lang po lola kase ang tunay ko naman pong pangarap e mag karoon ng isang pamilya na makasama ko po ang mahal ko sa buhay, mag karoon ng malulusog na anak"
AlDub Nation getting crazy about Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza confession about their relationship.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden at Maine nag Paplano na

Here's a one question for Alden Richards right now, What is the future plans of Alden Richards?
The revelation of Lola Nidora start to make wild the ALDUB Nations. Because the wait of ALDUB Nations is now over for Maine and Alden.

 Because as people know now that Alden Richards start to asked the hand of Yaya Dub a.k.a Maine Mendoza to all  lolas and to daddy bae. And this is the reason why the ALDUB Nations and the Netizens make wild in social media because they cant help themselves to post and comment to this moment of yaya dub a.k.a maine mendoza and alden richard.

The Aldub nations says that they were all happy for Maine and Alden and they were all excited for the next happenings in love life of Maine and Alden.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden namanhikan na kina Maine

All the Netizens and especially the ALDUB Nations are getting wild because Alden Richards start to ask the hand of Maine Mendoza in her family which is the three lolas and to daddy bae also, while Alden is currently asking for the hand of Maine to the lolas.

 Lola Nidora crazily lie down on the floor and start to roll down and turn around in the floor because of the happiness that Lola Nidora cant hide for Maine and Alden and to all the ALDUB Nations.

The ALDUB Nation cant control themselves to be happy for Maine and Alden. The ALDUB nation cant get over to the proposal of Alden Richards to Maine Mendoza. For sure that this happening will trend again in social media.

Source: Ron Sagun

Maine parang asawa na ang turing kay Alden

Could Maine Mendoza considered Alden Richards as her Husband? AlDub Nations get really think about this article, based on other blog, Maine Mendoza feels like she's a wife of Alden Richards, because she cared  Alden so much when Alden's tired for his work.

We know about that, Maine Mendoza proved that on Aldub Nation, because we saw a lot of picture  that Maine carrying Alden, even though off cam Maine always care for Alden Richards. Aldub Nation give a reaction about that, They said that their will being there always fro giving support and love for AlDub.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden Richards may bagong Negosyong Pinapatayo

The Newly opened business of Alden Richard in the boundary of Maine Mendoza's home town which is Bulacan and in Laguna at Tomas Morato which is the exact address of the newly opened business of Alden Richards.

The ALDUB Nations didn't hide their happiness for the continuously success of Alden Richard not only in his Showbiz career but also in his business career.

There's some people says that, the newly opened business of Alden Richard in Tomas Morato is for his future with Maine Mendoza. And for their coming babies in the future.

Source: Ron Sagun

Maine at Alden nakatanggap ng panunukso mula sa Ama ni Alden

Alden Richad and Maine Mendoza received a naughty tease from Daddy Bae again. As people know that once Alden and Maine be together or got married, Daddy Bae will be the first person to celebrate that happiness for Alden and Maine. Because Alden and Maine idea of getting married is one of the wish of Daddy Bae to come true.

Daddy Bae intentionally post a picture of a super duper cute baby in social media. And this picture sense like daddy bae wants a grand child from alden and maine.

The question is, Is Alden and Maine are ready for that? is Alden have enough fund for having a family and going through that chapter with Maine a.k.a yaya dub.

And this post revelation of daddy bae in social media brings a big impact for the Netizens and especially for the ALDUB Nations. The Netizens and the ALDUB Nations cant hide their excitement for alden and maine to have a baby.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden and Maine may Magaganap Bukas, Kaugnay sa sinabi ni Wally

As we know, that most of the people and especially the ALDUB Nations obviously missed the kalye serye of Eat Bulaga. So, There was a good news for all the netizens and especially to all the Maine and Alden tandem fans or what we called the ALDUB Nations.

Mr. Wally Bayola accidentally mentioned that there was a chance for Kalye Serye to be on air again in Eat Bulaga. Wally Bayola also mentioned that Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga probably missed by the netizens and the ALDUB Nations thats why there will be a come back for Kalye Serye in Eat Bulaga again.

The Kalye Serye that people missed and waited for so long to come back again in Eat Bulaga will on air again soon and for sure that there will be an expectations by the netizens and to all the ALDUB Nations for the kalye serye to have a big revelation for their come back.

Source: Ron Sagun

Hinaing ng AlDub Nation sa pag-blocked ng Eat Bulaga

AlDub Nation Complained in Eat Bulaga for blocking them, The aldub nation didn't expect that the eat bulaga will blocked them in twitter because in the first place, the aldub nation is one of the reason why the Maine and alden tandem or what we called aldub success in their shows, concerts, movies and especially on their career. 

The Aldub nation solidly support maine and alden till the last click of their love team thats why the Aldub nation was shocked and hurt for what happened.The AlDub Nation was so disappointed to Eat Bulaga.

But maybe, people dont know whats the real reason of eat bulaga for blocking aldub nation on twitter. Maybe, the aldub nation says something that eat bulaga dont like or maybe, the aldub nation is too much to enter the private life of maine and alden. We all dont know, what people do now is to wait for the answer of the side of eat bulaga according to this issue.

Source: Ron Sagun

Pambabastos kay Alden Richards kinunan pa ng Video

One of the Alden Richards hater's shot a video on how he crumpled Alden's Mega Magazine and swipe into the table and throw it away until the Magazine fell on the floor, Alden's haters post on twitter, he said.
"Napikon ako dahil sabi ko sa pinabili ko ng Magazine na wag isama yung kay Parekoy Alden, ayan tuloy ginawa ko sa magazine nya"

AlDub Nation react about on this issue, they said that the user was a basher that who want to destroy Alden, The AlDub Nation defense Alden Richards on his haters, they fight for Alden Richards, AlDub Nation is always there to support Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza to their basher, they fight for AlDub.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden Richards may Kasama nga bang Ibang Babae?

Alden Richards caught with another girl, is this real? One of the twitter user posting pictures on social media (twitter), user said that on the picture is Alden, But Aldub Nation laugh on this issue, because they know that he's not Alden, The Aldub Nation is commenting on the picture.

AlDub Nation defense Alden Richards, Aldub Nation said, that the picture was fake, they know how to identify if the person was Alden, but on the picture is not Alden, They said, the user posting on twitter is a basher that want to destroyed Alden.

Source: Ron Sagun

Ano nga ba ang Sorpresa ni Alden Richards para sa AlDub Nation

As people knows that Alden Richard is a honest and humble person, Alden Richard hit the Diamond Record Award on his second  album entitled "Say it Again" and yet Alden never commits that he is also a good singer, Alden Richard, being a humble and honest person is the reason why most of the people and especially his supporters continuously love him.

And wait! there's an article says that Alden Richard has a surprises for his fans which is Alden will have a festival movie, and Alden will also hosting the Asian TV Awards and the other surprise will remain a surprises for now. 

And what people now do is to wait and relax for the other surprises of Alden Richard to you all people and especially to all the ALDUB Nation.

Source: Ron Sagun

Maine Mendoza maraming Pinsayang Bata sa Davao

Even though davao is miles away from Maine's home town. Maine did not site two minds and go in the ALDUB Library Project at Davao to bring happiness to the students of General Roxas Central Elementary School in Davao City, Maine make fun and play games to the students and that's really true because if you can see the photos of Maine with the students of General Roxas.

Maine truly enjoyed what she's doing because she's really happy being with the students of General Roxas, Because of what Maine's do to the students of General Roxas Central Elementary School in davao, Maine earned a lots of tweets from the ALDUB Nation.

ALDUB Nation says that around children and seniors they think that Maine A.K.A "Meng" prefers no Rogelios nearby which is really sweet of her. And all the Netizens in Davao thanked Maine for her kindness that she gives to the students of General Roxas.

Source: Ron Sagun

Ninang Dub nina Alden at Maine, Isinugod sa Hospital

Ninang Dub of  Alden and Maine was admit in St. Luke's Hospital,
Base on her post on social media (Instagram) she was attacked by severe allergies,
AlDub Nation was shocked about what happen to Ninang Dub.

Aldub Nation immediately give a loving and care thru social media to Ninang Dub,
they post on twitter to inform Ninang Dub that the AlDub Nation concern about her, AlDub Nation was hopefully that Ninang Dub was  to be okay, They give their full support and love to Ninang Dub to recover immediately.

Source: Ron Sagun

Eat Bulaga sumagot na sa Hiling ng AlDub Nation

If people will only examine all the tweets of Eat Bulaga,  most of the people will say that these tweets of Eat Bulaga in this past few days are the response to the bashes that, Eat Bulaga gets from ALDUB Nation.the response tweets of Eat Bulaga is, they says that there's a time in a lots of things, A time for fulfilling each dreams, A time for love, but a time for family is everlasting. And ALDUB Nation.

Immediately response to that tweet of Eat Bulaga. And one of the message that ALDUB Nation wants to indicate in Eat Bulaga is, if Eat Bulaga treat ALDUB Nation as their family also. And they also assumed that Eat Bulaga will never leave them behind, like they were doing right now in Eat Bulaga and to Alden and Maine with a hashtag of ALDUBYouALWAYS.

Source: Ron Sagun

Maine, walang arteng humiga sa kabaong

Maine Mendoza do the "Higa sa Kabaong Challenge", In Eat Bulaga Kalye Serye, Jose , Wally and Maine play the "Maiba Taya", She lost in "Maiba Taya" so Maine need to do the challenge,
She start did the challenge, Maine slowly lay in coffin.

Maine too scared haha LOL  when she totally lay on coffin, Jose give a money on her,
after that they put the cover in to coffin, but Maine escaped because she scared, then she get back again in coffin, Finally Jose and the other guy put the cover to coffin but Maine was stay, Their closed the coffin for few seconds.Jose open the window of cover, when he open, the audience saw Maine posing inside the coffin.

Source: YouTube

Maine Mendoza at Liza Soberano may mumuo nga bang pag kakaibigan sa isa't isa?

Liza Soberano give a response to Maine Mendoza, Liza followed back Maine on social media (Instagram), last Monday Maine Mendoza followed Liza Soberano on Instagram, they have a rumors if Liza did followed back too, There is it Liza followed back Maine Mendoza.

Did you believed that? the two biggest stars followed each other on social media (Instagram),
Did you think that the two biggest stars can be start of friendship?


Daddy Bae may Ibinulgar Tungkol sa Relasyong Alden at Maine

Daddy Bae's revealed something about relationship of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza,
He had a meeting with the other AlDub Fans, their topic is all about Alden and Maine Relationship
He revealed something that make the fans was going crazy.

He said to the Fans "Nauna ang Diamond, Kesa sa Platinum" , their talking about the ring gave Alden Richards to Maine Mendoza, when he said that words, the fans was going crazy.


Rumored Boyfriend ni Maine Mendoza gumawa ng History

Who is the Rumored boyfriend of Maine Mendoza, Of course  he is Alden Richards,
According to GMA, Alden is the fastiest celebrity who got a Diamond Record Award,
He got the awards because from help of  AlDub Nation, they give a full support and love to Alden Richards thats why Alden get the fastiest man who got a Diamond Record in a few days.

Aldub Nation give a congratulate greetings to Alden Richards for achievment he passed, they give a positive comments , Aldub Nation is always there to give a support and love to AlDub Love Team.

Source: Ron Sagun

Maine Mendoza got Bashed by Netizens for Following Liza Soberano on Instagram

Maine Mendoza was followed Liza Soberano on social media (instagram), when Maine Mendoza start followed Liza Soberano on instagram there's a negative reaction from the netizen, they post a bad comment about that, we know that the two actor's was a opponent from the  different networks.

But the other netizen give a positive comment, they give a full love and support for both actors, we know Maine Mendoza was really nice and likable, we didn't know if Liza Soberano was followed back to Maine Mendoza.


Alden may iniwan sa Bohol para maalagaan ng mabuti si Maine

Did Alden left Mama Ten in Bohol to accommodate Maine, Alden instruct Mama ten to take care his One and Only Maine, While Alden is on his work, Alden realy love so much Maine Mendoza, 
Because also his PA Alden's request to accommodate Maine to secure Maine is always safe and also eat on time.

Anyone didn't know the caring and loving of Alden for Maine in off cam, They realy love each other very much,
AlDub Fans salute to Mama Ten to give her time to take care Maine Mendoza.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden at Maine, nakatanggap ng komento galing kay Daddy Bae

Everytime there's an event like this you can always count on to daddy bae . Because There's no surprise that the reaction of daddy bae will always be like this specially in this kind of situation , when Alden jokingly touch the waist of Maine. Also, all the ALDUB Nation obviously missed and excited for the come back of Daddy Bae in the lives of Maine and Alden.

Daddy Bae's post on twitter he said "Touch me not. char!" , The AlDub Nation gave a reaction about Daddy Bae's post.

A lot of message from them was so amazing, AlDub Nation is so very supportive to Daddy Bae's and also to Alden and Maine, They're so very excited to what happen soon.

Source: Ron Sagun

Reaksyon ni Alden sa Bikining suot ni Maine Mendoza

Before Alden start his show in London, Alden Richard made time to his fans by having a together and autograph session in his show, Suddenly, There was a lady who's one of their fans of Maine Mendoza, showed a photo of Maine wearing a bikini and the reaction of Alden to that photo was so ironic because he can't help his self but to say "Susmaryosep" to that bikini photo of Maine.

And he shockingly asked his fan if that is really Maine because he can't control his emotion to that photo of Maine.

Maine Mendoza napag kamalang Ina ng isang Baby

During sugod bahay in baranggayan of Eat Bulaga, After Maine, Jose, Paolo and Wally do their dubsmash ritual, Maine Mendoza A.K.A Yaya Dub carried the baby on her lap and Allan K. ask Maine if who is the baby that she's carrying in that moment.

The baby thought that Maine is her mother thats why the baby wanted to breast feed to her. for sure, that moment is really ironic for Maine because who thought that a baby will mistakenly recognized Maine as his mom.

as we know that all the baby will never failed to recognized their mom because thats where they come from. All the people inside the house of the person they "Sugod Bahay" is all laughing because of that scene.

Alden at Maine, may Ibinunyag si Leysam tungkol sa Samahan nila

Sometimes most of the people didn't believed in this kind of saying that when two people are together every moment becomes so magical. Just like in this tweet of the one of the fans of Alden and Maine  with a captioned of "I couldn't resist, I had to ask my friend." and a captioned of when Maine and Alden are together they are magic" with a hashtag of ALDUBMagkapiling.

But now, for sure most of the people now believe, because it is true and all the ALDUB Nation agreed to it also because of the retweet of the one of the fans of ALDUB saying that all the saying about Maine and Alden is all true that they were both so simple and they both act like a normal,  People because when Maine and Alden is in Bayanihan in Eat Bulaga they reach themselves to  all the  people in the baranggay they didn't treat negatively all the people in baranggay, Maine and Alden treat all the people in baranggay positively.

In another retweet of the one of the fans of ALDUB they say that Maine and Alden is not only a love team who loved by the ALDUB Nation but Alden and Maine is a real persons because they were both true to themselves they were both who they are no plasticity involved.

Source: Ron Sagun

JaDine Fans hindi Maiwasang Humanga kay Maine Mendoza

Obviously, Maine Mendoza A.K.A Yaya Dub really slay the worlds one of the most beautiful faces. For sure all the Netizens especially the ALDUB Nation 100 percent agreed to that, that's why Maine Mendoza earned a lots of praises in tweeter saying that they were so speechless in the beauty of Maine, that maine is really, very, so stunning beautiful.

That Maine looks like a human doll. Most of the things that you will read in social media is all about the praises of the Netizens and especially the praises of the ALDUB Nation for Maine, That's why some of the JaDine fans can't help it but to idolized Maine also.

One of the ALDUB Fans retweet the tweets of the JaDine fans saying that Maine is truly beautiful, that they can't help it but to idolized Maine Mendoza and some of the JaDine fans also says that they like Maine.

Source: Ron Sagun

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