Panoorin kung bakit napahiga si Maine sa sahig

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were in the Auction in Noel Bazaar All for the love of GMA foundation. They bring them personal shoes, clothes, and jacket included in the auction.The shoes of Alden was auction to the two brothers that came from San Francisco USA worth 300 US dollars.The two pair of shoes was the personal belongings of Alden Richards.

The jacket of Maine Mendoza that was used in the movie "Imagine You and Me" were auctioned worth Php 27,000 by one Lola and she embrace Maine so tight because she is happy that she buys the personal jacket of Mrs. Richards used in her previous movie.

The reason why Maine almost fainted on the floor because her polo, yesterday she wore was auctioned worth Php 12,000. AlDub Nation wants to buy this polo and taken by force because everyone likes to buy this polo shirt of Maine Mendoza. the auction for the GMA foundation in total was more than Php 40,000.

Nanawagan ng Good Vibes ang Ama ni Maine, para kay Alden at Maine
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were very lucky for their relationship as phenomenal couple because their parents support them. Recently Tatay Dub made revelation of his support to Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards that don't bash the phenomenal couple and have only a goodvibes for their relationship.

The revelation of Tatay Dub was tweeted by the Aldub nations with hash tag #ThankYouTATAYandNANAYDub "Goodvibes lang tayo, walang binabash. Yung dalawa MAGKASAMA sila." The Netizens and AlDub Nations thanks the parents of Maine Mendoza for their all out support to their daughter.

Tatay Dub, Nanay Dub and Daddy Bae were on the same path and decision of supporting the phenomenal couple in their career and their both happy for the fame and humbleness of the phenomenal couple. Thank you so very much to the parents of AlDub for your support. AlDub Nations loves you very much and for the bashers don't be bitter only for the good vibes as Tatay Dub said.

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Nagsalita na ang Tatay ni Maine sa paninira kay Alden at Maine

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza parents reveals their support to the phenomenal couple.The bashers and haters of the AlDub did not stop their bitterness and bashing to the famous love team. but the parents of maine mendoza not only her mother but even her father rescue the phenomenal love team from the bashers and haters.

Tatay Dub show his support to Alden Richards and explain to the bashers that it is normal to the couple to have misunderstanding. tatay dub said as his defense to the bashers" wag nang binabash. Yung dalawa, magkasama sila. Wala yung mga tampo sa isa isa. parang mag-asawa lang nagkokontrahan..Syempre nandoon yung sweetness. One time meron akong naano na tampuhan syempre natural lang yun."

Also from his recent revelation for his support to the phenomenal couple he said that" goodvibes lang tayo, walang binabash. Yung dalawa magkasama sila."

Tatay dub ask the bashers to have only a goodvibes and dont bash Alden because they are already together.To the haters and bashers as tatay dub said only goodvibes no bashing.
Alden Richards hindi maka concentrate dahil kay Maine? Here's why!
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have a shooting but the director encounter a problem. Alden Richards cannot concentrate on the shooting to finish the teaser shot of their incoming movie.What are the reasons why Alden cannot concentrate on the shooting? The AlDub Nation tweets the reason why Alden cannot concentrate on the shooting. The tweets with hashtag #ALDUBTwins " hawi buhok...hawi buhok..hawi buhok 3 times na sinabi ni Direk, nakatitig pa rin kay Maine.

It was Maine that Alden Richards cannot concentrate because he always stares at Maine. Is Alden forgot that they were in a shooting and he feels that they are in their own world as the fans tweets with hashtag #ALDUBTwin " suskopo!!!.. himatey.. feeling nila.. walang sariling mundo."

Alden Richards was starstruck by his phenomenal wife and for this reason, he cannot concentrate. Alden was so in love with Maine, the AlDub fans added in her tweet.Just concentrate Alden so that you can finish the teaser shot.

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Magulang ni Maine, may pahayag kay Alden at Maine

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were very happy for the revelation of Nanay Dub for their relationship. Nanay Dub is very happy and supportive of the relationship of the phenomenal couple. There is one more big revelation, not only Nanay Dub reveals that she was happy for the relationship of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, but her father a.k.a. Tatay Dub told the Aldub fans that " good vibes lang tayo walang bina bash yung dalawa magkasama sila".

The revelation of Tatay Dub makes the fans shout and say to Tatay dub that they love him as he supports Maine Mendoza And Alden Richards for their relationship as phenomenal couple.

Tatay Dub added that sometimes there is some misunderstanding and love quarrel, but it is natural for the phenomenal couple. The fans was very happy for the last revelation of Tatay Dub that she shout from the crowd that Tatay Dub makes her Day. What a positive response from the Aldub Nation. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were very lucky because both of their parents are very supportive.

Nanay ni Maine Mendoza, masaya sa relasyonng Alden at Maine
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were very happy that their parents were supportive and Happy for their relationship as phenomenal couple. Recently Nanay Dub the mother of Maine Mendoza reveals that she was happy for the relationship of the phenomenal couple.

Nanay dub told the Aldub Nations her support that " basta masaya siya wag aagrabyaduhin masaya na rin kami para sa kanya" This was the supportive revelation of Nanay Dub to the Aldub Nation.

The Aldub Nations heard the revelation of Nanay Dub and they shout loudly i love you Nanay Dub as a show of thankfulness to the mother of Maine Mendoza.Aldub Nations tweets with hash tag #ALDUBTwins ' mabigat yan matibay na boto both from parents happy ko for RJ.the Aldub Nations are happy for the supportive mother of Maine Mendoza.

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Vic Sotto, binuking sina Alden at Maine tungkol sa kanilang relasyon

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will have a special participation in the upcoming movie Enteng Kabisote 10. In a press conference of the Enteng Kabisote 10 movies there is revelation from Bossing Vic Sotto.As Bossing Vic sotto revealed that the phenomenal couple has something intimate in their relationship

He reveals" Di naman mag guguest ang dalawa na yan kung ganun ganun lang di ba ang layo pa ng pinuntahan , nag Bohol pa kamiwala ganun lang di pupwede may something yan "

The reporter asks Bossing Vic why Alden and Maine is only special participation instead of the main cast of the movie. Bossing Vic added" Baka next year or silang dalawa" While other cast was Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola smiling during the interview about Enteng Kabisote 10 movie.

Alden, para makasingit kay Maine, ginawa ang Ninja Moves
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza together with the host and staff of Eat Bulaga launched the AlDub Christmas ID. Compare the other love team only AlDub launch Christmas ID for the fandom. All the fans and supporters of AlDub were very happy for the launching.

During the launching Alden makes a ninja moves so no other guy can come near and beside Maine. He is always guarding Maine Mendoza so that no one can come beside Mrs. Richards.

AlDub Nations tweets a comment about the ninja moves of Alden, Rowena Cordova tweets " give love or give way".She was referring to Alden because he did not give way to the other guy to be near and beside Maine. He is protective with Maine because he loves her very much. Nice ninja moves Alden.

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Alden, may inamin na tungkol sa gusto niya sa isang babae

Alden Richards was in Sunday Pinasaya together with B**bsie. She reveals to the girl beside Alden, that he likes a girl sexy and with a long hair. She asks the girl beside her what can you say about Alden and you can imagine that you are like Maine Mendoza, the girl humbly responds that she is not like Maine Mendoza because she is not pretty like Maine.

B**bsie was touched by the response of the humbly girl beside her. She defends the girl and she said that all the creation of God was beautiful and don't be surprised because God rest on the seventh day and she laugh loudly adding that it was only a joke.

B**bsie said to the audience that Alden likes a girl that is sexy and with a long hair that exactly the girl beside her and Alden responded positively that he likes sexy and with long hair. The jokes of B**bsie make the fans happy and she added that be sensitive with the jokes.

Tito, Vic, and Val Sotto, muling naka-usap ang paboritong tindera sa Letran
Jose Manalo was at Letran College in Manila when he saw Lola Vising a saleswoman in A variety store near Letran College.The Sotto Brothers (Tito, Vic, Val & Maru) where the customer of Aling Vising when they are still studying. In the episode of Juan for All, All for Juan Aling Vising was looking for the Sotto brothers when he saw Jose Manalo.

Lola Vising ask to have a reunion with Sotto brothers because it has been a long time she did not see the Sotto Brothers and ask them when they will come to have a reunion with her.

Jose Manalo gives the early Christmas Php10,000 to Aling Vising as a gift from the sotto brothers. Tito Sen jokingly said to Aling Vising that it is the payment for their debt when they are studying in Letran and she was the starter of all the rumble in school. According to Aling Vising Val is the most stubborn of all the Sotto brothers and she likes to go to Eat Bulaga to see personally the Sotto Brothers.

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Bakit sobrang seloso ni Alden? Here's why!

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were a phenomenal love team for more than one year. Maine Mendoza catches the heart of the Aldub Nations and netizens because of her funny, sweet, romantic acts. She was beautiful, sexy and talented that anyone will admire her for all these traits and character.

Anyone who has s girl like this in his life will surely love him very much. He will be protected by her love team. As we can see from Alden Richards that he always protect Maine and love her very much that the fans knows Alden Love her.

That are the reasons why Alden was jealous and over protected man because he do not want Maine to be taking her heart by another guy. From the previous episode of the Kalye Serye al;den make different ways to protect and always beside the phenomenal wife.

Alden pinagseselosan nga ba si Ken Chan?
Alden Richards loves Maine very much. From the previous episode of the Kalye Serye Segment he always protects Maine from the crowd. Netizens notice the over protection of Alden with Maine Mendoza. In this video Alden Richards is guarding Maine Mendoza against Ken Chan. Is Alden jealous because of his behavior with Maine that he is always beside Maine and no one can go near to her except him.

The fans tweets the guarding of Alden with Maine with hash tag #ALDUBinEnteng10 "Parang magician si Alden. Bigla na lang sumusulpot at sa gitna pa. Di naman talo si ken mabait na bata yan."

This behavior of Alden was caught by the telescopic eyes of the fans and he tweets with hash tag #ALDUBinEnteng10 " HAHAHAHAHAHA nakakatawa ka Richard.. Walls pa more, iba ka paps! Sanayka siguro mag-COC dati..Aldub Nations were very happy and entertain how Maine Mendoza was fully guarded by Alden from Ken Chan.

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Ginawa ni Jerald Napoles kay Maine at Alden, na pinag-usapan ng buong AlDub Nation

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were very happy hosting in Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga. Jerald Napoles was beside Alden Richards, he pushed Alden so that he can kiss Maine Mendoza. It makes the AlDub Nations excited because there is Jerald Napoles that help Alden Richards to make a ninja moves. AlDub Nations were happy that Jerald did to Alden by pushing him so that he can kiss Maine.

As the fans tweets that they are happy in the presence of Jerald with hashtag #ALDUBin Enteng " kaya nga nakakatuwa pag andyan siya...kinikilig rin ata sya eh hahaha."

It was an act of Jerald Napoles so that Alden and Maine can makes the Aldub Nations more kilig and excited in the Kalye Serye. More friends will come to help Alden to initiate a ninja moves with Maine so that the kalye Serye segment will be more romantic and funny to the fans. as the fans tweets before than the funny acts in Kalye Serye relieves their stress.

Daddy Bae excited na rin sa kambal nila Maine at Alden
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are excited for their incoming babies. Why babies?, because it will be a cute twin babies that will come soon in the Kalye Serye segment of Eat Bulaga. The phenomenal couple is excited the upcoming twin, but the most excited was Lolo Bae.

The excitement of daddy Bae the future Lolo Bae is preparing for his grandchildren. He tweets that he is prepared by posting pictures of two strollers for his upcoming twin. Lolo Bae will work double time for his grandchildren as the tweets of the Ann with hashtag #ALDUBin Enteng10 " double time na sa pagalaga sa gabi lolo Daddy Bae"

The preparation of Daddy Bae was exact for his twin grandchildren because he buys two strollers for her grandchildren. The fan tweets that even the stroller bought by Daddy Bae was also identified that exactly for his twin grandchildren.Daddy Bae is a Boy Scout because he is "laging Handa" Congratulations Lolo Bae for the incoming 'APO". .

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Alden muntik ng mahalikan si Maine, nahagip ng camera

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza held a successful show titled ADN Timeless 2016.It was very memorable to the Aldub Nations the event and they shot every romantic and sweet scene by the phenomenal couple.

The sweetest moment was when Alden makes a ninja moves to steal a kiss to Maine Mendoza but The distance is too far that he miss kissing the phenomenal wife. This was done by Alden when Maine was busy blowing a bubble toy in his mouth

Maine Mendoza was very fast to keep off the ninja moves kiss of Alden.That was very funny once again Maine was so smart that she avoid the ninja move kiss of Mr. Richards.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendozaalways mobbed by the fans in Kalye Serye a segment of Eat Bulaga.The fans are always supporting them in every barangay and area they held the segment.Not only camera of the Tv network that broadcasting the live program of the phenomenal couple but they are taking photos of the phenomenal couple.

Every angle of the phenomenal couple was taken by the avid fans . The photo shows that even it is raining still the fans take photo from the crowd. Even under the heat of the sunshine the fans take photos of the phenomenal couple.

The fans that shot the photo was far from Maine and Alden. That is how they love the phenomenal couple.Almost all the action of the phenomenal couple was taken by the avid fans in kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga. Thanks avid fans for your love and support to Alden and Maine

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Panoorin ang seryosong Alden at makulit na Maine

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are preparing for the ADN Timeless 2016. The phenomenal couple has a different character that makes their love team catch the heart of the AlDub Nations and Netizens. The phenomenal husband is serious and formal the phenomenal wife is naughty and funny.

As the phenomenal couple preparing for the ADN Timeless 2016 event the Aldub Nations notice their different behavir in a photo shoot. Alden Richards is very formal and serious compare to Maine Mendoza she is frisky and funny. The different characters of the phenomenal couple is like a sweet and sour meat balls that catches the taste of the AlDub Nations.

The character of the phenomenal couple really entertains the Aldub Nations and Netizens especially maine mendoza. As we know that Maine mendoza before she become famous she made a dub smashed in you tube that make her a sensation and known to be the "Dubsmashed Queen of the Philippines".

Maine at Alden nagpasalamat sa Fans
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza successfully entertain the AlDub Nations and Netizens in the ADN Timeless 2016. The ADN Timeless 2016 was held in Palacio De Manila last November 24, 2016.The event was full of AlDub Nations that shouts and cheered for the phenomenal couple success. The the phenomenal couple was very happy, how the AlDub Nations love them very much.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza did not forget the Aldub Nations and Fans for supporting the main event of their love team to consider it timeless. that even the time will past they will not forget the phenomenal couple.

The phenomenal couple personally thanks the crowd and the fans that consider this event as timeless that even the time will past they will always remember the phenomenal couple. Alden says to the crowd " So maraming salamat po na narito kami ngayon at sabay sabay nating gawing Timeless ang taon na eto."

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Maine, siya pa mismo ang nagbigay ng flowers para sa fan

Maine mendoza was a simple and humble celebrity. She was became famous as a youtube sensation and now certified celebrity but she is still down to earth entertaining her fans and supporters.Normally fans give gifts flowers cards and letters to their idol star.

But Maine is different from them, She gave a flower to her fan and it was a surprise to her fan that she receive a flower from her idol.

The fans who receive the flowers tweets on her account with hashtag #ADNTimeless2016 " Inabutan ako ng Meng ng rose kagabi out of the blue. Wala lang. Nakakatouch." The good deeds done by Maine touches the heart of the fan . Anybody receives flowers from her idol celebrity will be touch . Good Deeds Maine and it spread good vibes to the AlDub Nations.

Alden para protektahan si Maine, iniharang niya ang kamay sa nagkakagulong fans
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were mobbed by fans in their Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga. The phenomenal couple was so much love by their fans and supporters . Alden Richards is very protective concerning the security of maine mendoza. When she was mobbed by the fans, she immediately face Alden sothat her phenomenal husband can protect her from the crowd.

Maine Mendoza was giving candies to the crowd when she was mobbed by the fans. Other fans tweets a joke saying that she saw Alden pushes Maine so that Maine will face her and ask for protection with Hashtag #ALDUBLolanap " Nakita ko yun ALden tinulak mo! Hahaha"

Alden protect Maine from the crowd after giving candies by blocking his hand and embracing Maine. It was a displays of love and protection to her phenomenal wife. The love of Alden to Maine makes the fans more excited and "kilig " to the phenomenal love team.

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Bossing Vic, napahalakhak dahil kay Maine

Maine Mendoza once again amaze the netizens and Aldub Nations as she imitates Gingging as she reports the the incident of kidnapping of Lola Nidora in Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga. It was another proof that Maine Mendoza is a talented celebrity that entertains well the Aldub Nations and Netizens.

The imitation of Maine Mendoza of the character of Gingging makes Bossing Vic Sotto laugh out loud. Not only Boss Vic was amazed and laughed the imitation done by Maine Mendoza but also the AlDub Nation and Netizens.

Maine Mendoza is a very talented person from dub smashed queen to the impersonator. The imitator and impersonation did by Maine makes her fan and supporters to be proud because of her multi-talented character on camera, not only beauty but talented.

A video posted by Aldub❤️Maichard Kilig Videos (@aldenmainevideos) on
Alden at Maine sabay na dumating sa Timeless Event
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will meet in ADN Timeless 2016 event. many avid fans and supporters are waiting for them for this event of their lifetime as the phenomenal couple. The AlDub Nations are tireless waiting for the arrival of the phenomenal couple. And everyone is very excited waiting for the phenomenal couple to arrive together on that big event of the AlDub Nations.

As the fans knew that the phenomenal couple are busy and have a hectic schedule and it was surprising to them that the phenomenal couple arrives together at the same time on that much awaiting event of the AlDub nation.

It was a very happy and surprising moment that once again they see the phenomenal couple arrive together with a classic and formal attire that makes them more sweet, classic and romantic to the eyes of the fans. The fans were cheering and shouting when they saw the phenomenal couple arrive on the Timeless 2016 event .

Maine at Alden "Ang Pagtatagpo"
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will meet in one big event ADN Timeless 2016.Can you remember Christine Babao a.k.a. Ninang Dub from recent video that she was excited for one big event that she tweets on her Instagram. And many Netizens and fans were asking Ninang Dub Where and When it will happen, because the AlDub Nation are very excited for that main event of the phenomenal couple.

The phenomenal couple will meet again on that big event that will surely makes the AlDub nation more "kilig" and exciting. The photo shows from the video that they are wearing classic formal attire. AlDub Nations is very thankful for the picture posted by the avid fans that make them more excited to wait for the big event for the phenomenal couple.

It was compared to the excitement of the past phenomenal wedding of the phenomenal couple the AlDub nations experience today as they see a photo for the incoming the main event of the phenomenal couple that again make a history in showbiz industry how they were supported by their avid fans. AlDub nations can't wait for the venue and schedule of this "ADN Timeless 2016".

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Vic Sotto, tila may gustong aminin tungkol kila Maine at Alden

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza has a recent movie titled " Imagine You and Me" and again for the second time around another movie will come that Alden and Maine will be together. It will be included this holiday season " Metro Manila Film Festival". It was again a big break for the phenomenal couple to have another movie it is a famous fantasy movie titled " Enteng Kabisote 10"

Every celebrities like to work together with Bossing Vic Sotto for this comedy movie.On that movie they Alden and Maine will reveal something very important . So always be updated Aldub Nation to that incoming movie on this holiday season. As a fan tweets with hashtag #ALDUB71stWeeksary " May aamininung dalawa sa Enteng 10 hahaha"

The AlDub Nation were very excited for something to be revealed by the phenomenal couple on thay Fantasy comedy blockbuster movie. As the fan tweets her excitement " Waaa me aaminin ang ALDUB s ENTENG KABISOTEEE Waaa exited much! here in abroad.OFW were excited on that revelation of the phenomenal couple.
Alden Richards laging nakasunod kay Maine Mendoza kahit saan magpunta

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were always together in Kalye Serye and in any segment of Eat Bulaga.The fans are very happy that the phenomenal couple was always together. They are not only together but Alden is always beside Maine. The sweetness and romantic acts of the phenomenal couple makes the fan more excited and "kilig". 

In every segment that Alden and Maine were together Alden makes a way to be beside her phenomenal wife. Alden always do some ninja moves so that he will be always beside Mrs. Richards.As the fan tweets how he notice the ninja moves of Boy Tisoy " automatic na talaga ang mga moves niTisoy..napaka kilig tingnan". 

The moves of Boy Tisoy was notice by the AlDub Nation and they saw that he like to be always beside maine so the fans tweets that they appreciate the moves of Alden to be always beside his phenomenal wife. As DangmengSoy tweets" tabi pa more Dikit pa more labing labing pa more WE LOVE IT". Good moves boy Tisoy your effort were appreciated by AlDub Nations. 

Alden at Maine muling nagsama nanaman sa Bulaga
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza missed by many fans and viewers in Eat Bulaga. They are warmly welcome by the fans and AlDub Nations, host and staff in Eat Bulaga .And once again the hyper acts and behavior of Phenomenal couple will reign, again the longest running noon time show ni the Philippines.

AlDub Nations were very happy as the fans tweet with Hashtag #ALDUB71stWeeksary " Yes, present CNA A&M 2 day. Ang Saya!" They are very happy that once again they return to Eat Bulaga the fans really miss them so much.The presence of the 2 bibis makes the fan happy to see them in the noon time show.

Because the happiness felt by the fans and AlDub nation were different as the fan tweets his positive tweets for the presence of the phenomenal couple " Iba talaga ung happiness ko when I see Alden & Maine together on TV. Ang simple lang but they really brighten up my day.". The presence of the phenomenal couple brightens her day.

Congressman may ibinunyag tungkol kay Maine at Alden na nangyari sa kanila sa Bohol Off Cam

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza go to Bohol and they have off camera moments and it was known to Tito Sen.And Tito Sen ask the Phenomenal couple for this off camera moments , their reaction was so cute and funny. It is like a student caught by the teacher copying in the exam. Aldub fans makes a comprison to a student caught by the teacher, the reaction was funny and cute.

AlDub fans tweets their reaction when Tito Sen is asking about their off camera moments with hashtag #ALDUB71stWeeksary " yung expression talaga...ang kyot kyot niyong dalawa." Their facial expressions compare to a guilty child caught by his mother. As the fan tweets with a funny tweets " hahaha yung face nila GUILTY"

How Tito Sen know the off camera moments of the phenomenal couple. There must be responsible for this information why Tito Sen have knowledge about their off cam moment. The Fans tweets it is from congressman with hashtag #ALDUB71stWeeksary " at si congressman ang nagtsismis kay Tito SEn..ahaha.. ang adorbs nitong matatanda." Their facial reaction was romantically excited but guilty fan tweets " Mukha nilang dalawa... kinikilig na guilty hahaha!

Pagsaway ni Maine kay Alden, nahuli ng camera
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were inside the house of Sugod Bahay winners together with Wally Bayola and other co host of the Kalye Serye segment of Eat Bulaga.The staff of Sugod Bahay was interviewing the winner but the camera caught (hulicam) Maine Mendoza was rebuking Alden. What is the reason why Maine Mendoza rebuking Alden, it was a tweets of one fan that Wally Bayola was fooling and bullying Maine and Alden. As the fan tweets with Hashtag #ALDUB71stWeeksary " niloloko cla ni wally".

The other fans tweets that Alden pissing Maine, which was caught by the camera" iniinis na naman ni Alden c Madam.The naugthiness of Alden and Wally with Maine is the reason why Maine was rebuking Alden and Wally.Because of the naugthiness of Alden and Wally the fans laugh and entertain.

They are like a children playing in the house of Sugod Bahay winners that makes the segment entertaining to the fans and audience of the show. These are their ways of entertaining the fans and audiences and makes the show more entertaining to the viewers.

Maine and Alden Spotted together in Juan for All, All for JuanAlden Richards and Maine Mendoza again was spotted in one segment of Eat Bulaga Juan fo All, All for Juan. they were spotted again by the fans and netizens that Alden is always beside Maine in this another segment of Eat Bulaga. As a newly wed couples the husband need to be always beside his wife and vice versa.they always missed each other and no one can separate them even in one minute .

The AlDub nations always notice the romantic moments like a love birds they are always together.The fan tweets with hashtag #ALDUB71stWeeksary " Ayaw talaga mawalay si Tisoy". Alden Richards was tag as Boy Dikit because he is always beside Maine Mendoza.

Of course, Boy Tisoy will always beside Mrs. Richards in any segment of Eat Bulaga not only in Juan fo All, All for Juan but in all the segment and out of town shows of AlDub love team. They will be spotted Boy Dikit always beside Mrs. Richards, a very romantic and sweet phenomenal husband.

Maine, tumugon sa mga comments ng bashers

Maine Mendoza tag as the dubsmashed Queen of the Philippines. the dubsmashed queen became famous because of her humbleness, simplicity and talented. it is normal to a celebrity that will rise to fame to have a bashers. maine Mendoza is not exempted for that situation. She read mean comments and responded to all her bashers in her free time.

She responded constructively and positive. She did not take it seriously but in a funny and smart way she responded to the bashers. She respond thru dubsmashing that makes her more funny and entertaining.

Compare to the other celebrities when they were attacked by their bashers ,they took it seriously but for the phenomenal she make it entertaining and funny. What a smart maine mendoza that the aldub nation have. these are the reasons why AlDub nations loves maine very much. She is a true entertainer and celebrity that catches the heart of filipino audience in showbiz.

Gumawa ng Christmas ID ang Fans nina Alden Richards at Maine
Alden Richards and Maine mendoza have many fans supporting them. and good news for the AlDub Nation this holiday season because one AlDub fans made an ADN Christmas ID . The Aldub Nation is now compare to TV network that have a Christmas ID every time holiday season will come.Many supporters and fans have a positive reactions to the ADN Christmas ID made by the AlDub fans.

They are very proud that The AlDub Nations are very talented as the fans tweets their reaction to the ADN Christmas ID. The tweets with Hashtag #ALDUBPorDaBaby " So ayun na nga. May ADN Christmas ID na tayo. Lahat na lang, kayang-kaya ng ADN people! Nakakaproud!!!!"

What a goodvibes and happy moments for the AlDub people that the Fandom compare now to a TV network that they have their own Christmas ID this holiday season. It is different from the other fans club of other network love teams , they dont have Christmas ID, only the AlDub nation have this unique Christmas ID. Good job ALDub Nation for this good deeds. The netizens thanks the artist behind this Christmas ID and more power.

Away ng netizens tungkol sa ALDUB, hindi maiwasan pag-usapan sa Twitter
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have many fans and supporters and sometimes there was some misunderstanding . There is a tweets that asking what will you do if there are misunderstanding and quarrels of fans in the events and shows of AlDub Nation. The tweet was " Anong ginagawa mo sa mga panahong puno ng hanash at awayan ang fandom".

It is natural and normal that there is some misunderstanding and quarrels of the fans of any love team. but for thr solid and avid supporters of AlDub nation they ignore the incidents because for them that truly loves and supports the phenomenal couple it is not an issue.

The fans did not take it seriously as a human sometimes there are some misunderstanding and quarrels but the bottomline for the Aldub was for their support and love to their idols that matters most.
Inatake nanaman ng kapilyuhan ang Baeyaw ni Maine Mendoza
Maine Mendoza's brother in law recently escape to answer about the questions of fans about Alden and Maine bashers. Baeyaw again strike for another story of his naughtiness. The tweets of baeyaw was double meaning to the netizens because of the soft boiled egg he tweets .

Baeyaw tweets with hashtag #ALDUBPorDaBaby " Cute ng itlog ko oh... Patingin ng itlog nyo.." What a naughty tweets from baeyaw. In an English language it not a naughty joke but when it is in Filipino language it has a double meaning that the one who saw and read the tweets will surely think and smile.

The fans give reaction to the tweets of Baeyaw including the ladies which response to the tweets that they dont have egg and they reacts with emoticon laughing. It was a naughty action of Baeyaw that makes the netizens laugh and smile. The netizens tweets that the egg is delicious and yummy because it is soft boiled egg.

Ninang Dub, may inilabas tungkol kay Maine at Alden na napatanong ang AlDub Nation

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will attend the timeless event. The phenomenal love team was the Godchild of Christine Babao on their phenomenal wedding in the Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga. Christine Babao a.k.a. Ninang Dub was so excited on the Timeless event that she post on her tweeter account. Everybody is asking about this event, where and when it will happen.

As the fans comment from the video post by Ron Sagun " Timeless event is ADN Fest " exclusive for Aldub Nations. Netizens have many questions to Ninang Dub for what the event is all about. It will be for for all or only for AlDub Nations.

Everybody is so excited to this timeless event not only Ninang Dub but also the AlDub nations are curios about this timeless event. Not only excited but netizens need to know where they can buy the tickets for the timeless event . And the most important is to attend that special events exclusive for AlDub Nations. Whats up for the updates of this event AlDub Nations.

November 30, Maine at Alden hihintayin tayo, HERE'S WHY!
The ALDUBKoTo which is the official twitter account of Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza the ALDUB Love team posted a status in twitter saying that are all fans of Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza which is the ALDUB Nations are ready for the happening this November 30, 2016 with a hashtag of ALDUBPorDaBaby.

This status of ALDUBKoTo in twitter earned a lot of comments and retweets from all the Netizens around the world and especially the ALDUB Nations, saying that okay they will bite the status of ALDUBKoTo and what is that all about? First time they heard of this with a hashtag of ALDUBPorDaBaby. Some of the fans of Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza love team who also retweet the status of ALDUBKoTo in twitter captioned that they already know the biggest surprise of Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza, that Alden and Maine will also have a big part on the incoming Manila Film Festival Movie which is the Enteng Kabisote with bossing Vic Sotto with the same hashtag again.

Every ALDUB Fans which is the all netizens around the world and the ALDUB Nations are all rejoicing right now for the big boom again in the career of the two love team which is Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza.

Datingan ni Alden Richards pang International Star na rin
On the post of Asian Television Awards in social media, there is a picture of Alden Richards with a hashtag of ALDUBPorDaBaby and a captioned of "ALDUB Nation you asked. We delivered." And this post of Asian TV Awards was also tagged to Alden Richards with a captioned of "to debut at ATA2016 and a hashtag of Celebrating Asian TV.

And this post of Asian Television Award in social media earned a lot of comments and tweets from all the Netizens around the world and to ALDUB Nations saying that they know that Alden Richard will. And that must all the fans of Alden Richards should go early to the venue to make sure that they will be in the front and will be the first one to meet and to see Alden Richards performing on the stage with a hashtag of AsianTV Awards.

Also the fans of Alden Richards send him an Good luck message and they were all so proud of the success that Alden Richards claiming right now in his showbiz career.

Ginawa ni Maine na nagulat at napamangha ang mga manonood

Maine Mendoza is so talented that's why she was dub as the Dubsmashed Queen of the Philippines. She was become youtube sensation asb she acts so real that she almost copycat the act of other celebrities in dubsmashed. In every show on the stage she catches the heart of the fans and audiences because of her funny and hilarious act.

On this video Maine was so happy during the program other host on the stage off cam was giving some prizes to the winners. Her co host on the show did not notice what Maine is doing but it was caught by the fans in his cellphone and posted in his instagram account.

Maine was very funny for her kid like cart wheeling on the stage that was not notice by her co-host in the show. And the fans were amused and entertained to the act of Maine, that she was feeling to be like a child in the park playing cartwheeling. What a funny and lovely lady doing a cart wheeling even in the center stage.

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Isyu tungkol kay Maine Mendoza at Alden Richards dapat na daw kalimutan na
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza facing many issues as a phenomenal love team. Every celebrities has their own issues since they are open book to the public because of the nature of their job. Everything was an issue to all celebrities so there will be a topic and story for the public to watch and read in the newspapers and social media. But for the AlDub Nations and fans fully supporting the phenomenal love team there will be no issue.

There is one issue for the phenomenal love team it is the " shoes issue". From the tweets of a fan he ask the reactions of the netizens about the issue " Anong masasabi mo sa issue ng sapatos? hahaha" The AlDub Nation ignore the issue because for them, there's no negative impact to the phenomenal couple and no negative effect to the AlDub Nation.

The avid fans tweets that only ignore the issue and move on fans. Wilma tweets with hashtag #ALDUBPorDaBaby "parang may mali pero d ko na pinansin move on na lang para sa mga bibis". So AlDub nation ignore the issues and move on for the betterment of thre phenomenal love team.

Mga maigsing damit ni Maine Mendoza, ayaw ni Alden Richards
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza in the previous Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga that maine Mendoza's outfit was very fit. Her outfit catches the eyes of the netizens and even her co host in the program. Paolo Ballesteros saw that Maine need a towel to cover her tight dress. And many Netizens give positive impact what Paolo did to Maine by giving towel.In an interview with Alden and Maine the phenomenal couple answered with different view about the fashion tips and clothes to be wear.

Maine responded that always be yourself and wear when it is comfortable to you, but Alden disagree by saying " ayaaan ayaaan". The response of Alden give an idea to the fans that it is not approve to him that Maine Mendoza was wearing a very short and tight outfit.

AlDub fans tweets that the response of Alden to the outfit of Maine was a conservative response. As she tweets with hashtag # ALDUB3Wks3mos " ayaaan si alden Richards konserbatibo. It was nature to a gentleman that he dont like that he sweetheart will wear a short and tight outfit as AlDubGermanyRiez tweets " Hindi nga ganyan talaga ang mga lalaki ayaw ng maikli lalo na pag di sila kasama" It was a show of concern of Alden to Maine about wearing outfit on their shows.

Ginawa ni Paolo kay Maine, pinasalamatan ng AlDub Nation

Maine Mendoza catches the eyes of the fans, audience and Netizens because of her outfit. The short and slim outfit of Maine Mendoza shows the curve and sexiness of her body. The Netizens notice that Maine is not comfortable sitting on the long wooden chair in the Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga. As showing concern and love to Maine Mendoza fans tweets her about her outfit with hashtag #ALDUB3Wks3Mos " Meng wag na kasing mag dress ng masyadong maikli e. Pants or legins nalang ang isuot para compatible ka."

The situation of Maine because of her outfit did not escape from Paolo. he comes for the rescue by giving her towel so that maine can use it to cover. The Netizens reaction to the good deeds of Paolo gives a positive impact to him as the fans tweets " Aww! Napakaconsiderate talaga ni Paolo kay Meng. Binigay yun towel para pantakip."

It was a gentleman gesture of Paolo to Maine Mendoza how loving, caring and sweet was Paolo to Maine. The Netizens thanks paolo for the sweet good deeds given to maine as the fans tweets " Hirap ng puesto nila menggay.. thank u Pao automatic towel nya pantabon."

Bayaw ni Maine, umiiwas sa mga tanong ng bashers
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza gain popularity in the Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga. For more than 1 year in Kalye Serye they earn many supporters and fans . There are also bashers that are bitter and against the phenomenal love team. One AlDub fans ask Baeyaw about the bashers of Alden and Maine. The fans tweets to baeyaw " Baeyaw, ano po masasabi nio sa bashers ni Alden at Maine hehe"

Baeyaw answer to the fans about the bashers of Alden and Maine was very far from the question. the tweets of baeyaw answer was " Try nila ung shawarma with cheese promise masarap! Add 10 pesos lang.. Tapos kape.. sarap nun." The AlDub fans notice that his answer was escaping from the question of the bashers.

As the fans responded to baeyaw " parang endorser ng shawarma si baeyaw" with hashtag # ALDUB3Wks3Mos. It seems that the Netizens were making a joke to baeyaw because of his response to the original tweets of the fans about the bashers of Alden and Maine.

May duda kapa ba kay Maine Mendoza at Alden Richards, bilang isa sa AlDub Nation?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza love life makes some doubts from the Netizens. For more than 1 year the phenomenal love team show their sweetness on and off camera. But there are some netizens have doubt about the phenomenal love team. One fan is not sure about the feelings of Maine Mendoza for Alden Richards. The fan is sad for his post on her tweeter account. In her post hashtag # ALDUB3Wks3Mos " sorry po sa twit ko sad po talaga ako! My maichard Am not sure po kasi M's feelings for A? am aldub fan" 

Many fans have trust with the phenomenal love team, that they love each other and they will pray and fight for them. The post from one AlDub fan that she trust the phenomenal love team as she tweets with hashtag #ALDUB3Wks3mos " maniwala po tayo sa dalawa. Cguro po ang magagawa lang natin ay ipagdasal natin sila. Kapit lang." 

The other fan post that her love to the phenomenal loveteam was overwhelming. Luzviminda Tingga post in tweeter " I have the same sentiments . sori po, pero ang love q sa DALAWA umaapaw." AlDub Nations have full support to the phenomenal love team. A genuine fans must have no doubts on the relationship of the phenomenal couple and they will pray that the relationship will last forever.

Maine, may inamin tungkol sa kanila ni Alden

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are almost 2 years together in showbusiness. Alden Richards is longer in showbusiness than Maine Mendoza. As a showbiz personalities they are hosting on their shows and there are interviews. AlDub Nations notice that Alden Richards is more articulate than Maine in speaking.

AlDub fans post a tweets in her tweeter account with hashtag #ALDUBHeOrShe "Alden kasi is very articulate when it comes to speaking."The admission of Maine Mendoza that Alden is more articulate than her gives a positive comments and impact to her showing her humbleness. Maine is not insecure to Alden that her better half is more articulate than her but she is proud for Alden. Because Maine talks proudly about her betterhalf positive traits that makes their fans to love them more.

For 5 years in showbiz industry Alden is expert in the showbiz interviews and hosting compare to Maine as the fan tweets hashtag #ALDUBHeOrShe " sanay na kasi si Alden, sa 5 yrs. ba naman niya sa showbiz, magaling na siya." Another fans tweets that the accent of Maine when she was speaking was good.

Masikip na outfit ni Maine, agaw pansin at tingin
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are present in the Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga. Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza and Wally Bayola were sitting in one long wooden chair in the streets where the Kalye Serye was on going. The outfit of Maine Mendoza catches the eyes of the AlDub Nation and supporters.

She was very sexy and pretty on her outfit that fits her sexy and slim body. The white color and yellow collar was exactly colorful to the eyes of the audiences and fans that watching the Kalye Serye that anyone who will see her outfit will surely catches their eyes.

The sexiness of her body and the flawless skin of Maine added the factors that any one who will see her will fall in love and will admire her. It proves that she is pretty inside and out and very simple in her outfit.

Kapag nakikipag-usap si Alden kay Maine, tumatalikod na sa camera
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were in Sugod Bahay winner of the Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga. Jose Manalo was speaking in front of the camera together with the other staff of the Sugod Bahay host. Alden was holding a microphone and back facing on the camera and he was talking to Maine. Alden was not focus talking to the Sugod Bahay winner because the microphone was far and he is directly looking his betterhalf.

As the fans tweets what he notice from Alen with hashtag #ALDUB3Wks3Mos " natawa ako kay Alden! Halatang di focus eh, ang layo nung mic sa SB(Sugod Bahay) Winner pero nakatapat."Alden Richards makes ninja moves to Maine so that he can always talk to her even on camera and the fans was contented for the moves of Pambansang Bae to Mrs. Richards.

As Joaneeee tweets her contentment with hashtag #ALDUB3Wks3Mos " kontento n ako s mga ganyang galawan nyo mga bibis..." but the ninja moves of Alden did not escape from the telescopic eyes of the Netizens.

Reaksyon ni Alden ng muntik matapakan si Maine ni Betong

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are together enjoying the presence of many supporters and fans on the stage. One of the star of Bubble Gang Betong Sumaya was with them entertaining the crowd. The fans are plenty that even on the stage it is crowded, Betong Sumaya step on the foot of Maine Mendoza. When Maine take a bottled water from one of their staff, he accidentally step on Maine's foot.

Immediately he ask forgiveness to Alden Richards because he got mad for what happen to Maine. It was a reaction when your love will be hurt by anybody. Betong's reaction was so funny as he shout upon the stepping on foot of Maine " Oh my goodness Oh my God, Please forgive me" and Alden forgives Betong immediately for the accident.

Even on the crowd he ask forgiveness from the crowd as he says " Pinatawad nya na ako , patawarin nyo na po ako"{ he already forgive me , please forgive me too}.The fans accepts the apology of Betong and he continue, the show must go on.

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Maine at Alden, nag audition sa PBB noong hindi pa sila kilala
Pinoy Big Brother of Endemol was very popular as a reality show of ABS-CBN. It is the entry level of the young teenagers aspiring to become famous celebrity in the showbiz industry. Did you know that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were one of the aspiring celebrities to be, who take an auditions in the Pinoy Big Brother reality show, but they are not lucky to be housemates of the famous reality show.

They made try outs before and try their lucks but failed the audition and unluckily did not passed the auditions. They have their own story how they started in the showbiz industry and become famous today as the number 1 love teams in the showbiz world. Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub the dubsmashed Queen of the Philippines was once be a youtube sensation of her talent for dubsmashing.

Alden Richards continue his showbiz journey because his mommy has passed away. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza did not know each other when they join the try out audition in the Pinoy Big Brother. Luckily Yaya Dub and Pambansang Bae made their names famous because of their good chemistry as phenomenal love team in a famous noontime show of many decades in Philippines no other than Eat Bulaga. It was the Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga makes their carreer soars high and famous and probably the number 1 love teams of showbiz industry today.

Maine Mendoza, nakatikim nanaman sa mga bashers

Maine Mendoza was known to be the Dubsmash Queen in the Philippines. She became more famous when she was paired to Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and join the Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga. It was natural in showbusiness that celebrities, that are famous was bashed by some netizens even there was no reason . Maine Mendoza is not exempted on this situation,so the AlDub Nations defend their idols from the bashers.

From a basher tweets that Maine Mendoza with hashtag #MainePlastik " JUST IN : SOURCES CLAIMS, THE BUBBLY PERSONALITY OF MAINE WAS JUST FOR ON CAM. BEHIND CAMERAS, SHE'S A DIVA B*TCH!" from this tweets Aldub Nations reacts and made comments to defend their idol. as one comment of ennairaM onairoS on this video on Youtube " Maine is a beautiful soul and no one can bring a good person down, NO ONE."

Aldub Nations and Netizens supporting the Dubsmash Queen of the Philippines knows her very well inside and out. As the proof of their all out support with Maine she responded the tweets with hashtag #ALDUBBabyGender " makasabat na ! Kilala mo ba c meng? yung idol mo don sa dos! ibash mo matindi yun." AlDub nations always ready to defend Maine from the bashers because they know her very well beautiful inside and out off and on camera.

Alden and Maine are not together in Christmas

The Christmas holiday is approaching AlDub Nations and Netizens are curious if Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are together or not in this holiday season. Many tweets and reactions from the Aldub Nations flooded the tweeter world on this very joyous season, will they be together or not. From a tweets of one avid fan she is asking if they have plans the phenomenal couple to be together or not.

From a hashtag# ALDUBBabyGender tweets of Norigee " May Plano na ba sa Pasko sila Alden at Maine? Maine: " Ako lilipad" Alden " Wala! Dito lang Kami. AlDub fans Luz Manio gives a reaction on this tweets with Hashtag # ALDUBBabyGender... "Sna hindi totoo kc ang sakit para s akin , 70 yo n ako at affected ako masyado, wag sna lokohin ni A c M."

Again another senior citizen fans showing proof of supporting the phenominal couple tweets that she will be affected when Alden is not serious with his relationship with Maine. Other fans tweets that they understand when they are separate on Christmas so that they have time for their own family. And other comment that it's okay but they must be together on New Year's Day.

Source: Ron Sagun
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