Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, Why they must admit their true relationship?

Daddy Bae recently reacts to the "mystery girlfriend" article of entertainment columnist Ricky a father to his son Alden Richards he is very supportive and it is not surprising that Daddy Bae posts his reaction to his Twitter account.Again another post of Daddy Bae on his Twitter account about the disadvantages of being silent. In his Twitter account post" Masama rin po pala pag tahimik ka lang...inaabuso." This means that daddy bae must respond to the bashers and critics of the Pambansang Bae, because if he will keep silent the bashers will abuse the silence of Daddy Bae. The article concerning the"Mystery Girlfriend" was strongly denied by Alden Richards in his Facebook and Twitter account.

It is a right and smart decision for the Pambansang Bae to respond immediately to the news article of the entertainment columnist so that the AlDub Nation will be clarified on this issue.Another idea from the AlDub Nation may be it's the right time to admit and confess the true relationship of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza so that the bashers and critics will stay away and stop to write a negative article the phenomenal love team.

Another good message of support from AlDub Nation that" Yup minsan we have to correct or rebuke the one who wronged us DB, in the hope, it'll get through. baka naman."That's why daddy Bae makes a smart move to defend immediately his son from bashers and critics of the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. For sure if the phenomenal love team admit to the public the true status of their relationship, it is the time that the bashers will stop negative article against the phenomenal couple.There's a time to be silent and a time to speak. For the phenomenal couple, it is the right time to speak the true relationship to the AlDub Nation.

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"Maine Secretly Married to Alden" News Article approved to AlDub Nation

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were phenomenally married in the Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga.And the popularity of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza immediately soars high after the phenomenal wedding. The Phenomenal love team is accepted by the AlDub Nation concerning the preservation of good values of Filipino people.Recently there is one article from entertainment columnist that Alden Richards has 'Mystery Girlfriend" and strongly deny the issue through his facebook and Twitter account. Again another issue is circulating in social media posted by one AlDub Nation that makes you experience "kilig moments". Her post with hashtag #ALDUBEnd2016 " Another good story: ALDEN SECRETLY MARRIED NA---KAY MAINE. 'Pag eto news nyo, PROMISE- we will support your article" This post is good news for the AlDub Nation, if the entertainment columnist writes an article for this issue, compared to the previous circulating article about the Mystery Girlfriend " of Pambansang Bae.

They will positively respond and buy the newspaper with this article if it will be published by the controversial entertainment columnist.Their positive reaction shows the solid support of AlDub Nation to the phenomenal love team. The tweets of one AlDub Nation with hashtag ALDUBEnd2016 " magbubunyio tayo syempre kasi yan ang pangarap ntn sa mga bibis." If this article will be publish in the newspaper of the controversial entertainment columnist for sure they will buy it and celebrate that the article will come true and that is their dream for the phenomenal love team.Another AlDub Nation posts to her twitter account that she will buy the newspaper with this article even though it is written in English.

Another AlDub Nation post on her Twitter account that if the article that the phenomenal love team is secretly married for sure they will fully support the article and it will be a trending in the social media and entertainment news.Because in is the utmost dream of the AlDub Nation that the phenomenal love team will be married not only in Kalye Serye but in real life.For the bashers and critics of the phenomenal love team, you have now the idea of what article you must publish so that the AlDub Nation will fully support.

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Daddy Bae reacts on Ricky Lo's "Mystery Girlfriend" article

Alden Richards strongly denies the article of columnist Ricky Lo about the "mystery girlfriend" that circulates in Philstar.Through his Facebook account, he posts and denying of the article circulating in the social media and news.This was the post of Alden Richards clarifying to the post of Ricky Lo "Guten Morgen guys! I woke up & read an article about me and a "mystery" girl? I just wanna make it clear that I don't have a "mystery girlfriend". The only time I went to a posh village in Makati was when I visited Dra. Vicky Belo & Scarlet Snow, with some of the staff from Artist dili man po totoo yung Balita.P.S. When we visited Dra. Belo wala pa po akong GMC nun.".Not only it was posted in Facebook but also in his Twitter account denying the alleged "mystery Girlfriend".The title of the article by Ricky Lo is " Who is Alden's Mystery Girlfriend?"

Because of this post of Philstar columnist Ricky Lo the supportive parent of Alden Richards reacts and he post his reaction on Twitter" Happy New Year Ricky Lo! Ganda mo." The reaction of Daddy Bae is understood by AlDuB Nation and Netizen the feeling of Daddy Bae about the issue circulating about the mystery Girlfriend article of the Philstar Columnist.Many supports flooded the social media on this reaction of Daddy Bae.

AlDub Nation posts her support to Daddy Bae and understands his sentiment by her post " From the looks of it ndi mag react family ni RJ ng ganito if ndi affected si Tisoy don't worry rj we believe u." AlDub Nation really understands Alden Richards and Daddy Bae that they were affected by the circulating issue of the "mystery girlfriend" of Pambansang Bae. Alden Richards for sure that he finished clarifying the issue on his Facebook and Twitter account it is clear to AlDub Nation that it is not true. Happy new year to Daddy Bae, Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza and to all AlDub Nation.

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Illegal Firecrackers "Goodbye De Lima" Makes PNP Chief Bato run for safer place

PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa is presenting the illegal firecrackers named " Goodbye De Lima" to the media and jesting that he had nothing to do with the firecrackers name. The illeg*al firecrackers make the PNP Chief and his officials go running and go to a safer place when the "Goodbye De Lima " emits a gray powder wrongfully thinking that it is smoke. The laughing PNP Cheif and his officials stop the laughter and turned to silence and immediately throw the firecracker and ran for a safer place for cover. One of his officers pick the firecracker and deep into the water. The officer told Dela Rosa"Nahulog lang, sir, 'yung powder. Nag-leak lang yung powder, sir." the smiling PNP Chief accepts that the firecracker makes him ran for a safer place. He added that he was frightened because of the mistakenly smoke emitted by the firecrackers"Iyung firecracker na iyun, nakakatakot eh. Umusok bigla, 'di ba? Napakalakas ng power nung rebintador na iyun. Ewan ko kung may bad omen iyun o what. Ang importante, hindi tayo nasabugan,"

Even the media and the people around them cannot jest because they are also in panicked to find a safer place to cover.And he added that even the media will tease him for the funny incident they are all equal because all were panicked and ran for a safer place.The illegal firecrackers dubbed " Goodbye De Lima " is one of the illegal products captures from eleven vendors who had to hide their firecracker products in their backpacks.The arrested vendors cannot prove themselves as authorized seller of that illegal products and it was confiscated from them and the explosion of this will be compared to a bomb that is very dangerous to the public.

The official destroyed the confiscated illegal firecracker products. The Town Mayor tours PNP Chief Ronal Dela Rosa with his officials to legitimate pyrotechnics store in Brgy. Turo and encourage to support the authorized seller and dealer of the pyrotechnics. Finally, the police and officials warn the public that the firecrackers should not be overweight, or oversized it should not burn very fast or very slow so that it will be safe to the public.

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Taylor Swift was allegedly ditches by Selena Gomez after checking out from Rehabilitation

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have a close relationship as friends for years. But after she returned from her break because of her rehabilitation for three months, a new rumor came that Selena Gomez gets rid off Taylor Swift and still affected by her break up with her boyfriend Justin Bieber.

It is so great that Taylor swift spend her time with her fans and scheduled to give satisfaction to her fans and have a concert on February 4, 2017.And Selena Gomez was included in Taylor swift's girls squad which compose of singers, model, entreprenuers that are filthy rich in the entertainment world.

After her checking out of the rehabilitation facility in Tennessee, she was treated for three months of anxiety and depression and reportedly that Justin Bieber visits her. She starts getting rid of bad influences in her life . and from another source "Radar" Selena refused to attend Taylor swift's 27th birthday celebration.

According to the advice of Selena Gomez counsellor" Since Selena got out of rehab, she has been cutting out all the bad influences in her life and definitely included Taylor."After checking out of rehab, the 24 years old Selena, according to the media reporters " Selena is continuing to see a therapist and surround herself with positive influences" contrary to her counselor that she must get rid of bad influences and Taylor is included on that.


PNP Chief Ronald 'Bato" Dela Rosa warns against indiscriminate firing this New Year's celebration

The PNP Chief Ronald " Bato" Dela Rosa held a press conference in Camp Crame, Quezon City regarding the targets of the Philippine National Police to ha " zero casualties and ' Zero de*th" and warns all police officials nationwide of indiscriminate firing and ill*gal discharge of fire*rms this coming New Years celebration in the country.The policemen nationwide were strictly instructed to conduct police visibility and patrolling and strictly implementation of the campaign against indiscriminate firing that will start at 5 pm on Dec. 31, 2016, to 5 am on Jan. 01, 2017.

PNP Chief Dela Rosa added "I’m requiring them to submit detailed deployment plan to the Directorate for Operations, attention PSD, NOC not later than Dec. 31, 2016, and after activity report not later than Jan. 3, 2017 indicating therein the PNP personnel from other offices,” He considered some hotspots area were recorded before of indiscriminate firing last new years celebration.

He strictly instructed the policemen to immediate take action when they hear any indiscriminate firing in the location of their patrolling to knock on the door of the suspected involvement in indiscriminate firing and they don't have the reason to refused when you are in the patrol car and in proper uniform. he told that "if they refused for entry diskarte kayo to break in, you have heard the firing inside the house, you must take action." The police and the Filipino people must be vigilant and aware this new years celebration to have "zero casualties" this coming new year.

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Obama Calls Donald Trump after roadblocks statement

The outgoing President Barack Obama calls the President-elect after the Republican attacked Barack Obama of halting the transition to his administration in a tweet of alleged "inflammatory statements and "roadblocks". The tweets last Wednesday morning brings tensions to the outgoing president and President-elect in less than three weeks before the inauguration day and assuming of office of the new President-elect of America Donald Trump.

President-elect told the media which get-together in his Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida
"We had a very nice conversation, we had a general conversation." 
White House Spokesman Eric Shultz have the statement
"Today’s call, like the others since the election, was positive and focused on continuing a smooth and effective transition."

Eric Shultz added
"The president and president-elect committed to staying in touch over the next several weeks and agreed their respective teams would continue to work together to effectuate a smooth transition of power on January 20th."

Recently, Donald Trump posted on his twitter account against the statement of President Obama for the US to abstain from a UN Security Council voting and declaring Israeli settlements in West Bank is illegal that irritate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Alden Richards breaks his silence regarding the "mystery girl" and strongly denies the issue

Alden Richards again face an issue about the "mystery girlfriend of the Pambansang Bae. He strongly denies this issue circulating through his facebook and twitter account.There is an article published by Columnist Ricky Lo that he was often seen in the area of the exclusive village in Makati City. Here's the screenshot of the article circulating as the basis of the "mystery girlfriend issue. He breaks the silence and told the truth about this issue and strongly denied the allegation of the"mystery girlfriend", he said that he went only to the exclusive village in Makati City by visiting Ms. Vicky Belo and her daughter Scarlet Snow.

He clarifies this issue by his post on his facebook account " Guten Morgen guys! I woke up & read an article about me and a "mystery" girl? I just wanna make it clear that I don't have a mystery girlfriend. The only time I went to a posh village in Makati was when I visited Dra. Vicky Belo & Scarlet Snow, with some of the staff from Artist dili man po totoo yung Balita.P.S. When we visited Dra. Belo wala pa po akong GMC nun."

He strongly denied the circulating issue not only on his facebook account but by confirming on his twitter account again he posted" Just want to clarify the circulating issue..then again, "not true" Happy New Year eblibady." He clarify the issue and with funny greetings of happy new years to all AlDub nations of the Pambansang Bae.

Not only him clarifies the issue about the purchased of the GMC car. The GMA Network-7 talent told that the GMC car is not yet purchased at the time he visited the posh village and contrary to the circulating article that he met his "mystery girl" in that area during an event for the leading beverage dealer in the country.


Sen. Manny Pacquiao debates Sen. Kiko Pangilinan regarding the reimposition of de*th penalty

Sen. Manny Pacquiao the boxer icon turned Senator delivers his privilege speech on reimposing the de*th penalty. During his deliverance of speech Sen. Kiko Pangilinan interpellates with the boxing icon about his stand on the reimposition of de*th penalty issue in the country. Sen Kiko Pangilinan insists that according to data gathered that there is no data supporting upon the imposing of the de*th penalty after the 7 exec*tion of the conv*cted crim*nals the crime rate has risen 15.3%, because of this data submitted to the committee on justice upon the discussion of the abolition of the de*th penalty.This is the one reason why the de*th penalty was abolished and stopped the de*th penalty in the country. Sen. Kiko Pangilinan corrected the boxing icon turned Senator Manny Pacquiao that the de*th penalty is not removed from the constitution but only stop the imposition.

The Humble senator accepts the correction of Senator Pangilinan saying " I stand corrected if this is the explanation of the honorable senator." Sen. Kiko Pangilinan continued to ask if there is any data that will prove that because of de*th penalty abolition has a direct relation to the rise of cr*mes, because there is a clear data that even there is 7 execution after 1 year the cr*me rate rise proves that even there is a de*th penalty is not a proof that the cr*me rates will go down.

Sen Manny Pacquiao continues his speech that the reference must be the countries with de*th penalty concerning the dr*g traffickers, the crime rates has rise pertaining to dr*gs or it goes down? We are talking about de*th penalty against dr*g traffickers and base on the countries with a de*th penalty on dr*g traffickers the cr*me rate are very low, it depends on the implementation of the law of the administration and he believes that this administration will impose strictly and we are fighting for the rights of the Filipino people, peace and order in our country.He finally agrees to the reforms of the law and to have strictly imposed the laws against dr*g traffickers because that is the real problems of the country, the roots of the crime.This is how Sen. Manny Pacquiao smartly answers Sen. Kiko Pangilinan on his privilege speech.


Maine Mendoza's 5 things to know about her off camera

Maine Mendoza is very funny, hilarious, pretty and simple on the camera. These are what AlDub Nation witness the phenomenal star on camera but how about the real Maine Mendoza behind the scene and off camera, Is it the same when it is on camera. Here are the 5 things that the real Maine Mendoza when in off camera and behind the scene. In this video, we can know the real Maine Mendoza off camera.we start from number 5 down to number one to understand the real Maine Mendoza. Let's start the countdown.

5.) Maine Mendoza doesn't have a personal assistant. Compare to other celebrities we know that they have a personal assistant that is always beside them to give all the things they need in the show, that will assist them wherever they go.but For Maine Mendoza, she can handle herself without the assistance of other people.She told why she doesn't have a personal assistant because" Kaya ko pa naman sarili ko eh."

4.) She makes sure to accommodate all the fans who want to take her picture or autograph as long as she can. Many celebrities are not accommodating their fans for picture taking and autograph because they are tired, but for Maine Mendoza, it is her priority to accommodate the fans to have some picture taking and autograph because she knows that it is the happiness of the fans to take a picture and have an autograph of their favorite celebrity.

3.) She no longer wanted to accept any material gifts from fans.she knows how the fans work hard to earn money for them, a little thank you and message of gratitude is enough with Maine Mendoza. Instead of spending their money for Maine Mendoza it is better that they spend their money for themselves.

2.) Even though she is at the peak of her career she remains humble and down to earth, she always entertained fans.She always gives time to her fans makes funny and hilarious faces and make "Pabebe waves" to her fans showing that she is giving attention to them.

1.) Maine Mendoza is quiet and well-mannered off camera. It is opposite to the clownish behavior of Maine Mendoza. According to TAPE Executive Malou Fagar" Mabait hindi madaldal. nakaupo lang siya. May Breeding yung bata." she was quiet and only sitting on one side and she has a breeding means educated and well mannered.These are the 5 things to know the real Maine Mendoza behind the scene and off camera.


Alden and Maine left Broadway Centrum to go for a date

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza always spotted together outside their show. Here is a video that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza left the Broadway Centrum to go for a date.The crowd is too many and they are screaming that they see the phenomenal love team personally together in one car. After this video, they were spotted in Sofitel where the go for a date. This video makes the fan experience kilig moments as she commented on this Instagram post " Eto yung magkasama silang umalis at nagdate sa Sofitel ehhh.. Yung kilig ko tagos pa rin hanngang bone marrow." What a positive reaction of AlDub Nation how they experience kilig moments upon seeing the phenomenal couple, on this video she was entertained and very happy.

The screaming of the fans when they saw Alden and Maine together inside a car is a proof that they were much loved by AlDub nation and the people around them. Alden Richards is so very protective with Maine Mendoza even going inside the car he is always beside and guarding the phenomenal star. The netizen calls him " safeguard" because of his protectiveness with Maine Mendoza.

His protectiveness and guarding Maine Mendoza against the crowd start the legend of "Safeguard" referred to a TV commercial of bath soap. It was a funny behavior of Alden Richards that before going inside the car he release his tongue envying the crowd that Maine Mendoza is with Him. The phenomenal couple is very happy before leaving the Broadway Centrum because they saw how AlDub Nation and people around them was very happy to see both of them together in one car and go for a date.


Alden Richards was bashed because of his lack of diploma

It is normal for a celebrity in a peak of his career that bashers and critics make an issue concerning about the celebrity they like to criticize.There is one issue arising in the social media that the Pambansang Bae was criticized and bash because of his lack of a diploma.This is not a reason to bash and criticized a celebrity because of this reason because many celebrities have no college degree and diploma still continue their career because they are talented.So many AlDub Nation defend the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards about this issue because they know that the phenomenal husband of Kalye Serye they much loved is talented, humble and respected by the people. And by this that the hearts of the people and AlDub Nation was captured by Alden Richards because of his kindness and a good heart.

One basher named "Maye" raise this issue against Alden Richards but AlDub Nation is not affected by this but they defend their Pambansang Bae to the Basher because they know the real character of Alden Richards.The tweets posted by one fan" some fan who puts A down coz of his lack of a diploma. Apparently, she's been at it for the past year." For sure the one who posted the lack of diploma of Pambansang Bae is not a fan but a paid troll and a basher. Because if it is a fan she will not post negative issues against the Pambansang Bae.

AlDub posts their support in twitter which is true and the reality in showbiz" daming artista na di naituloy ang college pero si Alden ang pinupuntirya niya." Not only Alden is the celebrity with a lack of diploma, it is only to bashed and criticized the Pambansang Bae. AlDub Nation knows very well Alden Richards and they can discern the solid fans and bashers who criticize the Pambansang bae. For Alden Richards, it is not an issue for him because he is ignoring the bashers and concentrating how to entertain and makes the fan happy.

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Alden doesn't cares with Maine Mendoza when OFF Cam?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are always sweet and romantic on the camera? how about if the phenomenal love team is off camera is it the same? There is a puzzling post of one AlDub Nation concerning that Alden Richards does not care about Maine Mendoza when it is off camera because it is not included in his work. This post of AlDub Nation is a reverse psychology to the reality happening behind the scene and off camera.From this video, you can see how Alden Richards is caring for Maine Mendoza even in off camera and behind the scene of their show.There is one photo showing Alden Richards is massaging the head of Maine Mendoza.

It is a proof that Alden Richards is caring Maine Mendoza even in off camera.AlDub Nation witnesses how Alden Richards cares for the phenomenal star.In one episode of Kalye Serye he personally secures Maine Mendoza by embracing her with his two arms from the aggressive fans.This is how the Pambansang Bae loves and care with Maine Mendoza and for sure the tweets of one AlDub nation is to reverse psychology the bashers and critics of Pambansang Bae.

But for the AlDub Nation they know how much he cares and loved the phenomenal star even in off camera.There are many instances in Kalye Serye behind the scene and off camera, he always takes care, and secure.That is why AlDub Nation understand the meaning of this post was intended to the bashers and critics but for the AlDub Nation Alden is sweet, romantic and caring with Maine Mendoza.

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Ninoy Aquino is not a Hero, Atty Gadon said in an Interview

Atty Larry Gadon was interviewed by the GMA Network correspondent Kara David regarding of being a hero of Ninoy Aquino.He discusses the reasons why Ninoy Aquino is not a Hero. He told that" Firstly, Ninoy Aquino is not a hero, we made wrong decision politically because we made the people believe that Ninoy is a hero.This is a big lie because he is the one facilitate the meeting of Joma Sison and Bernabe Buscayno in forming New People's Army and it makes a big damaged in our country because of their rebellion." Secondly, he told Kara David that"only Ninoy was not present in the Plaza Miranda bombing in the meeting de Avance and at that time he was the Secretary general of Liberal Party and he was the popular candidate of the Liberal Party. Why he was the only one not present in the plaza Miranda meeting De Avance in 1972.why when Cory Aquino start her office as President she immediately releases Joma Sison and Bernabe Buscayno. He wants also to Remove the face of Ninoy in 500 peso bill since he was not a President.

Thirdly the reason was "He invent the Jabidah Massacre, it must be the Philippines benefited the treasures of Sabah, because it was the territory of the Philippines in History, and we must benefit from the oil and natural resources. what Ninoy Did when Pres. Marcos plan to recover Sabah and established a government, sovereignty. He instructs Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. of the Jabidah Massacre and he admitted to his radio program that Ninoy instruct him to create a Jabidah massacre story so that the recovery of Sabah will be interfered by this massacre".

This was the proposed bill to be passed by Atty. Gadon if he will win in the coming election as a senator to remove Ninoy Aquino as a national hero of the country.He finally added that the Rizal Memorial stadium was replaced by the name Of Ninoy Aquino and who is Ninoy compared to Jose Rizal as our national hero.The mind of the people was poisoned of being a fake hero of Ninoy, that makes to have wrong decision politically.

Source: Philippines Government

Daddy Bae Reminds the meaningful Birthday Celebration of Alden Richards with Maine Mendoza

Daddy Bae reminds the last year birthday of Alden Richards together with Maine Mendoza. The reminder of Daddy Bae about the last year birthday of Alden shows that Daddy Bae is a responsible and loving father. The Birthday of Alden Richards is approaching and it is almost 1 week to celebrate the birthday of Pambansang Bae Alden Richards.Daddy Bae reminds the AlDub Nation about the birthday boy by posting on his twitter account " Tandang tanda ko pa ang". It was a meaningful post of Daddy Bae to his son that he doesn't forget the approaching birthday of his beloved son.It was a birthday celebration of his loving son in Eat Bulaga together with Maine Mendoza and Dabarkads. The clothes he posts on his twitter account was the shirt he wore when the birthday of his son is celebrated in Eat Bulaga.

That birthday celebration of Alden with Maine Mendoza in Eat Bulaga is very meaningful and full of sweet and happy moments. As he is thanking the Dabarkads, Maine and the crowds for the birthday celebration it is very emotional he is thanking the Dabarkads with teary eyes because overflowing joy he experiences at that moment. He knows that his Daddy loves him very much together with Maine Mendoza and AlDub Nation.

This post of Daddy Bae shows that he is early preparing for the birthday celebration of his beloved son. It will be more meaningful next year the celebration of his birthday because Alden Richards has more achievements this year in showbiz industry and have a new upcoming soap opera " Destined To Be Yours" this early next year. So for Alden, it is a double celebration for his birthday and for the peak of his career.Advance happy birthday Pambansang Bae and AlDub Nation is wishing you more blessings and sweet moments to come with Maine Mendoza.

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Alden Richards delivers heartfelt meaningful message to AlDub Nation

AlDub Nation held their Christmas Party together with the pambansang Bae Alden Richards. He delivers his short meaningful message to the AlDub Nation"Hindi naman ako puro salita,alam nyu naman lahat yan yung pinapakita ko sa inyo from day one asahan ninyo na ibibigay ko sa inyo ng hundred folds in the years to come" Alden Richards was very thankful for the support of the fans and promise to return it hundred folds the kindness and supports of AlDub Nation.It was an act of kindness and good heart of Pambansang Bae that he did not forget how AlDub Nation solidly support and loved them very much.

Alden Richards added that"As much as you are there for me, I am there, I am more, mas marami akong maibibigay sa inyo. The pictures, the party are small things compare to the support you have given to me." During his delivery of his meaningful message, AlDub Nation is cheering and shouting in the Christmas party for Alden Richards.

In this message to the AlDub Nation, he is always there for the fans and to return back their support by being always there with the AlDub Nation.The Christmas Party held was organized by the AlDub Nation and at the end of his message, he is very thankful for supporting him in his career.He mentioned all the names of the fandoms who organized the Christmas party and thank them all for their efforts and support.

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Maine Mendoza calling attention to Dabarkads

Maine Mendoza is a humble and supportive celebrity. Recently she has a touching message with her Kuya Paolo " habang buhay ko kayong papahalagahan sa puso ko, pero you know good luck sa movie Kuya Paolo sigurado akong mag hihit ito sa Pasko promise yan Kuya Paolo love na love kita."This message of Maine to Paolo she doesn't forget so she is now calling the attention of Dabarkads, AlDub Nation and people who love and supporting Maine Mendoza. She is calling to support the movie of Paolo Ballesteros in this Metro Manila Film Fest of this holiday season.She is calling the attention of Dabarkads not to forget to support the beautiful movie of Paolo Ballesteros " Die Beautifully".

Even the phenomenal star is on vacation together with her family she doesn't forget what she promises to her Kuya Paolo for supporting him and asking the AlDub nation, Dabarkads to watch the movie of Paolo " Die Beautifully".Another AlDub Nation asked a funny question to Maine Mendoza if what she show presently in his crystal ball regarding Paolo's movie.

Many Dabarkads and AlDub Nation tweets their support to the movie of Paolo Ballesteros and post on the social media that they have already finished watching, and some other is preparing to watch the movie of Paolo. There is a positive response and supports in the call of support of Maine Mendoza to watch the movie of his Kuya Paolo in Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga.For all the Dabarkads and AlDub Nation still not watching the movie prepare and show your support to Kuya Paolo movie" Die Beautifully"

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Mr. Obama Presumption, he would Win over Donald Trump in Third Term

The outgoing President Barack Obama state that he has confident if he will run for the third term as President he will defeat the newly elected President Donald Trump. base on the interview of David Axelrod, his adviser.Pres. Obama said thru Mr. Axelrod podcast "I’m confident that, if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it." For the middle-class Americans he said that"I know that in conversations that I’ve had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say the vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one,"

After the interview of his friend, Mr. David Axelrod the President-elect Donald trump responded to the message of outgoing President Obama through his twitter account "President Obama said that he thinks he would have won against me, He should say that but I say No way jobs leaving, ISIS, OCare, etc. The interview was purely political presumption because the third termer is not allowed in the American Constitution.

The outgoing President adores Mrs. Clinton that she had done well and performed excellently in the last election.Mr. Obama added that the Democrats politicians abandoned the white working class Americans that supports President-elect Donald Trump "Look, the Affordable Care Act benefits a huge number of Trump voters,There are a lot of folks in places like West Virginia or Kentucky who didn’t vote for Hillary, didn’t vote for me, but are being helped by this."

Mr. Obama added that the Democrats Politicians did not communicate with their constituents that make the people frustrated the last election.And makes Mr. Donald trump wins the last national election in their country.

Source: The New York Times

MUST READ: Here's Why Kris, Luhan, and Tao were succesful even they left in EXO

The Former three EXO members leave the boy band group but remain successful in their new path of solo career.The three former EXO members Luhan, Tao and Kris still remain in the peak of their career even though they left the boyband group EXO and fans are still supporting them even they left the group and the fans see their success in leaving the group.The three former EXO members focus on their solo career and build their own names in China.

After leaving the group EXO in the year 2015, Huang Zitao famously known as Tao in EXO boy band group worked in his solo music career and make films such as" You are my Sunshine and Railroad Tigers" He also stars in the TV shows A Chinese Odyssey: Love You A Million Years and starred in an upcoming drama films" The Negotiator".He exerted many efforts to reach his dreams and face many trials and burdens. The proof of reaching his dreams is the releasing of a number of Extended Plays and studio album under his solo name Z.Tao.

Another member who left the EXO in 2014 was Kris Wu famous in the name Kris in that same year he recorded his first solo" Time Boils the Rain" This song breaking the records and reach more than 1 million plays and his film career took rapidly in the 2015 film" Somewhere Only We Know and made cast in 9 films and his biggest role is in the upcoming movie XXX with superstar Vin Diesel and Samuel Jackson.

The last but not the least former EXO member that left the group is Lu Han famously known as Luhan and he left the group in 2014 and continue for another path of his career as a solo. He acted also in many films and dramas. he also releases studio albums and 4 Extended Playings and sold more than 5 million copies and it was a great success of Lu Han. It is not a mistake for these three former EXO members that left the group because of they still in the peaks of their career.

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Justine Bieber as Vevo's Top Artist of the Year

Justine Bieber was nominated for four Grammy awards, includingBest Pop Vocal AlBum, best Pop Solo Performance Album of the year and Song of the year. He won his first Grammy Awards for the song " Where Are U Now" which was awarded as Best Dance Recording? Additional to this was in the ends 2016 to be named as the Top Artist of the Year by Vevo.

He sets new records as his video views more than 6.3 billion views on Vevo. Vevo posted on Friday congratulating Justin Bieber as the top Artist of the Year of Vevo a video hosting platform. His Manager Scooter Braun retweeted it congratulating Justin Bieber.

Justine Bieber has 4 videos that have above 1 billion views.and the three Vevo videos included in the top 1o list were " Sorry" that tops worldwide with more than 1.8 billion views and the two Vevo videos " What do you mean and " Love Yourself" were no. 5 and 6 in the top 10 list.

Also in the Billboard Chart, he caught the two top songs on the Billboard Hot Chart with the song " Sorry" and " Love Yourself" and off his fourth studio album " Purpose" which makes him become the third artist in the Billboard Chart to be the year end two songs.


Taylor Swifts makes a Christmas surprise with a 96-year-old World War II Veteran

Taylor Swift an American Songwriter-Singer, the most popular contemporary female recording Artist makes a surprise visit with her 96 years old veteran fan to make his dreams comes, in reality, this holiday season.It is one day before Christmas that the popular singer-songwriter of the song"Blank Space" prepare and packed her things to visit Missouri to surprised the deserving World War II veteran.E News has verified that Cyrus Porter, a 96 years old world War II Veteran received a surprise visit of the popular singer-songwriter.

The family of Cyrus Porter received a Christmas surprised when Taylor Swifts and her parent come to his home and performed the " Shake it Off"The world War II veteran together with his family was able to meet and unite with the singer-actress compose of more than 60 relatives of Cyrus Porter.

Caroline Fowler told the E News that "My Papa was ecstatic! He was grinning from ear to ear and even had tears in his eyes," The happiness shared by the songwriter-actress to the family of Cyrus Porter were cherished by his family and she added that"The first thing he said to her was ‘How did you get here?' He loved every moment. He told her how he was proud of his family, his country, and Taylor Swift!" What a Christmas surprised experienced by the 96 years old veteran from Missouri, that makes him proud to meet Taylor Swifts and her parent.

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PNP Chief Dela Rosa Humiliated Mariz Umali because of Discrediting him in Public

PNP Chief Director General Dela Rosa embarrassed the GMA Reporter Mariz Umali by discrediting the Chief PNP in Public.In the ongoing press conference of the PNP Chief, he presented two alleged suspects who already disclose that they were responsible for the burying of Improvised Explosive Device(IED) at the US Embassy in Roxas Blvd. Manila Based on the press conference on this video a reporter asked the chief PNP if the suspects are positive and Dela Rosa Added that the suspect disclosed to him that they are responsible for the planting of IED and pointed out the alleged suspect. Another question was raised by the reporter of GMA Mariz Umali by trying to Discredit the Chief PNP Chief in Public for the disclosure of the 2 suspects.Chief PNP Dela Rosa Humiliated the lady reporter by responding straightly that"Sino nag sabi na hindi daw nya binawi? Nakausap mo? Sinong reporter yun? Mahirap yan you are trying to discredit me in public pag ganun Magiging it's Kerwin's word, your reporter's word against my word"

Chief PNP added that"Ako Mariz ano makukuha ko kung magsinungaling ako, kunga gawagawa ko lang istorya, what would I get from that di ba?, I will be getting ano magagawa ko, sinasabi ko lang totoo ngayung gabi na yon ganoon so sishare ko sa inyo to be transparent, now if you want to destroy my credibility by reporting otherwise it's your call, wala akong magagawa, sabihin nyo lang kung paano ginawa, kung paano sinabi ng reporter nyo, I stand by my word, i am willing to be head to be cut off if I am lying."

It was a very straight-forward word coming from the PNP chief against the question of the news reporter and he finally told that" I don't know if your purpose is to create a news or to destroys someone's credibility or pagawayawayin kami ni Kerwin.". By this statement, the biased reporter was silenced and humiliated of her discrediting the Chief PNP in public.

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Alden's promises to Maine "I will never forsake you"

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza exchanging their I do's in the phenomenal wedding of Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga. The exchange of promises of the phenomenal love team after the phenomenal wedding continues. There was a post on twitter by broadway Janitor" Wag kang mag-alala, menggay. Hinding hindi kita pababayaan."- Richard Faulkerson Jr., it was the post in Twitter that makes the AlDub Nation another kilig experience.It is a promise of love by the phenomenal husband to his phenomenal wife that he will not forsake Maine Mendoza no matter what happens.There are plenty of reactions from AlDUb Nation that flooded the social media twitter about the promise of Alden Richards.

Some AlDub Nation tears fall from their eyes and make their day more colorful because of this loving message post of Broadway Janitor. Another AlDub Nation is requesting to have a real wedding for the phenomenal love team.The AlDub Nation shows their supports to the phenomenal couple that they will never leave the phenomenal love team.That was the proof that the phenomenal love team was so loved by AlDub Nation they are always expressing their solid support.

For the exchange of the AlDub Nation support, the phenomenal love team is working hard to make the fandom happy and entertained every day.AlDub Nation is expecting your promise of love to your phenomenal star that you will not forsake him no matter what happen. The forever will happen with the phenomenal love team.

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Maine Mendoza responds to AlDub Nation on her Twitter post

Maine Mendoza has 4.2 million followers on twitter and when AlDub Nation tweets she is responding especially concerning with Alden Richards.It was not surprising to the fans that Maine Mendoza really responds to the tweets of the AlDub Nation. She was actively interacting with her fans.In one tweet of AlDub Nation asking for who will win for the Ginoong laguna and she responded hilariously to makes her fans happy and entertain. The fan tweets " Madam Maine sino po kaya ang mananalo." The phenomenal star responds to the fans" pakimmykimmy ayon sa aking bolang kristal... si Tonton."

She responds like a fortune teller using her crystal ball to know who will win that competition.It was her way of responding the fans that make them laugh, happy and entertained.Because Maine Mendoza knows how to entertain her fans even though in twitter and social media.The AlDUb nation supports the response of Maine Mendoza and gives warning to the bashers. Here is the support tweets of the AlDub Nation " Maine and Pakimmykimmy Wag nyong ibash si Meng f basagin nya lahat ng fan fiction nyo!!just keep it real Meng kung sino talaga gusto mo."

Another AlDub Nation reacted about her choice Chard because it was the look alike of Alden Richards. But the choice of Maine is Tonton as he posts on her twitter accounts according to her crystal ball that she choose Tonton that will win the Ginoong Laguna Competition.The response of Maine Mendoza as we know that it is only for fun so that she will entertain the AlDub Nation.

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Trillanes walk out again during the speech of Bongbong Marcos

Sen. Trillanes recently walk out in the senate hearing concerning the involvement of Sen. Leila de Lima with the alleged dr*g lord Kerwin Espinosa with the photo taken at Burnham Park in Baguio City,but Sen.De Lima strongly denied the accusation of her involvement. It was not the first time that the Walk out king does this, but for another senator. For this walk out issue of Sen. Trillanes again the people witness his unusual behavior in the senate hearing because of Sen. Bongbong Marcos speech in the senate about the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Many Netizen is disappointed about his behavior of walking out in every discussion he doesn't like.

During the speech of Senator Bongbong Marcos about the SAF 44 who had fallen to the arr*st Marwan, the alleged terr*rist. The SAF 44 was killed mercilessly by the MILF and BIFF and until now justice has not yet been served for the SAF 44 families and relatives.The main issue of Sen. Bongbong is about the Bangsamoro Basic Law which when it will pass as a law would establish a proposed new autonomous political entity in Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

The incident of the Mamasapano SAF 44 killings will postpone the passing of the Bangsamoro Basic law and the peace agreement between the Government and MILF were questioned why the MILF has no control with their men. And the Bangsamoro Basic Law must be scrutinized and review by the congress that will benefit the interest of the Filipino people and not against our constitution.

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Mike Tuviera Reveals Maine Mendoza's Secret , Here's Why She is Successful?

Maine Mendoza has reached the peak of her career in Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga. alDub Nation knows the start of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza as the Queen of Dub smashed in the Philippines. Her career continues to soar high when she was paired to Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and on that Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga the phenomenal love team was created the love team of Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards and Queen Of Dub Smashed Yaya Dub. The phenomenal love team and fandom created AlDUB and AlDub Nation as the solid fans of the phenomenal love team. The success of the phenomenal star was revealed by Direk Mike Tuviera.

Direk Mike Tuviera finds the combination, and he found out that Wally Bayola and Maine Mendoza is a perfect combination.They are the same with Wally Mayola with always frowning and whatever the director's instruction she followed and do the job. Mike Tuviera added that since Maine Mendoza is young, she was not afraid, and the first time he saw that a pretty lady trying to be ugly.After this message of Direk Mike, Maine tries to make her face ugly and all in the crowd was laughing at her funny face.

Direk Mike was puzzled and asking himself "what this young lady is doing, she has a talent, and she will show to the people that she was enjoying what she is doing.It is her secret why she rose quickly in her career that she is not afraid of what character and instruction of the director, she immediately follows." It is not impossible to the phenomenal star to become successful because she is talented and not afraid to do any character role in the show.

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DOJ files charges against De Lima

Sen. Leila De Lima has returned to the country from the United States of America and Germany. Recently she was interviewed by the CNN regarding the extra-judicial k*llings in the Philippines. The return of the lady senator from germany is the proof that she has no reason to hide, De Lima said" Wala naman akong kabalak balak na tumakas, bakit ako tatakas wala naman akong kasalanan" She explained that it was an advice from her, not an instruction to her driver-bodyguard Ronnie Dayan for not attending the comittee on justice hearing in the congress for the illegal dr*ug trade in National Bilibid Pr*son.

The congressman headed by Representative Umali file charges against the lady senator on the ethics complaint in the senate and disobedience to summons in Department of Justice.Additional charges were filed by the Department of Justice to De Lima by violating Article 150 of the revised penal code in the Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Court.

De Lima added that she will continue to criticized the extra-judicial k*lling in the country even they file charges against her. In the recent days Pres. Duterte mention some politicians including a mayor and a senator involve in illegal dr*gs in the country. And respond to the accusation of the president regarding involvement in illegal dr*gs that" It's incredible how people continue to believe Duterte's dr*g induced imaginations in who among politicians are dr*g lords and dr*g coddlers, after admitting he himself is dependent on the dr*g Fentanyl."

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Kerwin Espinosa's Cousins Reveals Sen. De Lima's Involvement in Dr*g Trade

The Senate committee on Justice continues the hearing about the alleged involvement of Sen. Leila De Lima in Ill*gal Drug Trade in National Bilibid Pr*son. Kerwin Espinosa the alleged dr*g lord of the late Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. of Albuera Leyte, Ronnie Dayan the alleged driver-bodyguard and bagman of Sen. Leila De Lima and the first cousin of Kerwin Espinosa named Ram Espinosa. Sen. Lacson clarified that Ram Espinosa is the first cousin of Kerwin Espinosa and answered it yes your honor that confirming he is the cousin of the alleged arrested dr*g lord. In this interview, Ram Espinosa reveals all his knowledge about the involvement of Sen. Leila De Lima and Kerwin Espinosa in the ill*gal dr*g trade.

Sen Lacson asked Ram Espinosa about his knowledge between Sen. Leila De Lima and Kerwin Espinosa Meet up in Baguio City as confirming with the alleged picture of Sen. Leila de Lima with Kerwin Espinosa in Burnham Park, Baguio City. He confirms that he was the companion of Kerwin Espinosa in Baguio city and his name was registered as an official guest in Alexandra Hotel.The check-in in hotel happened last Nov.18, 2015 with Kerwin Espinosa. and on the next day as per Ram Espinosa responds to the question of Sen. Lacson that he knows that Kerwin Espinosa and Sen. Leila Delima has picture taking on the next day Nov. 19, 2015, which strongly denied by the senator from the interview of the TV network that she did not know Kerwin personally. And it was a campaign period and everyone who likes to have a picture with her was entertained.

Lastly he confirmed from the question of Sen Lacson that Sen. De Lima, Kerwin Espinosa and Ronnie Dayan were together and meet up Burnham Park, Baguio City last Nov. 19, 2015 but he did not know Ronnie Dayan personally and the proof was the picture taking of Sen. Leila De Lima and Kerwin Espinosa and his wife in Burnham Park, Baguio City. and finally, Sen Lacson told that Ram Espinosa has submitted an affidavit in the senate for his official statement.These were all the information revealed by the first cousin of Kerwin Espinosa.

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Maine Mendoza's Christmas Inspiring Message to the AlDub Nation

Maine Mendoza doesn't forget the AlDub Nation to give Christmas message through her post on her Twitter accounts. The phenomenal star tweets her inspirational and sweet message to the AlDub Nation around the globe before the Christmas start.She shared an inspiring message that forgets all the problems and celebrates the birth of Jesus and all be happy in this holiday season. The tweets were posted 11 minutes before Christmas that" Forget whatever it is that's bothering you and let us celebrate the birth of Jesus. Let us all be happy! Merry Christmas everybody!"

What an inspiring message came from the phenomenal star.It was a sincere and inspiring message to AlDub Nation that before anything else that will come in our mind, the celebration of Jesus's birth must be the priority of All.It was a answered by the positive response of the alDub Nation that makes them inspire the message she posted on her twitter accounts for her 4.2 million followers.

As the AlDub Nation responds positively to her message with hashtag #MaineningfulHolidays " Merry Christmas to u & ur family! Thank u for always inspiring us!.AlDub Nation wishes her to find the genuine happiness she reveals with the Queen of all Media that she wants in her life. Many responds of gratitude were the message of alDub Nation to the phenomenal star thanking God that the Almighty give Maine as gifts to them and the phenomenal love team makes them happy all the time.

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Bongbong Marcos Outsmarted Bam Aquino

Sen. Bam Aquino has questioned the Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Bongbong Marcos for Poll system audit of the three independent servers used last May 9, 2016, election. Sen. Bam Aquino interpolates Sen Bongbong Marcos about the change in the script in the transparency server is only a cosmetic change according to Smartmatic. This only happens to the transparency servers, not to the other two independent servers.Sen. Bam Aquino asked Sen. Bongbong Marcos of what irregularities, in particular, are you exactly talking about? Then Sen. Bongbong responds" Again they are many, Too many for us to go through here, we have as I said when I spoke there is a proper time or place will be detail those irregularities, those discrepancies we have found and furthermore will be reported, will be analysis, will be affidavits statements from the witnesses and many whistleblowers as well,will come forward and decided to come clean their part on this.

Again Sen bam Aquino told the senate hearing that " numerous academicians have actually said that nothing irregular about that Sen. Bongbong smartly responded that numerous academicians said there is. Again Sen. bam Responded that there are 2 academicians and Sen Bongbong only laughed off the response of Sen. Bam Aquino that"2 academicians told that there are no irregularities again the vice presidential candidate smartly answered Sen. Bam Aquino." ano ba ito paramihan ng academicians o naghahanap tyo ng katotohanan."

The last respond of Sen bam Aquino told that it was unfortunate change that Smartmatic did bravely and smartly Sen. Bongbong Marcos answered that it was not unfortunate but illegal and Sen bam admitted it that illegal and told to the senate that the Comelec already castigated the Smartmatic.through this video netizen will see how Sen. Bongbong Marcos smartly and bravely answered Sen Bam Aquino for requesting to conduct system in the servers used in the election.

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G- Dragon's Love life is failure, Big Bang members revealed

The Korean Boyband Big Bang was in the show of the MBC Radio star last Dec. 21, 2016. The members of the Big Bang Boy band made fun with their boy Band leader G-Dragon for being terrible in dating girls. Taeyang vocalist of the Korean Boy band added that G- Dragon " he likes to give dating advice, but he is bad on his own dating life.He said this statement to G-Dragon because when he applied the advice of the boy band leader G-Dragon to his relationship with his girlfriend Min Hyo Rin but it is not helpful for their mutual relationship with his Girlfriend.

Taeyang said that" He is good at giving dating tips, but they're not actually helpful. When I do as he says, my relationship gets worse.It was not good for Taeyung that he apply the advice of G- Dragon to for dating his girlfriend because it gets worse.

Seungri the vocal and maknae of the boyband Big Bang told that " His own dating life makes no sense. The reason Big Bang songs are sad is that G-Dragon's love life is a failure." their songs reflects the love life situation of their leader G-Dragon.

Another member of the boyband T.O.P.added told sincerely " Honestly, there's no one who has a normal dating life in Big Bang. But their leader defends it by saying " I am extremely good at dating.". Sometimes the success of the career of a celebrity makes their love life to be a failure.

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Is Alden Richards is kissing Maine Mendoza or it could be only angle of the photo shot?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is known as the phenomenal love team in Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga and recently they have the phenomenal wedding in the Kalye Serye. There are photos spreading in the social media showing the incomplete details of whether the phenomenal love team was kissing with each other. From the photos, other are concluding that the phenomenal love team is kissing with each other but that picture was shot in the rear side.

AlDub Nation and netizens have a different reaction to these photos of the phenomenal love team if they really kiss each other or not because the photo is not detailed that the phenomenal love team was really kissing each other.To the AlDub Nation and netizens that saw this photos, what do you think about this photos?

The angle of the photo gives an idea that they are kissing, but because of its incomplete details and angles, AlDub Nation, and netizen have different interpretation and conclusion about the photo.Only the people presently in that location can conclude if they are kissing each other or not.And especially Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza has the final comment and confirmed the real event on this photo shot in a mind blowing angles.

The people behind this photo shot can conclude and confirm the real situation of this photo. It may be a teaser photo so that the AlDub Nation and netizen will be more excited about the phenomenal love team.The netizen makes the photo sensational maybe of their upcoming soap opera" Destined To Be Yours". For the AlDub Nation, the kissing may be real or not happen it makes them experience kilig moments for this sweet and romantic photo of the phenomenal love team.


Trending Abused OFW rejoins with her family

The social media gives a lot of help to the Overseas Filipino Workers to give constant communication with their family. The video posted by the children of an OFW makes her mother reunite with her family. One OFW in Kuwait was abused by her employer and asking for help in the video post by her children was finally repatriated by The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration(OWWA). The 45 years old Filipina, Rosemarie Jullanda repatriated from Zarah, Kuwait said to OWWA" Sobrang nakahinga ako nang maluwag at makakauwi nsa sa Pilipinas. Her situation in Kuwait reached the OWWA authorities after the children of the repatriated OFW posted on the social media Facebook by her children last Dec. 7, 2016. In the video posted she is accusing her employer of physical abused.

She reveals what her employer done to her that"Sinampal ako ng kabilaan tapos tinadyakan ako. Pinagsusuntok pa ako sa tiyan. Wala naman akong ginawang kasalanan, di naman masama yung ginawa ko. Narinig lang niya na umiyak yung anak niya, di ko naman inaano," Her employer found out that the video posted on the social media makes her into trouble. She was brought to the desert for 2 hours and after to the police station for 16 hours.

Even she had communication with her Foreign Recruitment Agency, she was returned to her employer to retracted her previous statement.Rosemarie was released from her employer and gave her plane ticket to return to the Philippines.The Local Recruitment Agency gives her financial settlement at the OWWa Center after her arrival and received Php 100,000 for her 6 months salary. Her Children was granted scholarship and Balik Pinas, Balik Hanapbuhay Livelihood program from OWWA.

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AlDub Nation request Maine Mendoza to give attention to Alden Richards

Alden Richards really miss his phenomenal wife Maine Mendoza.He posted on twitter that he likes to have video greetings from the phenomenal star. AlDub Nation requests Maine Mendoza to give attention to Alden Richards because they missed them both. Because of the holiday season, the phenomenal love team is away from each other and they have their own personal vacation. Alden Richards go for hiking and Maine Mendoza is with her family in Japan meets with AlDub Nation Japan.AlDub nation around the globe misses the togetherness of the phenomenal couple in the Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga.The AlDub Nation expresses their hunger for the togetherness of the phenomenal love team in the Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga.AlDub Nation is like a plant that is thirsty with water, and they are thirsty for the presence of the phenomenal couple in the Kalye Serye.

AlDub Nation tweets her hunger for the phenomenal love team by his tweets with hashtag ALDUBSeasonOfLOVE " Maine, pls. make pansin Alden Richards na. We're so tigang. Make dilig our petchays, cachuchis, & sayotes pls." this is how the AlDub Nation misses the phenomenal couple, that's why they request Maine Mendoza to give attention to Alden Richards to have Video Greeting. AlDub Nation supports the tweets that they really miss the phenomenal love team and respond the tweets by " Yes pls. bibi girl miss na miss namin kayong dalawa sobra."

This post on twitters shows how the AlDub Nation miss very much the phenomenal love team.They really missed the togetherness of the phenomenal love team as the Christmas gifts to the AlDub Nation to be together as soon as possible.The coming year will be more exciting for the AlDub Nation as they miss very much the phenomenal love team for a week that they did not see in the Kalye Serye of Eat Bulaga.

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Justin Bieber Wanted in Argentina

According to the TMZ report, Justin Bieber will be arrested if he dares to travel to Argentina, because of the Buenos Aires judge has put the word out to the police that Bieber is a wanted man in Argentina.The youtube sensation Canadian-born singer was accused of ordering his bodyguards to attacked the photographer in Argentina.

The singer left the club and he did not appear for questioning him.Even though Justin Bieber was accused by the judge he was still innocence and he is ordered to appear by April.The Judge told the TMZ as the order was released" I consider it pertinent to order the immediate detention of the accused".

TMZ added that he cannot return toArgentina until the case is resolved. Justine Bieber lawyer will appeal the accusation of the judge against his client. as remembered that his sidekick Lil twist was sentenced to jail for a year because of attacking the photographer in Argentina.

After the famous "Purpose World Tour" again the Canadian singer is setting up the continuation of another leg of the Purpose World tour going to South America by the next year 2017.For the fans of the Canadian Singer and songwriter, what's up for her concert tour in Soth America.

Source: FOX NEWS Entertainment
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