5 things to do to have baby twins

Many couples want to have twin babies because it is a blessing from above.They are thinking what do to have baby twins. It will depend on the sexual position in lovemaking or the foods to be eaten by the mother to conceive baby twins. There are many ways and in the natural method of conceiving the baby twins. Kindly check below to have an idea to conceive baby twins naturally.

1.) Check your family history if from your father and mother and other relatives conceive baby twins from their past pregnancy. It is a good news for you if you have a relative clan or love ones that have the history of giving birth baby twins.Bear in mind that only small percentage can produce twins by nearly 2%-3% in a population can conceive a twin baby.there is a big chance of conceiving baby twins in an older woman.

2.) To gain more weight is another way that will help the woman to conceive a baby twin. By eating more cereals and healthy foods will be the answer to have a baby twin.
3.)By taking food supplement with folic acids will help 40% possibility of having a baby twin and it must be taken before pregnancy of the woman.

4.) You must eat foods that will develop your hormones to have a baby twin. Dairy products are the food that will help you to develop hormones and that will help the possibility of having a twin baby.

5.) It is very delicious to eat " Ube halaya", it will help you to increase the possibility of having twins. The chemicals from Yams"Ube" will help and increase to have baby twins. try to eat Ube to increase the possibilities of baby twins.

Source: Healthy Tips
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