Alden Richards Reminds The AlDub Nation On His Message

Alden Richards from his previous interview of Lhar Santiago that this year it's time to give back all the blessings he received last year.This Sunday again he posts his message on his Twitter account giving reminders to the AlDub Nation. He tweets this message last Saturday afternoon reminding everybody" God loves a cheerful giver. Blessed Sunday everyone." this was his inspiring message to everyone that god loves a cheerful giver. As he promises to every supporters and fan that it is time for him that this year is giving back to the fans all the blessings he received last year.It is understood that Alden Richards is not forgetting his promise to AlDub nation that he will give back all the blessings to the AlDub nation by working hard to make his fans happy and entertain.

It is a way of thanking the AlDub nation for supporting him last year. AlDub Nation also reminds Alden Richards about his promise to Maine through his tweet responding to his message that" and I hope you value the person who gave you all this success. Spend more time with Maine, please! More TIME with her." Spending more time with Maine Mendoza is one of his promise on his birthday celebration.

AlDub Nation is not forgetting this promise because they really want the phenomenal couple someday will be a real couple. This promise of spending the time of Alden with Maine will come true not only in the Kalye Serye but this coming Sunday they will go to Sinulog Festival in Cebu City to celebrate the religious festival which is globally known to all. AlDub Nation doesn't forget the reminders of Alden Richards " God loves a cheerful giver".

Source: Ron Sagun
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